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"URB Magazine Next 1000"

Get this: K. Flay has a flow that’s as sharp as Sovereign and versatile enough to transcend genres. Her mad, high-energy beats are self-produced and sound like she’s been working with the industry’s top producers. And can you name any rappers that balance life as a Stanford student and as a Suburban Rap Queen? As she puts it, “I’m definitely not anything manufactured. I’m the bad-ass girl next door. . .who doesn’t do anything bad-ass.” Despite her modesty, this rap girl has a bad-ass style that comes straight from a feral and natural talent. No need for fake floss on this girl. - URB Magazine

"RailRoad Hip-Hop Review of MASHed Potatoes EP"

I'd say I definitely have a profound love for women. I've been told I even might be obsessed with women. I concur, partially. But when it comes to women rappers my love for them somewhat vanishes. Don't get me wrong, I'm no where near sexist. It's just that I don't tend to dig them musically. I mean I like Missy Elliott (but that's because of her odd, yet creative music videos), I like M.I.A. (but that's because I dig the fact that she's from Sri Lanka), I like Eve (but that's because of her awesome tattoo on her breast) and I like Salt N Peppa (well because the simple fact that Salt N Peppa are sick). It's honestly a shame that my brain thinks like this and that I'm starting off the post like this, but trust me, I will get to the point.

All that aside, when it comes to K. Flay, all those thoughts are out the door. She's dope! With a look that for some reason reminds me off Lily Allen and a style that reminds me of that one Fergie song, "London Bridge", K. Flay has me nodding my head and tapping my feet.

The 24-year-old, hailing from San Francisco, mixed and produced the whole cd by herself (awesome)! The first song from the mixtape, "ON the bridge" (which samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, "Under The Bridge"), is def my favorite song on the mixtape. K. Flay makes the sample feel like it was meant for hip hop. The song also has the feel of Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day" with lines like: "The day well homie it ain’t done yet, Cause it’s only half past three, Chillin as the CHP zoom swiftly right past me".

For the third song on the mixtape comes "CRAZYtown". The song samples Gnarls Barkley's song, "Crazy". Definitely a song that gets your foot tapping and I even laughed at the line, "As I stare at an ink blot, Thinking why I think the thoughts I think, Paying 20 g’s a year straight to my shrink". The fifth song is the most creative song on the mixtape in my opinion. The track titled, "miniVANS ft. Eligh", samples The Pack's song, "Vans". Only she's not rapping about sneakers, she's rapping about rolling around in her family's Chrysler Town and Country. "Singing 99 bottles of beer, so obnoxious, Reading Bearenstein Bears till I got too nauseous." Did she just use Bearenstein Bears in one of her raps?! I now officially have a crush on this chick.

The sixth track is titled, "love in this CLUB MED" (obviously sampling Usher and his song "Love In This Club"). This track has taken me from my comfortable spot on my couch to my bathroom mirror (singing along with K. Flay and trying to look cool while doing it... I even took a few bathroom pics for my Myspace while I was at it). "I wanna make love in this club to a thug with a speedo, Hit up my cabana whip it like devo, No clap, all I’m catching is rays, Ladies in the back let me hear you say." This chick is awesome! If nothing more, the tenth track (sampling M.I.A.'s song, "Paper Planes") had me scared. K. Flay starts off the track by saying, "So watch the fuck out man, I dig a hole to China, put your head in it". She goes hard! The eleventh song and also the last is titled, "crack a VANILLA COKE", a song about K. Flay's addiction and desire for Vanilla Coke. At first I had trouble figuring out what the sample was but finally I realized it was Eminem's "Crack A Bottle". Sorry Marshal but K. Flay's song is far superior.

Overall this mixtape is dope! Totally creative, very addicting and I highly recommend it. Whether woman or man, quality music is quality music. If you're reading this review K. Flay, we should go out, you can teach me how to make home-made mashed potatoes sometime. Oh and I was totally joking about taking bathroom pics for my Myspace. I swear! Speaking of Myspace be sure to check out K. Flay's. - Railroad Hip-Hop


Link to all Press - http://www.kflay.com/site/press


"MASHed Potatoes" EP
"Single and FAMOUS" EP with MC LARS
Featured on Zion I's newest single, Coastin'.

Currently working with acclaimed DJ/producer AmpLive on an EP due out in early 2010.



Hailed by URB Magazine as an artist with "a bad-ass style
that comes straight from a feral and natural talent." K.flay (aka Kristine Flaherty) was born and raised in the soulful state of Illinois, where she spent her days snacking on hot dogs, jamming out to Parliament-Funkadelic on her family’s record player, obsessively reading Roald Dahl books, and rocking Air Jordans a size too big.
At the age of 18, k.flay ventured to California to study Pavlovian dogs and Marxist theory at Stanford University. While in college, K.flay discovered the power of midi interfaces and began writing, producing, and performing the unique blend of hip hop and indie rock that has come to characterize her sound. Hailed in URB Magazine’s “Next 100” issue as a rap girl with “a bad-ass style that comes straight from a feral and natural talent,” K.flay has been making her mark on the music world, giving fans shins splints on both sides of the Mississippi.
When she isn’t disinfecting countertops, K.flay is dropping lyrics and melodies for artists like Zion I, MC Lars, Mochipet and more. Currently, K.flay is working with acclaimed DJ/producer AmpLive on an album due out in early 2010. Put on your monocles and look out.