Khalil Anthony

Khalil Anthony


Khalil Anthony's 'URBANFOLKSUNSHINE; a party ready to happen, constellations shining brightly on the world of music. Poltical yet lasting, an encounter with sound and rhythm, unlike anything you've ever seen.


Khalil Anthony; educator, artist, singer/songwriter, and dancer, an enigma, a charismatic vocalist who is able to invoke the spirit and the word while staying true to the musical fervor and flavor of the process of creating. Always moving toward the next station, he has worked hard to develop his sound and his ability to be flexible inside of the music.

Influenced by the importance and the intention found in country and folk music, he has found ways to incorporate soul, rock and reggae into his sound by working with talented musicians in the construction of his first cd, URBANFOLKSUNSHINE.

As a solo artist, Khalil Anthony has been compared to Tracy Chapman, Ben harper and Paul Simon. Smart, fresh and urgent, his music stands alone as a symbol of honest and potent creative genius.


URBANFOLKSUNSHINE 2007; Urban Folk Music Project (Ascap)

Set List

Ian, Mista, Anyway, It's So Hard, Simplicity, One Sun, Natural Mystic (cover), Movie Star, And She, Baby Can I Hold You (cover)

We enjoy performing covers when appropriate.