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Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE

Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wise Hedonist: "Watching these guys play live must be jaw-dropping", "One of the most innovative albums""

Musically, the band is about as tight as you are going to find. Kris puts his flair on every song, how they are constructed, and how he rips through his solos. It’s not all about speed, though; in fact, his solos are layered with real emotion, beauty or anger, whatever the song calls for... Opening with “Change”, you’ll hear Kris sort of yell/rap the intro, and the frantic guitars start in. If you have to compare this song to someone, musically, it’d be when Extreme got really weird... The title track shows the band slowing down, working on nuance and ambience more than full throttle metal. This time, Kris puts an edge to his voice, and sings a bit darker, although still melodic. This has one of the memorable chorus, and lyrically, it shines too. “Hedonism will be his moral. Carpe diem fills his soul and mind”...
“Latin Truths” will throw you for a loop. This is acoustic, nothing like what you’ve heard thus far. In place of the barely-contained lunacy, “Latin Truths” sounds like an experimental Gene Pitney song. These guys collectively must have been influenced by every person who ever made music … ever. If you want to get a vocal highlight, this is the song Kris sounds his best...
The album ends with “Op. 1, Mov III.”... About a minute into the song, you’ll hear one of the fastest guitar pieces recorded in a long time. It’s just a pleasure to experience the song...
KHIGH is just a different kind of band. They are proud of their abilities, obviously, and show them off...
Watching these guys play live must be jaw-dropping... And to think that Kris actually has to sing while playing his instrument at this level should amaze everyone. This isn’t mainstream music, but it is one of the most innovative CDs you’ll get this year... - Hard Rock Haven

"KHIGH: " Kris (surely a the guitar hero lover) and on his way to sing at times similar to Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine""

KHIGH demonstrate to have good writing capabilities used to develop a strong hard rock with clear influences from the 80's, also for what concerns the structure of the songs with gutsy riffing and cool solos. Most of the sound of the band depends on the guitar style of Kris (surely a the guitar hero lover) and on his way to sing at times similar to Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine.... - Silent Scream Magazine

"KHIGH: "Strengthened by an awesome Kris behind the microphone""

KHIGH have already developed a very personal style... Strengthened by an awesome Kris behind the microphone, often able to reach the peak on the track of the hard rock of the first 90's... Precious bass lines too... - Metal Maniacs


[2008] Copylefted Rightovers - POWER PLAY RECORDS
[2006] IRON FORCE II (compilation) - RISESTAR MUSIC
[2005] Wise Hedonist - POWER PLAY RECORDS



Dubbed as one of the most innovative acts right from the debut album, KHIGH came to life in Los Angeles from the intuition of guitar virtuoso and singer Kris Khigh. The band immediately caught the interest of Power Play Records of NY that led to two releases: Wise Hedonist and Copylefted Rightovers.

The sound of the 3-piece can be considered the heir of different influences mainly the catchy melodies of Velvet Revolver, the technical precision of Megadeth and the aggressiveness of System of a Down with a touch of electronics.

Always developing its own style over the years the band kept challenging the technical skills of its members and an immense passion for the best musicians of all times coupled with a great response from their fans led KHIGH to play shows in North America and Europe. The addition of personal covers by Van Halen, The Cult and others has been the ultimate evidence of the live potential of KHIGH.