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Kickin Daisies

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"I really dig..."

I really dig track two "Angel" on the pop tip. I can hear
that on pop radio easily.
I also like "Seal Your Dome" for rock formats and the
acoustic version of "When You're In Love". Both versions are
good, but I lean toward the acoustic.
The band sounds tight and I dig Sky’s voice.

Glenn Kalina, A.I.R. Award for Best morning Show WIOQ/Q102;
Philadelphia Music Conference Program Director of the Year.
- Glenn Kalina


We currently do not have any streaming/radio airplay, but have no fear! ('cause we WILL)!!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Teamwork. That is what Kickin Daisies is all about and is why they will be around and in your face for a long time (unlike any other girl fronted rock band that is current today). Besides the fact that all members of the band were closely connected their entire lives, KD’s was formed and formatted all on their own due to the recognition of each others amazing musical talent. This band packs an energizing performance and the same energy translates into their music. Their songs are full of infectious grooves, melodic hooks and highs and lows that will keep you stimulated all throughout. The magic started the moment they stepped into the studio as all members contributed to the writing process. The band works as a whole and it is an amazing process to witness. It seems as though they’ve been together for years. Their sound is unique and their ability to write great songs is sure to be noticed. All 4 members of the band grew up in Trenton, NJ and shared the same dream of a career in the music industry. When, where and how this dream would come true was unknown to them, but as to this day they will stop at nothing in order to achieve that dream.

At age 4, Sky's mother had taken the first step towards her career in music and signed her up for dance class. Instantly, dancing had become her #1 passion and after her first recital, it was clear to her that she was meant to be on the stage. Besides dancing though, Sky had begun to take piano lessons and had also made the cut for her school’s cheerleading team. Although Sky was a natural on the piano, she stopped her lessons 3 years after beginning them. She continued to dance and cheer all throughout high school and until she had joined Kickin Daisies. All of Sky’s motivation and inspiration for no matter what she has done in her life has come not from a specific person or role model, but from music itself. It has and always will be the center of her universe. The accomplishments that Sky is most proud of include; being chosen for the lead role in her last dance recital, and singing the National Anthem at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ. She will continue working with Kickin Daisies until success has rightfully taken its place.
“That’s how I roll” – Sky

Swan became interested in music at the young age of 4, when he first laid eyes on a picture of what instantly became his favorite band…Kiss. Their unique style of dress is what initially caught his attention, but after having bought one of their albums, their music had just the same amount of impact on him if not more. At the age of 7, Swan had gotten his first guitar (the same color as his favorite rock star’s Ace Freely), and began taking lessons. Because of his amazing, natural talent though 3 weeks after beginning them, the instructor had refused to continue the lessons because of Swans own opinions and ideas regarding her teachings. Lifelong friend Mike P. then stepped in and taught Swan how to play his first song. From there, Swans musical talent had only gotten stronger. Besides Kickin Daisies, he had also previously played in other bands including; Detox and Bigger Then Plastic. He credits his musical inspiration to artists such as; Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, and Eric Johnson. Swan is most proud of opening for Warrant while playing with Detox, and having his music played over the radio. He will always continue striving for success until the day that he physically is physically unable to.
“Is it free?” –Swan

Deezal, one of four brothers, was born into a household full of music. Everyone in his family from his grand parents down to his siblings had all played a musical instrument. Deezal picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't put it down yet. His first band was formed in eighth grade and he was able to perform with them in their school’s talent show. This was Deezal’s first live performance and the only one that was needed to hook this natural born entertainer. The next band had emerged from his backyard…literally. His brothers and he had gotten together and formed, "Charm," a pop rock foursome that played at local bars. They were successful in the area until word got out they were not yet old enough to be in bars. The next band, "Bigger Than Plastic," rocked the Tri-State area for a few years before giving way to their latest project, "Kickin Daisies." This project has become Deezal’s pride and joy. Writing songs, recording, and performing them live have become his greatest work to date. Now at age 24 he plans to make "Kickin Daisies" a name that everyone will know. Just ask him and he will tell you, "Life is chasing dreams."

Ray Dog got his 1st drum kit at age 5. He learned to play them on his own and never had a single lesson. What first inspired Ray to play the drums, were various artists such as; Hendrix, Allman Brothers and Boston & Journey. Over the years though, his influences had chang