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hot and crunk, funky dance track with tight lyrics and a catchy hook performed by 10 year old 'rap phenom' - KG


KG, at the age of 10, already has an international audience with music playing in America, Africa and Europe. His brief entertainment career is highlighted by the little ‘Rap Phenom’ spitting rhymes on three previously released records. At the age of 7, KG (born Kedarius Greer) realized and informed his dad, “I can do that” while observing a performance from backstage at one of his dad’s concerts. His dad, concert promoter, Anthony Greer, listened. Thus began the short but dynamic career of the phenomenal 10 year old rapper – KG.

Armed with prodigious talent and a whole lot of guts, this kid knows how to groove. His first single, “Hey DJ” on Apria Records made a powerful impact on the young and old through Illinois, Indiana, and the Carolinas. KG toured a number of schools and rocked the mike on every stage he played. He has shared the stage often with veteran entertainers and each time it is reported, “He stole the show”.

Following the success of “Hey DJ”, KG (calling himself Lil D) went back into the studio and recorded his second single, “Freeze” an upbeat dance tune that is reaping continual internet sales.

Poised for super stardom, KG, now 10, is back in the studio working on his soon to be released first album. The first single is ready!! “Lookin Good” is a tight tune about the confidence the young rapper has gained from his entertainment and educational experiences. Produced by Young Blaze, “Lookin Good” will easily break radio, TV and youth targeted media.

After inviting KG to perform, schools in both Indiana and South Carolina have caught on to his extraordinary message of love, respect and doing your best. Leading by example, KG is an active and outstanding student in his hometown in Illinois.

KG is “Lookin Good” and headed straight to superstardom.


"Hey DJ" recorded at 7 years and
"Freeze" receiving international airplay (Africa and Europe) recorded at 8 years old