khanzir's cake

khanzir's cake

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

a layer cake of acoustic, electric, and electronic sound. influenced by everything from gnarls barkley to kate bush, with strong female vocals, stratospheric guitars and kick-ass beats.


we are three musicians from diverse backgrounds. paula is a singer-songwriter with a passion for both acoustic and electronic music. jesus is a classically-trained guitarist who brings elements of jazz, rock, and ambient guitar, as well as the occasional blistering lead. miguel makes you shake what your momma gave you.


paula: gnarls barkley, bert jansch, kate bush, radiohead, rickie lee jones, vic chesnutt, philip glass

miguel: new order, skinny puppy, brian wilson, george lucas, danny elfman, NIN, PHILIP GLASS

jesus: the beatles, frederic chopin, portishead, leo brouwer, radiohead, dissonance, philip glass

Set List

we play all originals.

current song list:

arctic sea
box girl
cruel class
devil's island
fever therapy
fire eyes
full moon
maimonides dream laboratory
natural history
reasonably sure
stay the course
ten of wands
time was