Keyo Fire

Keyo Fire

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

This down to earth, free spirited musician talks about women, traveling and smoking more then your parents did in the 60's. Music you ride and get high to or hit replay continuously on your iPod. The guy your girlfriend wants to screw and you wanna be, Or at least hang out with.


Keyo Fire is a solo act coming out of Houston tx. Influenced by many musicians of all genres and decades ranging from the Beatles to Tupac Shakur. But rap is not whats he does nit by a long shot. Only bad influence here is the use of marijuana. Other then that it's a life of traveling, the acquaintance of beautiful women and good friends through out the world. No stranger to the unfortunate mishaps of life but a preacher of positivity. With a sound similar to Snoop Dogg and a use of beats with funk samples. This artist brings his vision of the perfect positive life to a closer reality to those who can only dream about it. With his continuously up to date and free music.


Street Heat(mix tape)2007 released
Aviation Musik(mix tape)2011released
Pan Am's World(mix tape)2011 released
Hugh Puffner(mix tape) 2011 unreleased

Set List

1.Pan Am Flight's
2.Jump Off
3.Puff Puff Pass