It's emotionally aggressive pop with punk and classic rock influences. Kiai writes with variety in respect to all genres making her collection eclectic and generally fun to listen to.


Irrepressible, unstoppable and undeniable, Kiai is an artist who speaks and sings to be heard-- no matter what she's saying. Her songs range from the silly to the profound and in the totality of her expression, she has revealed herself to be a unique singer/songwriter emerging in the New York indie scene.

The child of Korean parents, Kiai grew up in Woodstock, NY. By age 17, Kiai was a full-fledged rebel-- abandoning her classical music upbringing to play at jazz jams filled with Woodstock locals. "My passion came out of the years of repression-- that's where the punk in me comes from," she explains.

Kiai has written hundreds of songs, but she's currently readying the 13 that will be on her upcoming album, Middle of Mayhem. The songs written so far display the range of Kiai's moods and skills. There's the classic three chord Ramones influenced punk of "I Want To Be You," Kiai's expression of her desire to be a kid again free of responsibility. "Guarded Heart" is her lament of a friendship that has run it's course and serves as a goodbye and "Sumo Things" is a wry and witty reflection on Kiai's philosophy of taking things lightly.

Kiai is poised to bring her infectious spirit to unsuspecting audiences from coast to coast, and to Japan, England and maybe France. "I make music for me and the listener to really enjoy," she says. "In the midst of the world's turmoil we have to enjoy our lives as much as we can. That's what my music is made for."



Written By: Kiai

If I could fly on the wings of an eagle
Would you come and fly with me?
If I could kick and beat up a ninja warrior
Would you learn from me to be free?

Couldnt you tell, couldnt you see the sweat?
See? Im only human.
Well, dont take my word or his or hers or his or hers

Why do you seek the constellations?
Can they save your soul?
Why do you meet with your frustrations?
You know youre only human as well.

I used to be a chick with ideal emotions
For rights and equality
Political, hypocritical, out of my mind
Was it sensible or blind?

Can you relate, can you prorate my words?
Value you my intentions?
Well, dont take my word or his or hers or his or hers

Why dont you start a revolution?
Dont you want to change the world?
Why dont you put yourself in motion?
You know the change begins with you

Get radical, get radical, get out of your mind

If I could see your face in a painted portrait
What color would your sky be?
If I could scrape the palette of your gaze
Would I see a heart or a maze?

If you could change your situation, where would you be?
I know where I would be, where saints would play and play and play


Written By: Kiai Kim

Rachel cries but no one knows
She lets her anguish out when she’s alone
She wants to tell you ‘bout her memories
Of the little girl that she used to be
She says I need protection
I want your love

Alicia wanted a little attention
She didn’t know she’d get more than affection
She doesn’t know what to do with her pain
So she just numbs it til it goes away
She wants to talk about her memories
Of the little girl that she used to be
She says I need protection
I want your love
I need protection
I want love

Paul he has no idea why he explodes
One more relationship walked out the door
He doesn’t remember what happened to him
One day he’ll realize he’s a victim
He’ll say I need protection
I want your love
I need protection
I want love

Emily had enough of misunderstanding
She doesn’t want another bad ending
She goes to a friend to get some support
She carries another life she won’t abort
She says I will give you protection
I will give you love
Cause I needed protection
I wanted love
I need protection
I want love


2009 Mayhem Songs.
2008 Bipolar Disorder on KXLU, Los Angeles.
2006 Happy Birthday. Available on itunes.
2006 Revolution (single). Available on Musicane.

Set List

I Want To Be You
Never Let Me Go
Bipolar Disorder
Little Fat Squirrel
Waiting for Lanie