Her audience is k - ninth graders. She can open for any disney artist.


Lakia Stevens

Age* 15

Height – 5’ Weight - 100 lbs

Eye - Brown Hair - Brown

Talents consist of: Singing, Dancing, Modeling and Acting, Songwriter

Performances: Song inTalent Shows and Weddings, Lead singer for Church Choir, Sing in School Choir, Dance with Church Dance Ministry,


Lakia was born in Atlanta, GA to Lawanda Stevens Calhoun. She’s a 15 year old 9th grade student at Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta. Where she's on of the few 9th grader in the Musical Theater Performing Arts program.

Lakia prefers to be called Kia. She is what you would call a tiny girl with a big voice. Singing is a security blanket for Kia. No matter where she is, who she’s in front of, or what mood she’s in, performing and entertaining always seem to find its way through. There is nothing more than passion, itself, that pushes Lakia on to succeed, working as hard as she can to become the best. Although Lakia knows that there are many talented young teens like her, she keeps a positive mind and quotes, “It’s not just the fame that I want; it’s the rush that takes over me when I’m on stage.” She feels that performing holds its own place in her heart, and she loves the idea that no one can ever take that feeling away from her.

Kia would like to take this time to thank you, “Music world”, for sharing your time with her and allowing her to display her talent. Lakia feels that she will bring a lot of positive energy, originality, youth, and inspiration everyone who heres her music. Everyone who set eyes on her think that she would be a perfect Disney Kid. Her audience is Elementary and middle school kids. Ninth grade high schooler will love her also.