K.I.3 Sway movement productions

K.I.3 Sway movement productions

 South Lake Tahoe, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

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I am currently on my own doing what i have to do now.I was with Firing Squad but decided it was best for me to depart out of good intrest meaning ending on good terms.I have been writing and rapping since 99,started producing,mix and mastering since 2010.I produced my own album with the help of features such as:JDOOM,WHYTE OWL,SPEEDMANMUSIC,DONGRIMM,JAZZY GATES AND YOUNG QUAKE.I have completed my very first solo album of 15 tracks called:The Unexpected Truth and now Sway movement productions.i went by Rapoholic since 07 and now I am back to K.I.3 like i was before when i started out gospel rappin with A.F.G from 99 to 2001.Please support the movement and feel free to spread the word and let everyone no my album will be in stores by late today.
Thank you for ur support and halla back with feedback!!


You can find:The unexpected truth of k.i.3 at iTunes,Amazon,Rhapsody,Emusic,Last.fm and Napster.My album was released July 6 2011.