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What is KHONYA?

Khonya is a historical Farsi word with the meaning of Song, Poetry and rhythmic words and the name Khonyagaran has been used a lot in Iranian literature.
Khonya is the name of the musical group which is headed by Pari Maleki.
Khonya musical group started as an initiative musical group for ladies with the goal of exploring the talents within ladies in the field of Music in 1994. This group with the co-operation of several male musicians, co-vocalists and instrument players ha


Pari Maleki

Born in 1951 Pari Maleki, who now leads the music group Khonya as a vocalist and instructor, has been teaching traditional music for over 23 years. She has been trained by Great musicians like Nasrollah Nasehpour, Mahmoud Karimi, Ali Jahandar, Amir Payvar and also various other sources of music. From 1994 with the formation of Khonya she had various performances in Iran, France, Germany, U.K., Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. She had also performed in 3 Documentaries, directed by Khosrow Sinaei and teaching music with Kiomars Pourahmad she co-operated in Shabe Yalda (Iranian movie – telecasted in Cinema). Pari Maleki won "Life time achievement award" in 18th International Fajr Music festival. Naming the latest overseas performances of Pari Maleki the Europe tour 2008 and also performing in UNESCO's office could be pin pointed.