Khottal (Pronunciation: kä-tl ) consists of 10 people, who are like a mixed bag of pills. This 10-piece outfit skips between punk, unpolished pop, indie rock, jangly and fey melodies that will make your laughter sounds a little different to the norm.


KHOTTAL was formed in mid 2008 in Malacca, Malaysia by rocking duo Hafidz and Uzir, initially as. Recruiting old college and childhood friends, Ezha , Azfar, Qairul, Chorie, Zarul, Farhan and later with Nona and Suboh, they expected nothing but to have fun with numerous instruments ranging from accordion, melodian, glockenspiel, mandolin, ukelele and violin despite their informal music backgrounds.

The duo spontaneously wrote Oceanic Panik, Khottal's first babychild. Since then more and more songs were written and just in few months later they ended up having their first performance at Paul's Place. Surprisingly, more shows are following up for Khottal then and they have being featured on KLue, Junk, Juice, New Sunday Times, ROTTW and other local media for their brilliant performance at Klue Urbanscapes 2009. Recently, the band has been nominated in Best Breakthrough Act, Best Live Act and Song of The Year category in South-East Asia's Junksounds Award 2009. Having their debut Woo Song single selling fast nationwide, Khottal is surely going to spread their infectious live music everywhere on the map.


Woo Song (single) 2009