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Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden

Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden
Band Rock Alternative


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2004 - Tsunami
2006 - The Second Wave
2010 - A Final Storm



After three years of silence khoma finally surface. Late august 2009 Khoma began the recording of their third album “A Final Storm”, the follow-up to the 2006 highly acclaimed "The Second Wave".
A Final Storm was released (Scandinavia + Finland) on April 14th with the first single “In It For Fighting” released on March 23rd. The album is yet to be released in the rest of the world.

Khoma was born in Umeå 2003, melding the aggression of the long established local hardcore scene and the burgeoning more diverse and emotive pop scene. A few months in, things were beginning to take off. A limited 1000-disc run of the debut album ‘Tsunami’ was released and quickly sold out. It was reprinted and, pretty much instantly, sold out again. The band was taken by surprise by the overwhelming response and signed with a management company to enable them to keep focusing on the music, rather than the business.

In 2006, without having signed a record deal, Khoma started working on their second album. The pre-production immediately caught the eyes of several labels, Scandinavian, European and American. Later the same year Khoma signed with Roadrunner Records (home of Khoma anti-thesis like Slipknot, Nickelback, Sepultura, Machine Head and more), giving the band the financial possibilities of fully explore their musical vision.

The result became ‘The second wave’, a harsh, emotional, and intense mixture of sweeping melodies and roaring guitars. In the bands home country, Sweden, reviewers collectively voted it “best album of 2006” ( and in Europe critics hailed the newcomers. The members of Khoma meet the phenomenal response with gratitude, but had no real intention of using the situation to try and propel the band to higher levels.
“Khoma was, and still is, about the creative process, our collective effort. Our main concern has always been writing music”, explains Jämte. “Khoma is a breathing space where different personalities and musical styles fuse”, Jämte elaborates. "We´re not in this to 'make it', we just want to be able to create and fully explore the possibilities and limitation of this collective. We have a vision of creating heavy music that reflects more feelings than just sheer aggression, sometimes whispering can be more powerful than screaming.”

After a few intense and intimate concerts and festivals in 2006 and early 2007, Khoma disappeared. The webpage shut down, no new messages were posted on the internet and no concerts were held. Almost three years of silence followed, and followers began thinking Khoma has split up without any notice.
“We have never stopped writing music or playing together, says Jämte. We just felt we wanted to concentrate our energy on writing. During the Roadrunner-era a lot of our time was spent on administration, planning and talking about what to do next. We wanted to focus solely on creating and playing music, and that´s what we have done.”

2009 Khoma decided it was time to surface, and also regroup. The experience with international labels, agents and managements had convinced the members to move their entire setup closer, back to Sweden.
“We wanted to work with friends, not companies. Luckily Anders Fridén (In Flames) and Daniel “Tive” Tivemark approached us, wanting Khoma to be the first band on their new label/management SELECTIVE NOTES. Their ideas reflected a lot of what we had been thinking about during the last years, so we definitely wanted to give it a go", says Jämte. Selective Notes has also joined forces with the Swedish RAZZIA RECORDS/FAMILY TREE MUSIC and will become a sub label and part of the Razzia/Family Tree family. (Contact below)

Late august 2009 Khoma entered the studio to record their third album “A Final Storm”. The album was released April 14th and entered the Swedish charts at #12. The first single “In It For Fighting” on March 23rd (Scandinavia + Finland).
“A Final Storm” has so far been given phenomenal reviews and amazing press in Sweden and Khoma has without a doubt been the most talked about band recently.
See some of the biggest and best reviews here:
Khoma also played live for the first time in over 3 years. Sold out Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping shows saw Khoma come through town leaving nothing but rave reviews behind them. Khoma NEEDS to be experienced live!
“No Other Swedish rock band stir up this many feelings as Khoma” – Aftonbladet Live Review 4/5
“Khoma keep the heart of the audience in its grip throughout the show” – Expressen Live Review 4/5
“When Khoma become Coldplay big, they will have the BIG lightshow they need to destroy completely” - Svenska Dagbladet Live Review 4/5

Check out the video for In It Fighting here:
For more news and updates on KHOMA check out - Khoma is also available on Spotify http://open.spotify.c