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LP- Late Assignment {2008}
Radio Airplay- "Can't Bring Me Down {Single}"



Born Khrys N. Dent on June 28, 1991, �Khrys� is the New Era of Hip-Hop. Residing in Evans, GA he is a junior graduating a year early and blesses our speakers with music consisting unique beats & phenomenal lyrics. �Raised by experience�, he states when questioned about his childhood. Traveling throughout the country as a child with his dual military parents contributed abundantly to who he has become. Khrys has gained the capability of mixing multiple genres of music and created his own unmatched and undefined style. At 16 years of age he is taking the positions of many of our well-known artists.

Preferring to be called an �Artist� instead of a rapper, the roots of this soon to be superstar trace back to a desire to express his views. �I was never really a bad kid, but . . . more of misunderstood and unheard�, he continues, �I admit that I love attention for my achievements, not my downfalls.� From causing commotion with teachers to a music career, this path of life was influenced by a family member. Kenrick Brown �Snypa� is Khrys�s older cousin who is an upcoming artist/producer and also the founder of the �Mo Money Clique�. When asked to describe his cousin in one sentence he simply replies, �An energetic individual who refuses to fail�. He goes on to explain how his cousins� love for music and encouragement was his motivation that helped him accomplish so much already.

As a PROUD Christian, this brother keeps Jesus first in all that he does and his faith is far beyond weak. An unshakable faith is what he has acquired and sustained for some time. Following the love for his religion the love for his family is second in his heart. �My mom and my sister are my main support and a couple of my family members. I�m not going to say that all of my family members support me because then I would be fooling myself . . . and to be honest, with over one hundred and something people on both of my parents sides, I�m satisfied with the support that is there.�

After listening to the music that he has written & produced, you have no choice but to ask him why is it that he chose music to be his gateway of expression. Many people in this world choose to write books or public-speaking, but . . . neither was a choice. Khrys informs the public that the reason he chose to make music is quite simple compared to what people believe. He claims that most �So-Called Rappers & Singers� are only in the music business to be famous and many of them do not even deserve to be in front of a microphone. His reason for making music is that he believes that it is a blessing and not a talent. Music is a blessing to him because he is able to �Just Do It� while those who believe they have a talent �try to perfect it�.

Excelling past the average and making his mark, Khrys is an upcoming artist/producer and is soon to be discovered. He simply asks that if you are going to support him then support him and if not then that is ok too, because those who don�t want him to achieve only make him better. �I love music . . . it�s my life . . . not a hobby!� --- Khrys