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Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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"Community raises $2,600 for Doctors Without Borders"

The energy was incredible as many local musicians and poets gathered to share their gifts with the community to support Doctors Without Borders in their Haitian relief efforts February 27.
The sanctuary of St. James United Church was transformed into a coffee house complete with candles and coffee donated by Mad Hatter.
Despite freezing rain and the expectation of an exciting Olympic hockey game on television, close to 200 people came together to support Haiti.
The evening began with a welcome from Reverend Joe Gaspar and a poem about Haiti by Katerina Fretwell.
Steven Duff put the current situation into a broader context giving a summary of the incredible trials the Haitian people have faced - civil unrest, corruption, hurricanes - and now a major earthquake.
During the four-hour event, a powerful slide show depicting the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti played, showing the group why they needed to show their support.
Other poetry topics throughout the evening ranged from Haiti and social injustice to the beauty of Georgian Bay and the plight of a car sick cat.
The poets were Katerina Fretwell, Wes Morris, Sandra Harris, Barb McIsaac, Jenny Partridge, Dianna Allen, Marie Oickle, Willy Schenk, Jacqui Morrison and Shelley Hazzard.
Craig and Bob Harley and Thomas McGown put all of the rigging in place and ran the board to help musical performers sound their best. Genres ranged from quiet folk to pop and rock. Annie Clements started off the music with New Day, a song she had written to remind us that when you have troubles, a new day can bring hope.
Solo acts
Solo acts to follow included 13 year old Jazzmen Brown, Ruth Downs, Lucy Crookshank, and Gord Rempel who all gave inspiring performances. In addition, there were a number of bands.
C-Cast (Celine Cascanette, Caleb Downs, Stephanie Turgeon, and Meghan Morrison) performed Lean on Me - a great reminder of why we came together, and Caleb Downs and Catherine McArton followed as a duo. Kick Ptarmigan (Duncan Bell & Martin Jenkins), Red Canoe (Dave Bartlett, Sarah Lake, Jeff Tough, Steve McDowell and Bob Wallace entertained with music as well as their wonderful sense of humour. Craig Harley, John Kidd, Craig Moorhouse and Thomas McGown did an upbeat set together. They were followed by Craig Harley and Jamie Ward who ended the evening with a haunting rendition of Never Grow Old.
Surely the audience had a wonderful evening - particular thanks go out from the community to Pam Moorhouse, Mary Hachigian and Les and Judy Kovacs for their organizing and on-site efforts. Of course, there were numerous people behind the scenes baking, serving and taking donations.
Mary Jane Zissoff donated a painting to be auctioned and by the end of the evening, the grand total to be sent to Doctors Without Borders was $2,600. We all hope that the result is a bit of comfort and a hand up for the people of Haiti.
One of the wonderful aspects of the evening was the broad range of age and backgrounds of the performers, the audience and the volunteers.
This was truly a community event. And many times throughout the night, the question was asked, “When can we do this again?” - Parry Sound North Star

"Featuring our local singers and songwriters"

Our Local Singers and Songwriters overflowed the Prelude Room at the Charles W. Stockey Centre on Friday, April 9.
Jamie Ward organized this event and said everyone he contacted was so enthused in sharing that it made it easy for him to put this together.
Most everyone entertained us with three songs, some were their own compositions, and some were by other artists.
Ruth Downs was the first with a song called Legacy about Charles W. Stockey and Bobby Orr that she wrote even though she hadn’t met them.
Jim White was up next with a sidesplitting piece called Ghost in the Kitchen which is based on a true story of a friend’s house and experiences.
Annie Clements took time out from getting ready for her spring formal to sing I’m Here and New Day. These were sparked by teenage love.
Tim Dyer, also our emcee and Ashley Strange sang a song Tim wrote, entitled, Wild Wind Rock Hard and Cold Rain.
Jim Allen was our fifth performer and sent us into belly laughs with his production of Septic Inspector Blues.
Lucy Crookshank was apologizing to a math teacher – possibly in the audience – whose class she received inspiration from for her song: The Stupid Boy I Love.
Red Canoe, a band that is becoming well known, used guitars and a banjo to accompany their original song, Driving Down The Road In My Car.
Thomas McGown, an all-time favourite sang, She Drives Me Crazy while expertly playing his guitar.
Jamie Ward, our host, performed music from his CDs and was accompanied by Craig Harley.
Jeff Young arrived without his Muskoka Roads band and sang his own tune called, Paradeas of Love.
Kick Ptarmigan, a duo who complement each other played one of their creations called, Beautiful Eyes.
Mackenzie Ritchie was our second to final musician and sang J is for Gregoire. After he asked, rather casually, Craig Harley joined him on stage.
Anouk Masters, a new resident, sang and played her songs but she is not one for titling them. I did think that her first could be called, Peaceful Town.
Everyone seemed to be having a good time and it wasn’t hard to do, as the evening was one of fun and relaxation that was filled with such a variety of astounding talent.
Our Very Own Singers and Songwriters will be featured annually and for those of us who are hoping for more than once a year, it is a possibility. - Parry Sound North Star

"Kick Ptarmigan hosts CD launch party"

It’s a band name that’s tricky to pronounce; unless of course, you’re familiar with the arctic pigeon, the ptarmigan.
This weekend the trio, known simply, or funnily, as Kick Ptarmigan hosts a CD launch party for its first album, Feelgooderie.
The band formed in 2007 when bass guitarist Duncan Bell, 25, needed help with a gig and recruited singer/songwriter Martin Jenkins, 23, and former member John Turnbull.
Following the departure of Turnbull, Bell and Jenkins welcomed new band mate and award-winning pianist Darren Durocher.
The group’s name came from a series of events that transpired while Jenkins was in Nunavut performing with a theatre group.
Jenkins said he over heard that an incompetent hunter had gone out with the local Inuit to hunt, but he had missed a shot at a ptarmigan, just grazing the pigeon.
“The bird freaked out and was wounded and it charged at him and he panicked and kicked it and all the locals were killing themselves laughing at him so his Inuit name became Kick Ptarmigan,” said Jenkins, with a chuckle. “I heard of (the story) and thought it would make a good band name. I like to make fun of our name, Ptarmigan. We’ve been told to change it a long time ago. I like it, it’s one of those indie things to have a name that’s unpronounceable.”
The group’s first album, Feelgooderie, was recorded over a year at a small studio in Vaughan.
The album name is in reference to an episode of the television show Arrested Development.
“They’re talking about a school they were sending Maybe too, where they don’t give the kids grades, they just boost their self esteem, they keep calling it a feelgooderie school.”
The $15 CD features 10 tracks as well as the popular tune, The E Song.
Doors to the CD launch open at 6:30 p.m. at the Station Gallery, with local singer/songwriter Mackenzie Ritchie opening for the band that will take the stage shortly after 7 p.m.
CDs are available at the door, or at The Hemp Tent and White Squall. - Parry Sound North Star

"Kick Ptarmigan release first CD"

The Station Gallery was packed with fans, family, friends, and fellow musicians last Saturday night to celebrate the release of Kick Ptarmigan’s first CD The Feelgooderie .
The Station Gallery was transformed into a 1930’s style Feelgooderie by event planners Emily and Dorothy Jenkins complete with a candy table, lemonade, cupcakes, lolli-cakes and even a photo booth. The Hemptent’s Emily Christenson provided an array of merchandise for the loyal and appreciative fans. Opening act Mackenzie Ritchie was awesome starting the evening with his own original songs.
Kick Ptarmigan’s Martin Jenkins, Duncan Bell, and Darren Duroche delighted their fans with all their favourites including ‘A Matter of Some Conjecture’, were joined by Chris Hess for ‘Pretentious Jeff’ and ended off with The E Song which debuted on the radio last week. It was a great evening of fun and music making everyone...feel good-ery! - Parry Sound North Star


Feelgooderie EP - 3 Song EP
Feelgooderie - 10 Song Album
This Music Tastes Terrible EP - 3 Song EP
Trihornasaurus - 10 Song Album



Like songs about trains!? We got songs about trains! Songs that kind of sound like a train?! It’s like somebody cloned Johnny Cash over here! Maybe they didn’t do a very good job! Too much frog DNA, maybe, I don’t know! Life finds a way! You like Jeff Goldblum? You’re gonna love this music!

Canadian songs are all about playing baseball in the bathroom, and being confused about what irony is, these days! Tired of the same old lyrical themes? Mix it up with Kick Ptarmigan! You won’t know what they’re talking about! Did he just say “menziesii?” I think that might not be a real word!

Are you thoughtful and sensitive? Looking for a song that’s just as thoughtful and sensitive as you feel? Kick Ptarmigan’s like we took all your personal secrets and feelings and stuff and turned it into artfully interwoven acoustic guitars! There’s a piano too! You ever see the movie “Garden State”? Kick Ptarmigan saw that one! You ever see the movie “The King’s Speech?” Kick Ptarmigan thought it was a little heavy handed, but whatever! Colin Firth seems like a good guy!

Come and check out Kick Ptarmigan! You can bring the whole family! Older people think we sound like Perry Como! Middler people think it’s more like Cat Stevens! Little kids think we sound like Yo Gabba Gabba or something!? We’re the tofu of bands!

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