Kiahyo - The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop!

Kiahyo - The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop!

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Kiahyo tags her unique signature and style to her concerts which is second to none. A sensation of Soul, a pinch of Pop, a taste of Top 40, a receipt of R&B, and a hot serving of Hip-Hop is what Kiahyo delivers!


Kiahyo has emerged as a dynamic and charismatic entertainer. Since the early age of five, Kiahyo had a burning desire to entertain. She loved attending rehearsals with her dad. He noticed she enjoyed singing in the background. To his surprise, Kiahyo never missed a note and always stayed in key. He began working with her and found her to be an astonishing vocalist. While working with her dad, Kiahyo performed in many high school talent shows. She quickly became a hit with local entertainers and many sought her out to work on various projects

As her talent developed, her dad saw how serious and determined she was about her craft. She became a back up vocalist for her dad’s band, On her first performance, Kiahyo demonstrated her stage presence when she received three standing ovations with her rendition of, ‘Why don’t you call me anymore’, a song by written by Prince, as performed by Alicia Keys. Kiahyo secured her place in the group and became one of the lead singers.
2002 was the year for Kiahyo. Kiahyo brought a dynamic professionalism to the stage that was classy, dynamic, and upscale. Encouraged to try out for the American Idol Completion in Detroit by her current manager. Kiahyo ranked number one out of 12,000 contestants and was one of 22 to represent Michigan in the competition.

Upon her return to Michigan, Kiahyo began a solo act at the 2003 African American Music Festival. It was just amazing to see new fans crowd the stage and want autographs from an unknown artist. Kiahyo was overwhelmed and encouraged by the crowd shouting..."Kiahyo! Kiahyo! Kiahyo! Kiahyo!" Thus, a new direction for Kiahyo began.

Kiahyo has moved on to perfect her own stage show performing R&B, Motown, Soul, Top 40, Pop, and of course...Hip-Hop!! Her show is so sweet that she has been tagged 'The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop' by her fans.

Kiahyo's band consists of keyboards, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussions, and two support vocalists.

In her third year, Kiahyo continues to go forward to great things. September of 2006 is the planned release of her new CD 'Gutter Love'. The CD promises to be hot!!! A Gutter Love Tour is planned for fall of 2006 and the band looks to shoot to the stars from there.

Kiahyo...she’s dangerous, dynamic, classy, upscale, and she is The Sweetheart Of Hip Hop!! The sista is baaaaaaaaaaad !!!!!

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'Gutter Love', Kiahyo's Current CD project.

Set List

Genie in a bottle - Christina Aguilera
Ain't no hollar back Girl - Gwen Stefani
All that I can say - Mary J Blige
A Long Walk-- Gill Scott
I'm Just That Benz-- Kiahyo
Miss Stress-- Floetry
I'm going down - Mary J Blige
Gudda Love-- Kiahyo
With You - Jessica Simpson
Torn - Natalie Imbrulia
Many More-- .Kiahyo
Baby Boy-- Beyonce
I Just Want To Love You-- Kiahyo
Real Love-- Mary J Blige
Fallin'-- Alisha Keys
What I gotta do - Kiahyo
Ex Factor-- Lauren Hill
Don't Look Any Furher-- Dennis Edwards
I am ready for love - India Irie
Just My Imagination-- The Temptations
Shining Star-- The Manhattans
Still in love - Kiahyo
I'm Just That Benz-- Kiahyo
I Wanna Be Down-- Brandy
Reminisce-- Mary J Blige
Everything Is Everything-- Lauren Hill
Is This The Way You Love Me Baby-- Gill Scott
Video-- Indie Arie
Floetic-- Floetry
Toxic - Britney Spears
Sunshine-- Floetry
Come A Little Bit Closer-- Brandy
Full Moon-- Brandy
How Come You Don'