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The Countdown
Ladies Please



To understand the flow of an emcee, you must understand their story. Khidar’s love for the game began early as a youth who took an avenue for competition and turned it into the pursuit of a dream.

For most emcees and songwriters, songs are based on the writer’s personal experiences and can generally have a central theme. However, Khidar’s songwriting process and content has one central determinant.

“Topics for songwriting vary because, for me, it’s based on the beat,” shares the DC-native. “Once I hear the beat, it puts me in a certain direction. I might hear something slow that may make thing of sorrow or something with a disco or techno feel that makes me want to dance or talk silly. Different music sends me different vibes. So I base my topics on whatever the beat tells me I should do, unless someone gives me a beat and a specific topic to flow on. “

As opportunities have risen for Khidar to share his gift, he is quick to take what he has learned and serve his community. “Once I started chanting, meditating, and yoga, it sparked something else in me. I realized that I could live peacefully and in harmony. I’ve had my setbacks on the way. For the most part, I’ve been able to outweigh the negative. I try to stick to what I should be doing more in my heart. That leads me to working at the rec center with the kids or making sure my mom is ok. I’ve really tried to influence my family and not be ashamed about it.”

As Khidar moves towards living his dream, he has identified and defined his sound and style. “They’re going to be hearing an intense rapper that has a lot of styles with a strong, intense, old school vibe,” says Khidar. “I’m aggressive, not with an old school sound but rather an old school soul. I can’t just rap simple. I’ve seen the highs and lows of life. My battle record is like 70,000 and 1, and they cheated me for that one,” jokes Khidar. “I can’t do the ABC rap. I’ve got to be active and intense. It’s got to be moving.”

Khidar’s lyrical delivery could best be compared to a chameleon. “My strongest attribute is my ability to switch my style up. They might be able to distinguish me by my voice, but I’m going to sound different on each song. I possess the beat with each song and I think that’s what makes people feel it more too. If the beats are cranking, the beat will possess me and I’ll possess it right back.”

The emcee’s flow is highlighted on his brand new single “Ladies Please”, produced by Keath “Lion Lowry, will release on the “Groove Control Digital imprint.”
“It’s basically talking about how beautiful the ladies are with their physiques, their gear, and their hair,” shares Khidar. “When they walk past me, I ask them to ‘turn around ladies won’t you please’, so I can see them one more good time. In the verses, we express how much we love how the ladies. We admire the way they dance, their curves, the arch in their back, and the way they wiggle it.”

While this is the debut single for the artist, the song was originally penned for another artist. “Actually, I was writing it for Chuck Brown but they didn’t accept the first draft,” admits Khidar. “Keath said we should build on the song and keep it for ourselves. So we added sounds and it turned into something really, really good. “

Written by Khidar, with a cameo by Chief Honcho, “Ladies Please” is an up-tempo, high-powered, club banger whose infectious hook is sure to make it a favorite among listeners.

With a personal focus on faith and family, Khidar has taken the potential negatives of life and has turned them into crowning achievements that will launch him into exciting musical endeavors in the future. Be on the lookout for Khidar!!