KIANA LUNA  (Kiana Music)

KIANA LUNA (Kiana Music)

 Gerosa, Lombardy, ITA

Japaneese/ American Acoustic Popo/folk/rock Singer/Sogwriter based in Honolulu HI (USA). Experienced performing in many venue around the world. Preparing 3rd Tour in EU in 2012 and available for GiGs. Contact my EU manager in Italy . KIANA's music (VERIGO) available on iTunes
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Born and raised in Japan at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Kiana grew up in a bilingual, multi-cultural home, with her Japanese father, American mother, and two older siblings. Without any formal training or a background in musical theory, Kiana began composing on the piano when she was 11 years old, after having a transforming experience swimming with wild dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii. She later began creating lyrically-driven songs on her mother’s guitar, during her 12 years being home-schooled in the mountains of Japan.

After moving to her mother’s childhood home of Hawaii in 1999, Kiana spent her first few years working various jobs, until she became a member of a 12-piece convention band that allowed her to experience performing on a level that helped enhance her command of the stage. Since then, she has performed in concerts across Japan as a solo-artist, spent 3 years singing with headlining bands in hotels like the Sheraton Waikiki and the Hyatt Regency, and has opened with her original music for acts ranging from Japanese J-pop bands to the Gipsy Kings. She did tour in Europe and take her dynamic performances to Spain, Germany, Austria and various parts of Italy. Kiana Luna's success is rising there and she was asked to open acts for Italian Pop Star Doclenera.
A new tour in Summer 2013 is in preparation.

Kiana has released various CDs of her other musical passion~ Relaxation Music, 10% of the proceeds of which are donated to causes that inspire her. She also has two Extended-Play CDs of her Pop/Acoustic originals (“Vertigo” and “A New Way”), and a brand new LP (Cycle, Cyclones & Chameleons ) which she is currently marketing online and during her live shows.

Kiana finds her greatest joy in performing and connecting with live audiences, which explains why her current love is being a full-time Busker on the streets of Waikiki. She is presently living in Hawaii, while remaining open to traveling, collaborating, and promoting her music and message world-wide~ in hopes of inspiring her listeners . . . one heart at a time.


Full Circle ( 2006 ) LP - Available on Amazone
Vertigo ( 2007 ) EP - Available on iTunes
A New Way ( 2009 ) EP
Cycle, Cyclones & Chameleons (2011) LP

All That Really Matter - (single) - Lufthansa Radio