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Milwaukee, WI | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Milwaukee, WI | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B





ThawedOut w/IceCode NeemoNeemo, AdeadEndKid and PheTv interviews KRP live for the IceCode Podcast. -

"HipHopOnDeck Exclusive Interview w/ Kia Rap Princess | @KiaRapPrincess"

Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper/singer and Blaqlizt Entertainment artist Kia Rap Princess presents “Yeen Gotta Get Naked”, her new single produced by USB Cartel. Kia has several mixtapes under her belt including Pure Kia, Heiress To The Throne volumes 1 and 2 and I Am Kia Rap Princess (listen to all her mixtapes here). She also has several videos to her credit including 2013′s “No Limit” (watch all her videos here). Kia describes “Yeen Gotta Get Naked” as “a record that was inspired by the everyday woman who is faced with the pressures of society that they have to bare all to be successful in a male-dominated world. I have been told I would have to ‘soften’ or ‘feminize’ my appearance if I want to appeal to the masses and sell records. This mentality has to change. We have to start appreciating the value of women and appreciate them for their uniqueness and true beauty in general. We need to send a new message to little girls all around the world that it is okay to be who they are (inside and out) and that they can still rise above and achieve great things without having to show their bodies or changing who they truly are inside. #NOLIMIT” - HipHopOnDeck


hese three female rappers use their music to tackle the tough stuff.

Mainstream radio would have you believe there are, at most, two female rappers in America and both of them churn out painfully similar songs. But Milwaukee’s scene alone should dispel this fiction, especially these three lady rhyme-slingers, each vastly different in style and substance. - STEVEN POTTER of

"Kia Rap Princess – Says Atlanta Will Forever Have A Chapter In Her Life Journey"

Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper/singer and Blaqlizt Entertainment artist Kia Rap Princess presents the music video for “I Just Made A Jugg”, her new single produced by Bobby Shmurda/Soulja Boy collaborator Bighead. The video was shot by Ryan Givens along historical Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta, where Kia currently resides. “I Just Made A Jugg” appears on #EVERSINCEthePrequel, her new EP out now (Soundcloud). She also has several videos to her credit including 2013’s “No Limit”. - Written by SpitFireHipHop

"Saturday, June 6: Kia Rap Princess"

It is no secret that it is extremely difficult to cover that type of ground without having access to mainstream resources. Determined to bring about a positive change amongst her people and restore some dignity to the image of the female emcee, Kia is blazing a fast trail to the top and she isn’t going to let anyone or anything get in her way. -

"Flashback Friday: Kia Rap Princess"

Welcome y’all. Lets take a trip to the past. To a time when things were simpler and…..No, we are just going back a year! Back to January 2nd, 2015. That was the date that Milwaukee emcee Kia Rap Princess released her highly anticipated album The NOLIMIT LP.

Full of soul, fantastic production, witty lyrics and impeccable flow, it is an album we had to revisit!

Kia is a unique female emcee from Milwaukee, WI. She was emersed in music at an early age and took to it quickly. Growing up on everything from R&B to Jazz, Kia’s musicality was destined to make her a star. And as expected, Kia’s talents took her pretty far. In 2007 she landed a meeting with some Sony A&R reps in California, who ultimately wanted to sign her. Unfortunately, Sony suffered from a buyout and things didn’t quite pan out for the rap princess. However, Kia didn’t let that stop her from pushing for her dream. She returned to Milwaukee and is now linked up with Blaqlizt Music. Determined to bring about a positive change amongst her people and bring back some dignity to the image of the female emcee, Kia is on a fast track to the top and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

In Her words ” “NO LIMIT” isn’t just a title,it’s an attitude.”

Checkout the album and learn more about Kia Rap Princess here: - Posted by jeffreyjohnson2 in Artist Spotlight, Music Reviews, New Music

"Milwaukee Hip Hop 2015: A Year To Celebrate"

Women have always been an integral part of Milwaukee's hip hop scene but let's keep it real, they don't get the credit they deserve. For years we had artists like Element, Melissa Czarnik, Signif and Kenza Dawn who've held things down proper. And now added to that list are younger women like Queen Tut, Fivy, Siren, B-Bree, Kia Rap Princess, Zed Kenzo and Kewii who are taking the stage and leading the charge. - By DJ Bizzon, Special to the Journal Sentinel


9. Kia Rap Princess – The NOLIMIT LP
Trying to pin down Kia Rap Princess is a fool’s game. On the loaded 17-track NOLIMIT LP, the Milwaukee MC is both boastful and proud (“Amazin,” “Number One”), frantic and pissed (“Different Thangs,” “NO LIMIT”), tender and vulnerable (“What Love?” “My Words And Thoughts”), the life of the party (“In This Party,” “Love Me”), and the all-too rare female voice in a male-dominated game (“Yeen Gotta Get Naked”). She’s also a hell of a songwriter: the stunning “Number One” is the greatest Rocky montage song never released, and the deliriously cool “Apply Pressure” is one of the great Milwaukee singles of the year. If there’s one message pulsing through The NOLIMIT LP, it’s this: Recognize the royalty. - Milwaukee Record Staff

"Kia Rap Princess Interview with Hood Affairs"

Kia Rap Princess Makes her first Appearance on #HoodAffairsDVD. Watch as she talks about her #NOLIMIT Lp, representing the 414, in studio performance of her latest single #ApplyPressure and how making connections as an indie artist led her to make her single #WORK prod by Zaytoven from Makin' It Magazine's #KillTheTrack6 Competition. Connect with her FAST because she's taking Off!! Follow her twitter : @KiaRapPrincess / instagram : @iamkiarapprincess features/Booking :
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"Hot 97 Whos Next : Kia Rap Princess"

Kia Rap Princess is a New Up and coming Female HipHop Artist/Mc from the Midwest. Her Style is Universal, Her Flow is ILL and Her Swag is Out of this World. Take a liten to the self proclaimed "Heiress To the Throne" and if you like what you hear go to her OFFICIAL Website at to Hear/See More. #SALUTE -

"Local/Live: May 26 – Kia Rap Princess"

Kia Rap Princess bills herself as “extraordinary female hip-hop”. She got a solid start in her youth, digging into jazz and R&B. Her musical foundation, set, Kia is now set, in turn, to focus on the message.

The Milwaukee emcee is “determined to bring about a positive change in Milwaukee and some dignity to the female emcee”. The fact that her new single is named “No Limit” should come as no surprise. The woman is on a mission with her music.

Get inspired by Kia Rap Princess this Tuesday, May 26th as she performs on WMSE’s Local/Live. Tune in at 6pm by turning your radio to 91.7 FM or stream live or in the archives over at - Local/Live on WMSE is sponsored by The Garage

"Bridging the Gap : When Rock Meets Hip-Hop"

When 414 Favorite Kia Rap Princess was invited to Perform at Quarter's Rock n' Roll Palace along with Local Bands Winter Bear and Dirty Dancing it was an unexpected yet significant deal. -

"Winter Bear x Kia Rap Princess x Dirty Dancing"

Rock n Roll and Hip Hop Meet Again. -

"Kia Rap Princess to Open Up For FUTURE at The Rave"

Its not to often that local talent gets a chance to rock a venue with of the biggest names in today's world of mainstream Hip-Hop. Kia Rap Princess is one of the hardest working individuals in the 414 and her gift is undeniable. - The Illixer

"Kia Rap Princess - The Road to NOLIMIT"

Follow the Illixer as they cover one of The Midwest Up and Coming female Mcs Kia Rap Princess and her a Road to NOLIMIT -

"Kia Rap Princess - I AM Kia Rap Princess Mixtape Review"

Last Month One Of Milwaukee's Leading Entertainers, Kia Rap Princess,(Blaqlizt Music Entertainment) Blessed the Game with Her Third Mixtape. (Follow The Link To read More) -

"The Heiress To The Throne Vol.2 Mixtape review"

Well respected Milwaukee femcee Kia Rap Princess is gearing up to drop a brand new project on the world in April. Therefore, thought it might be fitting to visit her last mixtape, Heiress To The Throne: Volume 2. A few of the tracks on the tape have been heard before via live shows or promo videos but there are a couple of hidden gems. This review will take a look at three of said songs below...(Follow Link To Read More) - The Examiner

"Heiress To The Throne Vol.1"

“The female emcee is missing her own voice, whoever she is. Every female has something to say. Everyone has their own story to tell. I feel like the female rapper has lost her own voice. I feel like the female artist lately has tied into what she thinks the world is looking for. Or what she thinks has worked for the world before. But what the female rapper doesn’t realize is, what the world has been looking for is her. I think that’s what she the female rapper is missing … her identity, who is she?” (Follow The Link To Read More) - The Milwaukee Eaxminer


Pure Kia - Amazin Music Company::

Heiress To The Throne Mixtape Volume 1 - Blaqlizt Music Entertainment ::

Heiress To The Throne LP - Blaqlizt Music Entertainment::

Heiress To The Throne Mixtape Volume 2 - Blaqlizt Music Entertainment ::

I Am Kia Rap Princess – Blaqlizt Music Entertainment ::

NO LIMIT Single - Blaqlizt Music Entertainment



Kia Rap Princess is a triple threat artist from Milwaukee, WI. Her primary talents are songwriting and rapping but she also sings as well. Her variety of skills allows her to be extremely flexible with her style; fitting into any genre of music from Hip-Hop to Alternative. KRP has made a reputable name for herself due to her innovative rhymes, extremely charismatic persona, and hardcore work ethic.
To date she has: released 3 mixtapes and 2 albums , dropped a myriad of high quality videos, shut down countless stages, secured wins in a large array of competitions, snagged a couple of awards, been featured on a vast amount of media sites, and so much more. The most impressive aspect about Kia's accomplishments is that she has achieved them all on her own as an independent artist. It is no secret that it is extremely difficult to cover that type of ground without having access to mainstream resources. Determined to bring about a positive change amongst her people and restore some dignity to the image of the female emcee, Kia is blazing a fast trail to the top and she isnt going to let anyone or anything get in her way.

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