Keysha Freshh

Keysha Freshh

 Ajax, Ontario, CAN
SoloHip Hop

Keysha is a hiphop artist from Toronto, Canada. 5 studio projects, over 300+ performances accumulated in 3 years. Keysha has been performing for 16 years.



In a historically male dominated industry, female MC’s have had a tough go trying to find their place in the spotlight. Keysha, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, has been able to make not only a name for herself, but a statement as well.

Also known as Keysha Freshh, the talented
hiphop artist and songwriter has been honing her mic skills in an
attempt to make her mark in the music industry.Since age five when she
penned her first song which was published in a local newspaper, Keysha
has been singing at events across the Greater Toronto Area.She has
performed the Canadian anthem at several community events and was a
member of the popular Toronto Children’s choir (TC3).With the
encouragement of Canadian hip-hop and R & B producer T-Minus,
Keysha’s first full-length rap song, Pardon my Swag, was released on
August 8, 2008 (ironically, 8 is Keysha’s favorite number).The following
year, Keysha – who enjoys writing – penned several songs and in 2010,
released her first single, Hollywood Fresh, which received significant
airplay on commercial radio stations. A few months later, the video and
remix for Hollywood Fresh was released, both of which featured a cameo
& verse from popular American hip-hop artist MIMS. Another single,
Make it Look Easy, featuring Bassline & JB (a project put together
by P-Reign) was instantly picked up by commercial radio stations, making
Keysha the youngest Canadian female artists to have three songs in 12
months on the airwaves.In the past two years, Keysha has collaborated
with several top artists, including Doug E Fresh who is considered the
pioneer of 20th century American beatboxing, Mims, P-Reign, Darryl
Riley, The Rezza Brothers and Ray Robinson.

With two mix tapes, one Demo an EP and 2
front-page magazine covers, accumulated in just four years, Keysha is
well on her way to stardom.She recently started an awareness outreach
initiative – KeysFORAutism — which uses social media to raise awareness
about kids living with autism and an online blog – SpottedFreshh — which
is an urban site that showcases events, videos, music, albums and youth

Keysha has performed at (Capacity in brackets):

Dundas Square, Toronto (30,000)

Hallford Stadium, Atlanta (15,000)

Hershey’s Center, Mississauga (5,000)

Albert Campbell Square, Toronto (3,500)

Crownsville, Maryland (Park)

Opera house, Toronto (850)

to name a few.


This is Keysha; 2009 (Demo)
Family Affair: La Familia; 2010 (Mixtape)
Ran$om; 2011 (Mixtape)
Mona Lisa; 2012 (EP)
Vanity; 2014 (EP)

Set List


March 10th 2014 – “Jade’s Album release”- 12 Alexander St, Toronto
March 20th 2014 – “Queen”- 300 College St, Toronto
March 27th 2014- “This is Hip-hop” – 510 Queen St W, Toronto
March 29th 2014- Riel Supa Show – 464 Spadina Ave, Toronto
April 5th 2014- Reel Music Festival – 2000 Simcoe St N, Oshawa
May 4th 2014- OL 1 Year Anniv – 603 Markham St, Toronto
May 26th 2014- RISE – 1081 Progress Ave, Toronto
May 30th 2014- Reborn Launch Party – 347 Keele St, Toronto
June 20th-21st 2014- Unplugged Festival – 1911 Finch Ave W #31B, Toronto
July 5th 2014- The Alley pt 3 –  510 Queen St W, Toronto
July 6th 2014 – GTA Got Talent Special Performance – 995 Arrow Rd, Toronto
July 11th 2014- Big Ticket – 1279 Queen St W, Toronto
August 30th – Scratch from The Roots Birthday Bash – 334 Queen St W, Toronto