Kia Flow

Kia Flow

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA
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Kia Flow” a pint size, amplified misfit has defied many odds and continues to climb to the top through Spoken Word and Acting. This young lady has shown that with a little faith and determination, nothing is impossible. Sit back and watch her work her magic through laughs and foolery.


Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Kia's family always knew she would be different. Raised by her Grandparents Kia and her younger brother Antwan would sit in the room and practice singing. She would peck at the keyboard and he would bang on phone books and margarine containers making music. She never saw music lighting her career path even though she by the 5th grade had written 4 songs. She was even apart of a "Grade School Singing Group" called Voices of Soul. Just as many other artist she got the bulk of her singing experience in church. Even though she had a terrible case of stage fright, she would still sing nervously in front of the entire church congregations on Youth Sunday or while singing on the praise team.

She had a breakup, but instead of busting out windows she busted out her notepad and began to write. She learned to write away her troubles. She wrote memories, life events, and the multitude of emotions that altered her life at the time. It wasn't until a year later and Thanks to a post made on Facebook by her mentor, Moses West that she entertained the idea of performing her work in front of anyone. Never the less she gathered up the courage to perform not only in front of an audience but in front of Mr. Talaam Acey who was featuring at The Poetry Spot that night. A week later she saw a Facebook post by Matthew (Cuban) Hernandez for The Cypher Poetry then at Café 331. The response from the audience made her want to come back again, and that’s what she.

Now, you can find Kia Flow performing, featuring and hosting at various open mics, poetry shows, movies and plays all around the Southeast Region. She has featured at shows such as Moses West’s "Come-try" and "The Poetry Spot Presents – Sex on Stage", Love Reigns "Artis(Tree)" and PEInc’s "Underground." She also has performed at Touch the Mic in Orlando hosted by Devery Broox and "Smart Mouth (Orlando and Polk County) hosted by Jason Alexander, "Floetry" in Ocala, "Open Mic Mondays in Gainesville hosted by Alicia Hayes and Ambros, "Estrogen Rocks" in Palm Bay hosted by Faithful Hazel and "Black on Black Rhyme" in Tallahassee hosted by Founder/CEO Keith Rogers. "Getcha Mind Right" in Mobile AL hosted by Alex "Huggy Bear" Lofton, "Savannah Urban Arts Fest" in Savannah GA, "Touch One" hosted by Jaycee and "Open Mic at Poor Richards Bookstore" hosted by CP Maze in Charlotte NC. "Voices of Soul" in Greenville NC hosted by Michael Burnett. She was also casted in Jana Bradley’s "Blak.Woman.Dynamik-ReBoRn" a monologue based stage play and she had a short role in ZoCode Films "Fye it Up 4/20 Special brought to you by Mr. Sozo Jaxon"

She has hosted a series of shows including "What’s the Word Wednesday at FLA Riders Motercycle Club", "Venus Vs Mars, Cometry at SquareOne", "The Cypher Poetry at The Real Ting Care", "Artis(Tree") at Club TSI, "Right Way Ent Summer Time Concert Series", "MBM’s Voices of Soul", "French Kiss Fridays at Endo Exo and Endo Exo’s Day Party with The Katz Downstairz."

She sings too! She sings back up for "Free – Quincy" band and "Reflections in The Room" with ill Clinton and MJ Baker. She has performed with EvenStill and was featured alongside Gabi Starr in DJ Byrd Sanchez’s Panty Droppa Mix-Tape with the single "So Good"

These day's if Kia is not performing she is creating new ideas, characters and plots for her up coming webseries "Going with the Flow." It's a new project of her's which is intended to make the audiance laugh! Stay tuned because there's more to come!


Bring Those Days Back

Written By: Kia Flow

Bring those days back

Sometimes I long to get back to a time when honey drippers were sweet, and life was innocent.

When red light meant stop and Mother may I was some of the best manners taught to man.

I wish I could go to a time when the little boys would play crate basket ball on concrete streets.

And when yes mam is all you could say when getting slashed with the switch.

Back at that time when you would have your clothes laid out for the first day of school, you remember when the chair would sit in the middle of the floor, shirt hanging over the top, pants on the seat and a shoe peaking out under each leg.

A time when the night before Easter, you were sitting by a hot ass stove, with blue magic grease smeared all over your Forehead and your hair sizzling like steak from a hot comb.

I miss the times when we would walk in packs home from school laughing, and teasing, laughing til the crowd dwindled down to just me walking home alone.

Whatever happen to Baby Roller blade, little Miss Make up, Stretch Armstrong, Creepy Crawlers, and My Buddy?

Those days when kids respected their elders, and when you rode pass a church you would turn ya speakers down.

A time when The Box Music channel was a po man’s BET. When the street lights came on, yo ass was in the house, and you bet not get up from that table until yo plate was clean, because children in Africa were and still are starving from sea to shining sea.

Life was so precious back when and then. Oh how I long to taste those Sprinkle Sprangles.

How could life be so angelic?

But I still can't forget about the struggles because that is what made most stronger.

Sugar water was the next best thing since slice bread when no kool aid was available.

And we had no shame smashing all the tiny bars of soap together to make one bar of soap in order to stay clean.

Washing dishes with soap powder or washing clothes with dish detergent is a time I can remember

Whether the times were fun or foul, sometimes I wish I could bring it back. I wish I could capture
those moments and replay them today.

Because today life has no value to some. We're dropping like flies, and it just makes me wonder is
it really your time to go. Or is someone just taking that time away.

The cries sadden me and the news angers me. Call me square or lame but I just don't get it.

What happen to the brotherly love? Has the need to belong become so great that we are willing to kill our future just to fit in?

Hell I can no longer worry about if my brother’s keeping me, cuz I’m too busy worrying about him creeping me.

Has a spot or territory become so prominent that we are willing to sacrifice our freedom just to say “dis my block.” Mind you, you don’t own the shit in the first place.

But day by day, blood stains the streets and seep into the sewage of our youth, becoming permanently imbedded in their thoughts, transforming into their actions, with no shame.

All we care about is fast money, and our kids can barely speak English correctly, but they know how to cuss or better yet bust.

There’s no more us.

When life was simple and the air was sweet. When music was smooth and streets were safe.

Sometimes I hope that when I go to sleep and wake up the next day it would have all been a sick dream.

But I know that day will never come, so all we can do is join hands by the masses and pray til our lungs collapse with sorrow. Praying to get our streets backs, praying to get our homes back. Praying to get those days back.

Constantly singing we shall overcome and a change is gonna come til our souls burst. Tears quenching our thirst. Hurst after Hurst.

Bring those days back, can we please bring those days back.

The Nerd

Written By: Kia Flow

The Nerd
He said nice guys like him finish last.
And yeah I can see where that would be true.
After all he does carry a pocket calculator and protractor clip to his belt.
But some of us women don’t know a good man when we see one.
And yes I said it.
We have this whole fictitious illusion or definition of what a real man is, that when one is in our presence we over look him like he the bell boy or something.
It seems to me like the more dog like the dude is the more we pull to him.
Mesmerized by his ruffness and bluntness.
We stand by while he fucks with other women waiting for him to bring her essence to our place, her sweetness invading our space, her pussy juices smeared all over his face and we kiss him.
But there stands alone Mr. Okie Dok.
With the dorkish of grins on his face.
Just waiting for the right woman to come along so that he can give her his all.
Captured by her beauty and unidentified power.
All he wants to do his shower her with love and life and make her feel that way she wants to feel even if it’s in a corny manner
But naw we don’t want that. He too green and lame is what we say.
So we settle for the dudes who could frankly care less about our existence.
Will drop us with the quickness if we not willing to fit into his world.
Chasing girl after girl heartless and cruel.
But that ignites us for some stupid reason.
Not knowing that we are worth so much more.
Not knowing that we deserve the respect and honor.
Then when we get our feelings hurt we might run to Mr. Okie Dok so he can lick the wounds.
Using po dude for a free meal.
Then at the end of the night you tell him you’re not that into him, but it’s not him though.
Bitch please.
But shit if that aint yo type then, who am I to stand in the way?
As for me, I want that nerd known as Mr. Okie Dok.
I get turned on by that smart shit.
Give me the mother fucker that can pick my brain and stimulate my mind with calculations.
You may call him green, but with him I see green.
A dynamic equilibrium type couple moving mountains conquering the impossible.
Making moves and making history by creating traffic signals in the sky for flying cars and shit.
And let’s not talk about how many ways we can calculate our love making.
Every time he sticks his radius into my circumference I have quadruple Vertical Ellipses
The parameter of the bed doesn’t sum up to enough square footage so we have to take out Integral Methods to other areas of the 4 dimensional space we call a home.
His circular functions are constant and differentiable.
Mmmm … and the length, width and volume of his cylinder sends my pyramid on an Algebraic seizure ready to straddle his Axes.
Our Pythagorean Theorem is like no other.
So while you round here lickin the other chick juices off of so call Mr. Right.
Me and Mr Okie Dok will be making combustions and solving equations even Einstein couldn’t figure out.
Eagerly reciprocating each other’s oral dissertations.
Finding the square root to the nervous system and formulating a union of our molecules creating our love.
Damn how I love to clean his bifocals.
No I’m not saying that all straight lace cats are dogs and all squares are honest.
I just want yal ladies to know that rough aint always right and sometimes green can be good.
Get to know a person and see what they really are about.
Learn to step away from the norm and step outside the box and walk around that bitch.
You might be amazed what ya find on the other side.


Jus Use it as a Coaster (EP)