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"Keyrats-Don't Panic"

Don’t Panic
Guilt Ridden Pop
Partying is a theme familiar to most rock acts. Miami’s Keyrats compile the pros and cons of vices and excess in their latest effort, Don’t Panic. “Desperation Wednesday” kicks off a series of energetic songs that keep one’s feet stomping and spirits high throughout. “What’s the Difference” and “Cooter” draw on punk and power-pop equally while standout track “Leaves of Paradise” builds from a guitar flurry into a full-on anthem enveloped by cheery vocal harmonies. “Squinted Eyes” and “Herman Way Dub” continue in the vein of Superdrag-meets-Guided By Voices to generate enduring guitar rock with baa baa baa pop chorus and just a touch of punk attitude, a niche that marks the strength of Keyrats. Album closer, “Blading the Secretary,” fittingly features refrains of “Muck and Brass”; this band can feel triumphant in their cause of enhancing the state of high octane rock n’ roll in this world. -- Adi Anand
- Pop Culture Press

"Keyrats- A Breath of Fresh Air"

This four-piece hails from Miami, FL and delivers solid, melodic punk rock that is honest and rugged. The vocals are gruff and the music pounds forth with a subdued intensity. While the thirteen tracks on this album are well done, I can't help but notice the similarities they share with Social Distortion, both musically and vocally. Of course, they aren't a carbon copy and Keyrats are a creative band, but that likeness must be pointed out. However, Keyrats still manage to breathe new life into the presently stagnant punk/funk/alt rock climate. - Impact Press


In November 2006 the Keyrats released their full-length debut LP, with the blazing hit single, "Blading the Secretary." The album is available online at



Since 2003, the Keyrats have quickly become one of Miami's most sought out local bands known for producing upbeat punk rock, latin funk, and reggae infused rhythms, a reflection of their diverse backgrounds. Keyrats fans have quickly spread from their island neigborhood, Key Biscayne, to young adults all across the country. "Music like that...they don't even need a record label" says a Sony BMG Executive.
Currently, the Keyrats are in the studio preparing for the recording of their sophmore album, a follow-up to their debut LP, "Don't Panic." You can catch them playing live shows at venues around the city of Miami and traveling to different cities within and outside of the Sunshine State.
Some notable performances by the Keyrats include shows at Mansion, B.E.D., PS-14, Flavour, Oxygen Lounge, Bolero, Transit Lounge, Honey, Bayside Hut, Jewells and a twelve-city tour in 2006 along the eastern seabord of the United States.