Kiah Shanice

Kiah Shanice


"Once Upon a Time" began as an exercise in self realization and morphed into a story of heartbreak, love, and self fulfillment. This album is inspired by the life and heart of the average girl, young or old, who has ever fought for love & lost.


While I am trained in classical violin and vocals, my true passion for music stems from dance. As a young child I was always moved by the songs of the greats of my generation. As I grew and expanded my love of music into a career as a singer, I found an even greater excitement and passion in the thrill of being a performer. My heart and soul is in being on stage and sharing my musical world with my audience. My music is more than just lyrics, it is a need to move and become a part of the song.

Set List

1. World Stops
2. Moving On
3. Slow Down
4. Falling Together
5. Out that Door
6. Me