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come down this sole and this
acheing breaking my bones are shaking, i fell me quaking i
come down easy but far too easy im feeling sleazy, got on my knees singing
i wont breathe, and i cant sleep
and this whole damn world will just fall apart
she said "come to my door ill give you sum more if u go easy and feel the beat commin

you give me sweet ecstasy

feel the whole damn world shake and i feel my body quakin in this sole dualy shaking
i feel the strokes and i feel the streets and i
feel it comming down feel it hit the ground
feel my demons speak, fearless on the street
i feel the bassline i feel it shaking i feel the sole and this whole damn worl will jsut fall apart from the ages of this heart

she gives me sweet ecstasy

and i come down i can only see ur face
and i come down, she gives me that sweet escape

she says, i think you drink too much, i think you smoke too much, i think you take too much
well i think u talk too much,
but i can feel my soul feel it all implode
feel the world explode
but i still feel the.....