Khalid Kassim

Khalid Kassim


A songwriter, guitarist, bassist, vocalist and producer all in one..inspired by bands like the red hot chili peppers, the strokes, razorlight and system of a down creating several songs, none of which sound the same.


Khalid Kassim first picked up a guitar at the age of 16 during his first year as the vocalist of his high school band "Skarred". Since then he's taught himself to play guitar for the past 5 years with little or no help from others. His music proves to listeners that creativity and an ear for what sounds right can outweigh anything when it comes to creating a piece of art.



Written By: Khalid Kassim

Eyes shut tight as I hit the floor
Singing go back water don't rush up my shore
I saw it all split at the seams
Singing take my heart but don't wipe it clean
My blood runs dry and my body goes cold when I hear her fingers
strum a minor chord
I was tongue tied, but now I'm free
Singing let it out, just let me be

I told you what I wanted and you told me what to say
I told you what I wanted
Not a life of decay
I'd rather not go down that way

I'll catch you on another day
Cause quite honestly love... Right now, I'd rather not Decay


Tracks with streaming airplay: Dirty Martini, Decay and Cowboy Beat