Khary J aka 6 is 9

Khary J aka 6 is 9

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
BandSpoken Word

I'm a writer that likes to hurl words from a stage and witness an imperfect landing. Using theatre, humor, social awareness and passion, I guarantee anyone will walk away with something they can chew on. They may even like the aftertaste.


I am a poet, teaching artist, playwright, actor, dancer and sometime musician. I am a Detroit native, currently representing the Twin Cities. I aim to be a quality ambassador of poets, as well as artists in general. The artistic self is experiencing serious neglect in today's society and economy, which necessitates an elevation of our work and focus. I hope to remain a part of that movement. Because it is indeed a movement. In the style of Harvey Milk: my name is Khary Jackson, and I'm here to recruit you.
We are made to move.


I have audio and video available at:

Set List

I have an extensive set of available poems, so my set can range from 15 minutes to an hour.