A journey across multicultural landscapes using my voice and the machines to create a musical and scenic universe


KHALID was born in Casablanca and moved to France when he was 4 years old. Very young he taught himself to play guitar and created his own musical universe, at a cross between his two cultures.

At the end of the 80’s his collaboration with Farid CHOPEL of the band “CHOPEL AND THE KIDS” will be decisive. Formal classical learning and intensive touring achieved to make him a very skilled musician. Then his experiments and desire for new sounds leaded him to adopt the sampler and the midi as his new instruments

In 1997 his adaptation of PHEDRE for the TEKNE TROUPE (CIE TEKNE) directed by THOMAS GENARI is performed at the “ RENCONTRES URBAINES DE LA VILETTE” and at the “THEATRE D’ARRAS” as “HIP HOP PHEDRE”

Unrestrained, he explored his vocal capabilities and turned to a deeply rooted sound: Djembe and voice. He enters a prolific period that will see joint productions with the narrator RALF NATAF, the band YANN ET LES ABEILLES, LES VOISINS DU DESSUS and the “THEATHRE ALBI DE BASTIA”. He writes the score for “TEMPUS FUGIT” directed by the choreographer SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI for ARTE

In 1999, his first solo act with “KHALIDOSCOPE” followed by “KHALIDK PHONIE” mark a step in a new direction. This year under the direction of KEN HIGELIN: “BIENVENUE DANS MA TETE” literally “welcome in my head” will be performed more than 50 times. The successful show will be adapted as “LE TOUR DU MONDE EN 80 VOIX” (Around the world in 80 voices) for the younger public.
Right now KHALD is in the studio putting the finishing touches on his new CD due out in 2007

“I stayed silent for so long, almost disappeared so I could listen, I was practically called the Invisible Man….
I came to question the limitations on the use of my voice, of our voices, bridled by education and society.
This took me to a journey across different identities and cultural landscapes that I had observed and absorbed
Condition sine qua non of being KHALID K, a curious and odd multiplicity that require that I, be alone on the stage.


Bienvenue dans ma tete