Hard driving, R&B, Crossover entertainers with a dancing show as well. We have already headlined a show at the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Very few bands are invited to perform at that great venue.


We don't just play we put on an actual show. That's why we are known as Kharizmah show band. Also we are very new and fresh and we're hungry for stardom so we work our butts off to please our crowd. We are always on time and we try to meet the promoters requests. Our manager was involved with a very successful world known singing group and he has directed us to the level that we are. This is a band that started with five members and has evolved to 14 members which are working on their style and sound so that they can be fresh and new to the public. We can only achieve our goal if we are being seen by the public, that's why we need you and you need me because we both like money and you want to a successful as we are. So let's make it happen! So that's our story and we're sticking to it! :)


Presently releasing LP (untitled)

Set List

2 hour sets 15 or so songs per set

top 40/oldies

R&b, Blues& Contemporary covers