Keys Please

Keys Please


Keys Please showcases the talents of two emerging artists Kristin Hoffmann and NLX: Natasha Alexandra. Together, Kristin and Natasha create a unique sound, weaving traditional piano-based melodies with electronic instrumentation and effects.


Kristin Hoffmann -
At four years old, Kristin began playing piano, and before long, was writing her own songs. And from there on, she never stopped, taking classical piano and voice lessons through her teenage years and then picking up the guitar somewhere along the way. Eventually music became a way of life for her. Hoffmann was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music's pre-college program and began studying opera, secondary composition and classical composition; she became influenced by Samuel Barber and French Impressionists like Ravel. Opera training really molded my voice into what it is today. Once you study classical voice you can go anywhere with it, says Hoffmann, who also found inspiration in popular artists like Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. She soon realized she could marry the two, creating her own unique blend of classical and contemporary music. I got a lot more joy out of creating my own music and having it touch people. It was just an unmatchable feeling.

After Juilliard, Kristin spent a year at NYU and her songwriting evolved as she combined her classical roots with accessible pop sensibilities. She was briefly signed to Capital Records, but ended up self-releasing her first album Divided Heart, which she not only wrote, but co-produced, engineered and recorded. All the while, Kristin continued to hone her performance skills with a residency at Caf Vivaldi in Manhattans West Village. Along with playing some 200 shows, selling 3,000 copies of Divided Heart and securing a loyal local following, As the buzz grew louder, Kristin was discovered at Vivaldi by Interscope and soon after signed to the label.

After enlisting her longtime musical collaborator Darian Cunning, along with producer David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool), Kristin escaped to Longview Studios to make the album she'd always dreamed of. I really had a very special, deep experience writing this record, she explains of her time in the converted farmhouse studio in the middle of pretty much nowhere. In all that quiet open space, and with the help of a great piano left behind by Keith Richards, Kristins songs evolved with love and care.

Using her piano as a vehicle for her voice, Kristin keeps her instrumentation simple, so the gorgeous melodies and lyrics resonate with the audience on songs like Home, which is about finding inner-strength, "Bittersweet," a song about choosing to follow your dreams over taking the safer path and the title-track "Real," a song about being true to yourself.

Kristin's music has been featured on, "Dawson's Creek," and "The Young and The Restless."

This year Kristin played at Sundance Film festival. Kristin has toured with The Wallflowers, and Tina Dico. Kristin has shared the stage with Brandi Carlile, Dar Williams, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw, and Ben Lee.

Natasha Alexandra

Just one hit is enough to hook you on the adiction that is NLX: Natasha Alexandra. The NY Times is already on her case: "NLX traffics in unschooled, confessional, piano ballads." To connect with her music is a rush like no other. Tension, then release ...

NLX has been covering her tracks. Rumor has it, she served her time in Hamilton, Ontario - a small steel town where the survivors are the fittest, and the smartest ... those brave enough to escape its desperate clutches. So it was in the dives and hotspots of Toronto - clubs like El Mocambo, C'est What and The Drake - that she developed her signature sound ... a potent cocktail infused with Daniel Lanois, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and, of course, NIN.

Then forays to New York City where 2004's Meat Inspection Tour established her as more than just a girl at a piano. "Extraordinary, outstanding, compelling, distinctive and very, very special," is what the Songwriters Hall of Fame cited, showcasing her on their New Writers CD compilation.

Now a permanent fixture in the Big Apple, the NLX momentum is accelerating ... gigs in NYC at The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, Joe's Pub, Makor, The Bitter End, Nublu, Pete's Candy Store, The Cutting Room and Caffe Vivaldi, plus West coast action at The Hotel Café, The Mint and Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles and Lestat's in San Diego ... and inclusion on compilations from Rockrgrl Magazine and Jane Magazine (a true indie voice alongside hipster pop culture darlings Feist, Stars and Sleater-Kinney).

The latest scoop: The release of NLX: In Your Face and NLX: Behind Your Back, offering up heart-wrenching lyrics and dark piano melodies, but each with its own distinctive style. Aggressive is the tone for In Your Face, co-produced in Toronto with Byron Wong (Crystal Method, David Usher). Meanwhile, the sound on Behind Your Back is more sparse, a product of a collaboration with Chris Brown (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Barenaked Ladies) at his Brooklyn studio.

Already, the albums have met with strong approval from AAA radio across the USA, attaining rotation



Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Sometimes when I open my eyes
I see the things that I can’t hide
Emptiness hanging from the shadows on the wall
Sometimes when I open my ears
Hear all the things I don’t want to hear
4AM, faith is lost, she’s screaming out again

And I say Mary, Mary
Mother full of light
When you gonna come down
And save us
Save us from this night
Oh, I say Mary, Mary
When you gonna hear
When you gonna come down
And take away
This bucket full
This bucket full of tears?

I tried to compromise
Saw the world through other’s eyes
In the end, the battle came and left me on the ground
So many ways to fall
We seem to find them all
Tripping through the rubble as we fight within ourselves

And I say Mary, Mary…


Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Mysterious fire
You came to me unexpected
Darkened by grace, light by your touch
I grab too hard

Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
It will be the greatest sacrifice
of this selfish heart

Mysterious fire
You burn in me, you make me want
I taste desire, I know your face
But I look too long


No veil of fear can hide me
All my life, hoping to find myself in you


Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
Will you catch me
when I'm falling down in your love?
When I'm falling, I'm falling...

No Love

Written By: Kristin Hoffmann

Silently through darkness Waits a broken girl Who's nightmare takes her
Chorus: Into the arms of a madman looking for the fix that his mommy didn't give to him When he was a boy was ignored and explored by the man next door forced to dream in a living nightmare
In the arms of a madman there's no right or wrong to decide just the cause and effect of life Used and abused like a stab in the heart No love, no love, no love
Hush now pretty sleeping baby Daddy's come to be your savior Chorus:
Bridge: Somebody help me Somebody help me


Written By: NLX: Natasha Alexandra

Verse 1

40 days and 40 hours to go till the flood is over
flowing and it keep on changing route
its getting colder
I don’t know where your fantastic went
Tender madness
I wish I knew before the sun would set
I’m left defenseless


You made me wanna be confused
Choose to loose myself
You made me wanna spin around
Never touching ground to refuel
I don’t wanna loose…

Verse 2

Bound together bound to all our dreams
Common man themes
I distance myself there can be no speed
Immediate enough for me
So this what if feels talking to walls
They don’t talk just stare that's all
And they don’t even understand why you changed your mind nor do I



Boy I don't’ know your reasons
And I don’t even care
See all I ever wanted
Was never even there

Verse 3

Close are loose I’m slowly fitting through
It's a sober tribute
To all those days I starved myself for you
This text book rendezvous
Is leaving for NY this afternoon
Wishing you’d come too
40 days I promise to be cool
Maybe we’ll talk soon

You held my hand you made me cry I questioned why
You said I was the moon and stars here to mars always
You made me wanna be confused choose to loose myself
You made me wanna spin around never touching ground to refuel

I don’t wanna loose
This mood….

Code Red

Written By: NLX: Natasha Alexandra

He was right, she was wrong
But they made a strong bond
Caught the wrong train at the right time
The planets must’ve been aligned
He was right, she was wrong
But they made a strong bond

Verse 2

Noon arrives he complies
Reality never looked so good in a tie
You said we’d win, was a draw
But I don’t need your visuals at all
You keep distorting things that I
I never said
And taking liberties with all… I gave into your.


Code Red
Cold smile
Cold feeling I had for the while
It was fun
When it was only one on one why don’t you run away
Cause I’m not gonna cave
Cause I gave you up… your bringing me down… bringing me down

Verse 3

Take a seat, window view
What’s if feel like to always choose
To be brave, cause I miss you more than I would ever say anything…
Fill the air, fill these parts that just done care.

Chorus ( x 2)


Written By: NLX: Natasha Alexandra

Verse 1

Should’ve never told you
I could’ve come through
Fool everyone
Maybe some
Should’ve held my hand out
Should’ve kept this mouth shut
Settle down,
And I’ll stay around.


I’d lie to your face if it makes you happy
I’d lie in your place if it meant your safety
I’d lie to your boys,
If it makes a difference in the end out of choice
I’d gladly pretend, gladly if it meant
You’d Stay

Verse 2

Should’ve told you straight up
Should’ve tried to make up
But I keep my cool,
I change the rules
Should’ve held my hand out
Should’ve kept this mouth shut
Settle Down
Ah Settle now


I’d lie to your face if it makes you happy
I’d lie in your place if it meant your safety
I’d lie to your boys,
If it makes a difference in the end out of choice
I’d gladly pretend, gladly if it meant….


That underneath it all
All these questions here they’re wrong
All these memories are fake
All the time it took to tame you
So what’s it gonna take to get you off my mind
And do you plan to stay, or is it my turn to decide
Oh you keep on changing route but your really changing mine
You never said you’d fight, I never thought I’d compromise


I’d lie to your face if it makes you happy
I’d lie in your place if it meant your safety
I’d lie to your boys,
If it makes a difference in the end out of choice
I’d gladly pretend, gladly if it meant….


Krisitn Hoffmann

"Spring Comes" Self Release Starr Records 1997
"Divided Heart" Self Release Starr Records 2002
"Real" Interscope Records 2005

Natasha Alexandra

NLX: In Your Face - BGF Records - 2006
NLX: Behind Your Back - BGF Records - 2006

Songwriters Hall of Fame " New Artists " June 2005
(Track #1 on CD)
Rockrgrl Discoveries CD June 2005
Jane Magazine CD Compilation August 2005

Set List

45 Minute Set from Kristin Hoffmann 45 Minute set from NLX: Natasha Alexandra and a few songs together. Able to accommodate special requests.

Kristin Hoffman's set:
"A Case of You"
"Say Good-bye"
"3 O'Clock in the Morning"
"Lay Down Your Light"
"A Case of You" Joni Mitchell
"Like Spinning Plates" Radiohead
"Blood and Fire" Indigo Girls
"Blue" Joni Mitchell

NLX: Natasha Alexandra's Set:
"Everything Is Great"
"So Far Apart"
"Walking In My Shoes"
"I've Got A Lot"
"Car Crash"
"Walking In My Shoes" Depeche Mode