"A live performance with Kheris is a master class in layering and careful (almost compulsive) arrangement. No one musician in Kheris takes the lion’s share of the sound of any song; in other words, there’s no star, no possible way to achieve the “song” without everyone putting his unique part into the mix. It’s a sound that has a constantly evolving, “can’t put your finger on it” transcendence that has to be experienced to be understood".
~Matt Johnson: Fly Magazine June 2008


The Story Thus Far... In late 2005 gravity started to pull four very different but passionate artists together. Steve Slesser having played for several bands (Chelseys Wode, Molly Mcguiers, and Jove to name a few) started to feel an insatiable itch to join forces with his brother and lead guitarist Keith. They both had dreams since youth of being in a band together. After they united, bassist and mad scientist Rob Nye, having recently come off the road with "Space Station Integration" felt a similar itch to join with Steve. As he described it, he felt a pull to be a part of a project with him. The three men began to practice songs they each had written and realized that something very special was brewing. During this time Aaron Gagne, who had played toured and released several albums with bands "Rainchildren" and "Reveal" was practicing drum kit daily in the hopes of eventually getting back into music. As the spirit would draw, these three passionate players and song writers ventured out to a local spot, The Alley Kat where they had been honing their craft at an open mic session weekly. Gagne happened to wander in there for a pint and some food. The three guys walked through the doors and the rest is history. The four brothers had an instant and some what indescribable connection. After performing together a couple years and releasing a five song EP, Kyle Kettering joined the band bringing his horn and keyboard skills to add spice to this already flavorful group! For five years "Kheris", as they later became known have been building a grass roots following in the Central PA and beyond. Hailing from Lancaster, PA, a town that has birthed some greats... Live, Innocence Mission, Denison Witmer, The Ocean Blue, the list could continue... Kheris has been building momentum and branching out to new territories. The recent Dewey Beach Music Festival and Conference united this young band to a further passion. In an area that is fortunate to have a wealth of talent, Kheris wishes to push boundaries and draw on a scene that has been going in waves for years...Stay tuned as Kheris' story develops...


Kheris(EP) 5 tracks
Release Date:May 6,2007
"Relapse" a single from the ep received airplay on the following radio stations: WXPN out of Philadelphia, 105.7 the X & 90.3 WJTL...
The album is available here

The World Outside: 10 track digital release.
Release Date: August 2 2010
A single "Kiss" is currently in rotation on FM 90.3 WJTL in Lancaster PA
The album is available here...

Set List

Fall On Me
Devil Said
Simple Life
In Your Hands
Proverbial Closet

Our sets are usually 40-45min. sets. We do not do covers