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"KICK KICK Is Going To Be HUGE!"

"KICK KICK is going to be HUGE! One day you'll see these guys on the radio and see them on MTV. These guys can't be stopped!"

"KICK KICK is pop perfection...brilliant, with the perfect blend of modern sensibility and '60s pop principles."

"KICK KICK's music is catchy and poppy, but not in a catchy and poppy sort of way. It's revolutionary, but not political. Most importantly KICK KICK's musical philosophy adheres to the basic truth of rock and roll: it's so much fun it should be illegal."

"You'll bop around, grooving to the ultra catchy power pop party anthems and addictive singalong jangalangs that are KICK KICK's specialty."

"You'll love POWERPLAY (their debut album)... you'll invite your friends over to hear it and they'll love it, and think you're pretty cool for discovering this band."

- Marshall Stacks, The Point


"...the band attacked the stage like the headliner and quickly won the crowd over with a kick-splosion of melodic, sonic assault. After their set they were pinned to the wall by new fans signing autographs and selling CD's for over 3 hours."

"KICK KICK has accomplished more in a matter of months then most bands do in many years...a meteoric rise to minor superstardom!"
- Jack Partain, TMI Weekly

"KICK KICK Acheives Pop Perfection With POWERPLAY"

"Powerplay is the most engaging pop record in recent memory."

" entertaining, endearing ride from start to finish."

"Star Boss is a pop savant...JB Kick, a suburban Phil Spector."

- Steve Wilson, The Kansas City Star

"Move Over Everyone...Here's KICK KICK!"

"...high energy, heartfelt, fun performance...they kicked the shit out of a pop rock set that sounded somewhere in between Aerosmith and The Stooges...totally awesome!"

"...catchy, punky party rock, like Iggy Pop after doing a couple lines of cotton candy."

"...they've got a talented voice in co-lead singer/guitarist JB Kick, who has a refreshingly rough bark."

- The Wayward Blog

"KICK KICK's Debut POWERPLAY = So Fresh and So Clean"

"Listeners should dispel preconceived notions...this album brings a unique sound and approach to's fresh."

"My Geronimo" and "Man In The Mirror" offer a mellow catchiness that sticks to you for days and you find yourself wanting to thank them for this." - Michelle O'Brien, Ink Magazine

"Brace Yourself For KICK KICK"

"...they're bracing set offered something for everyone."

"...super awesome, synth-heavy anthems!" - Bill Brownlee, Back To Rockville Blog

"The Best"

"KICK KICK is the best band in Kansas City."

"This band is on a roll!" - DJ Ponch, Mix 93.3


"Good shit... strangely cherishable."

"Badass jams and funny lyrics... 'Who's The Boss?' rules with its stadium-sized drums and gang vocals."

- Jason Harper, The Pitch Weekly





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Kick Kick began in the cellars of the suburbs with its eyes firmly set on the stadiums of the world.

From the stage, spread out across the field and towering far up into the stands, the band envisioned a celebrating mass of humanity, teeny-boppers, hipsters, burnouts, valedictorians, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers – all invited to the same party, all dancing, all free.

Fueled by this vision of cross-generational/cross-cultural gatherings, the group spent months in a basement outside of Kansas City, writing and fine-tuning a set of songs to redefine music for the masses.

The result is Powerplay, an album so unique it defies comparison and so catchy that listeners will swear that these brand new songs are somehow the soundtrack to their fondest memories. Perhaps if The Beach Boys, The Clash, and The Rolling Stones took a time machine invented by Joe Meek, to the year 2056 and made a record this would be the result. Forced to label the sound, one might spit out something like “psychedelic power-pop with shades of punk rock.” But the band would simply call it “boss,” an all encompassing, empowering state of mind that the album explores.

Fittingly, Kick Kick gave their live debut at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas in the spring of 2008. After the completion of Powerplay they returned to the stage to play Sandstone Amphitheater - the largest outdoor venue in the Kansas City area, where afterwards, they signed hundreds of autographs and sold as many CD's. Every publication in the midwest has showered KICK KICK with the highest of praises - raving about their unmatched energy and intensity live, and the "pop perfection" that is their album Powerplay.

The fuse has been lit. There isn’t much time left until Kick-splosions rock stadiums all across the globe, restoring balance to the music business (and to the universe) and inspiring people everywhere to be their own boss.