Khalas - Arabic Rock Orchestra

Khalas - Arabic Rock Orchestra


stright from the Middle East comes this one of a kind band: Khalas (arabic for: enough") plays traditional Palestinian melodies drenched in rock & heavy metal tradition.

it's System of a Down of the Belly dance.


Khalas are the pioneers of the new Arabic and Oriental scene that is currently emerging in the Middle East.
The Palestinian band, which started in 1998, inoculates sensual Arabic beats and lyrics
with aggressive metal riffs, bread on various musical moods such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath,
Metallica, etc... And stars from the Arab World: Muhammad Abdelwahab, Om Kolthum and
Fareed Al Atrash.
On stage, Khalas performance is based on Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Vocals and Drums. To
add groove and flair to the performance, Khalas host Nay, Durbake (Arabic instruments) and
Keyboard players which, together with the band, take the music to another level.
Today, Khalas are back in the studio recording their new album with producer Yossi Fine.


Khalas - 2005 (indie / EMI puvlishing)
Arabic Rock orchestra 2010 (Asia music LTD)