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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Top Emerging Chicago Artists"

"Khupera Tum has my vote for the top up-and-coming original act in Chicago...Morphine meets My Bloody Valentine..." - Buzz S&E: Greg Chruscielski

"New Releases"

"...well delivered, poetic lyrics...amazing, magical music..." - Chicago EAG: Aaron Seckman

"A Night on the Town"

"Khupera Tum are unlike anything else I've heard, and I've heard A LOT. I highly recommend checking them out." - Better Impaired: Martin Grossman

"Carny in the Country"

"Dawn and Dusk is a ride through a carny in the country. There are moments when you think that everything will spin out of control and bounce off like some sort of demonic ferris wheel, and there are moments when you think that heaven has been established here on earth...I can't wait to hear their up-coming full length!" - Digstation: Christine

"Episode 64"

"...unique, fun and energetic...I love it!" - Chicago Acoustic Underground: Michael Teach

"Looptopia 2008"

" a scene full of bands that claim to do something unclassifiable, they're the first band I've ever seen or heard who really didn't sound like anyone else...truly original...infectious and engrossing..." - Around the Coyote: Seth Vanek

"No lack of intellect at 2009 Rhinoceros Theater Festival"

" of the most unique, thoughtful, talented yet somehow underexposed bands in Chicago..." - Chicago Tribune Readers' Comments: Reed


All tracks, so far, were recorded live in one or two takes.

Retro Electro Demo (Live EP) - April 2008
Featuring Andrea Else: Vocals and Violin
Produced by Darryl Danru
Available for free at and

Dawn and Dusk (Debut EP) - Nov. 2007
Featuring Andrea Else: Vocals and Violin
Produced by Aaron Seckman and Darryl Danru
Available for free at Khupera Tum's next show.



Autodidact, Baltimoron*, custodian, ditch digger, educator, firefighter, gardener…

Darryl Danru, currently the sole member of the baroque beatnik band Khupera Tum, is and has been many things. But at all times, even while a wig-wam’d mountain-man in Montana, he’s been a constant scribbler of words and music.

Lyrically and musically, Khupera Tum is more or less what you'd expect from a former Dumbdockian* and dental floss farmer*. Simultaneously serious and silly while always passionate, Darryl weaves an aural tapestry of poetic punk-funk, heroic post-pop and global-it ain't a horse singin'-folk that has people comparing him to: "an artsy Andrew Bird doing ninety on curvy, back-country roads," "Sugarcubes mixed with Morphine" and "Tim Burton if he were a musician."

Regarding what has been done and is being done...

In 2009, Khupera Tum was a featured artist at Chicago's Rhino Fest (the windy city’s Fringe Fest). A little less than a year earlier, it was featured at Chicago's Looptopia. Previously, after releasing a debut (live) EP, Buzz magazine voted it one of the Top 5 Emerging Original Musical Acts in Chicago.

Currently, Danru is working on Khupera Tum's debut full length (slated for release in 2009) and performing at as many colleges, clubs, cafes and festivals as he can.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...he's auditioning keyboardists and percussionists with the intention of turning Khupera Tum back into a band.

* Baltimoron: Someone born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.
* Dumbdockian: a Baltimoron from the south-east side armpit.
* Dental Floss Farmer: a Montanan mountain man.