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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
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"Keywest impress in album showcase"

Keywest are comprised of five young men, Andy Kavanagh (vocals), Andrew Glover (Guitar, vocals and keys), James Lock (lead guitar), Sam Marder (bass) and Gary Grant (Drums). The band have already enjoyed some success with their single “Miss you most” which charted at number 6 back in April, no mean feat for a band just starting out. Since then, Keywest have been touring around the country, playing high-profile gigs such as the Rose of Tralee festival. While building up a positive reputation in the Irish music industry, they couldn’t avoid building a plethora of comparisons to well-established, well thought of fellow Dublin band, The Script.

The band performed in The Village on Dublin’s Wexford street, on Saturday the 7th of November to promote their long-awaited debut album. Support came from yet another Dublin band finding their way out of the word work, Seven Days, and the increasingly popular Roof Top Anthem, who never fail to impress. Keywest themselves put on an impressive show for the crowd on the night, playing every song from they’re forthcoming album, and then some. The set was a balanced mix of moving ballads and imposing pop songs to get the crowd dancing. The crowd were even treated to some never-before-heard songs that have only recently been recorded for the album.

Andy Kavanagh’s vocals were remarkable throughout the performance, with the exception of one forgivable crackle towards the end of the gig. At the bar, key westspectators were commenting on his strong vocal abilities, something which stands for more than any journalist’s review. Guitarist Andrew Glover played off Kavanagh’s embraceable energy, showing the comradery within the band. There is nothing more refreshing than a band that are more than just a band, but also friends, and Keywest’s effortless and together performance showed that this is true of them. In reviewing the gig, it would be ridiculous not to comment on how happy the band were, it was delightful watching a band that genuinely enjoy themselves, rather than just going through the motions of performing the set.

Although the mix of up-beat pop songs and soothing ballads was refreshing, it has to be said that the atmosphere amongst the crowd waned a little when the slower songs were performed, this will surely change when the songs become more familiar after the release of the album. To uplift the crowd following the slower songs, the band played two impressive covers. A rocked-up cover of Beyonce’s “Sweet dream” followed a welcomed version of the summer’s main anthem “I got a feelin’” by Black Eyed Peas. The covers fit in perfectly with they’re own better known songs such as “On angels wings” and the deliciously catchy “Where you’ll find me”.

While the band’s songs are veering more towards the pop side of the musical spectrum, guitarist James Lock adds a touch more rock to the band. He will be the definition between the script’s pure pop songs, and Keywest’s slightly edgier sound, when the band break out of the music scene. Lock’s presence was truly felt on the night with his incredible guitar solos. When the show began he seemed to just fade in with the rest of the band, however, he suddenly burst into an astonishing solo which send the crowd into a whirl of admiration for the fresh-faced guitarist.

Before the encore, the band finished their set with what is arguably their best song, the emotion ridden “the one that got away”. The song encouraged the crowd to finally come out of their shells, and to dance and clap along. The band briefly left the stage and returned with a lengthened version of their hit single “miss you most”. The set came to an explosive end with an introduction to each band member, met by cheers from the impressed crowd, and a thunderous instrumental ending to a thunderous performance.

While a little more perfecting may be needed from the band, Keywest are the eclectic, edgier pop band Ireland has been screaming out for.

"One Stormy Night"

Molly Malone’s was buzzing late last month when Keywest took the stage. While the five-piece band, who busked their way from Dublin and brought gloomy weather with them, was clearly used to larger venues (they played for tens of thousands at Oxegen, Ireland’s annual Irish music festival, in June) they seemed at home in the intimate setting.

They began their set with the carefully-crafted rock songs “Where You’ll Find me” and “Messages from God,” which are reminiscent of bands from their homeland like U2 and Snow Patrol. The songs call out for recognition with lyrics like “No way, we are not too young, please don’t waste our time, we’re headed for the sun,” but the band doesn’t have to: they shined with such effulgence, it was impossible to look away. Bassist Sam Marder made the stage his playground, rocking out and occasionally waving to his fans. Eamonn Hegarty, who is the baby of the band at just 18, displayed impressive control of the drums and Cajon. Lead guitarist James Lock reminded me of Jeff Beck. And Andrew Glover, who looked dashing in his white button down and suspenders, brought the band together with his prodigious command of every musical instrument he got his hands on (there were plenty). It was, however, lead singer Andy Kavanagh who truly stole the crowd when his smooth, thick vocals filled the room. OK, I’ll admit it: I am a sucker for Irish boys and their accents, but Andy switched effortlessly from original material to heart-wrenching covers of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Kings of Leon’s “Sex is on Fire.” I wasn’t the only girl in the crowd lacing up her Nikes as he sang, “I should have run, should have taken your hands, we should be running for our lives.”

As the rain pitter-pattered outside, the band wrapped their show with “After the Storm Clears.” The song, a metaphor for the turbulent conditions of today’s music world, left the audience dazzled. I hope Keywest keeps their word and sticks it out, at least long enough for their raw talent to shine through to a bigger audience here in the states.

—Natasha Hakimi at 11/02/2010 12:50:44 PM - Los Angeles Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Keywest have been called "quite phenomenal” by the Connacht Sentinal.

Los Angeles Magazine reviewed their U.S show and said:

…….."They began their set with carefully-crafted rock songs which are reminiscent of bands from their homeland like U2 and Snow Patrol"…….

……"they shined with such effulgence, it was impossible to look away"…….

……"I hope Keywest keeps their word and sticks it out, at least long enough for their raw talent to shine through to a bigger audience here in the states"……

Andy, Glover, Sam, James and Eamonn are Keywest. The five piece Irish rock band first burst onto the music scene in 2009 with a well received performance of their debut release "Miss You Most" on The LATE LATE SHOW. Following this performance the band were contacted by legendary producer Mark Needham, whose credits include The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Katy Perry and Fleetwood Mac to name but a few.

2010 has been a massive growth year for Keywest, seeing them amass over 10,000 fans on Facebook and perform all over Ireland. Performances include: Vodafone Main Stage 2 at Oxegen ‘10, a headline slot at Soho on Arthur's Day, a guest performance alongside Paolo Nutini at Crane Lane Theatre, headlining the main stage Rose of Tralee 2010 alongside the Coronas and sell out gigs in venues all around the country including Whelan's and The Academy in Dublin.

Keywest’s debut album was recorded in Los Angeles in Oct 2010. The album features song “Feels So Cruel” which was co-written with Aaron Kamin of “The Calling”, ironically a band that Keywest owe part of their sound to. Aaron is most famous for “Wherever You Will Go”, a worldwide number one and one of the greatest selling songs of all time.

The album also features “On This Train”, a beautifully conceptualised song that was penned with legend Charlie Midnight. Two-time golden globe nominee Charlie has written on several Grammy winning albums, including songs for artists like James Brown, Joni Mitchell and Joe Cocker to more recent works with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It was this song that secured a major deal in the U.S for Keywest, a deal that will see the band spending a lot of their time in America.

Resisting the temptation to pack up and completely base themselves in the U.S, Keywest have decided that the first album they release will be released in Ireland. “We’ve done a lot of work here over the last year and gaining recognition at home is very important to us, so we’ve negotiated a delay in our contract to allow us the time to release our album in Ireland. And we’re very excited about it”, grins Andy.

Keywest’s new single “Back into your arms” is due out this April, with their debut album “The Message” set for release later in the year.

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