Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Crawdaddies, a very popular and award winning band from the East Coast that infuses some of Louisiana's Cajun / Zydeco / Blues sounds with North Eastern Roots Rock / Americana / Ska influences to create a very unique, groove laden sound that is all its own.


When people ask us to describe Kicksville, we're usually at a loss. So, we thought it might be able if we let someone else explain.... Here's how Brian Baker (Cincinnati City Beat, Blurt Magazine) put it:

"Depending on temperament and circumstance, Kicksville could alternately be described as an African Pop band, a Jam/Prog outfit, Adrian Belew at his most Zappaesque or Beefheartian, a collaboration between Peter Gabriel and Natasha Atlas, a full-throttle Metal assault, Tom Waits banging away on a carnival-in-a-tool-shed short story, or Ministry after a Clockwork Orange session with the new Phish album. And at some point, any or all of those descriptions fit Kicksville like a brand new black concert T-shirt....

The band is more conceptual than actual, although there are seven members who ultimately translate the studio work on stage. Kicksville calls itself a collective and claims over 60 'citizens' from around the world who contribute to the whole in significant ways, which might partially explain Kicksvilles wild diversity.

Whats that few of the aforementioned sonic reference points serve as actual influences and any sounds that can be attributed to Kicksville are among the most fascinatingly original that are being foisted upon an unsuspecting world. Edgard Varese said it, Frank Zappa lived it and Kicksville puts their own twist on it: 'The modern day composer refuses to die.'"

Kicksville at a Glance!
Population: 70
Executives: Mayor Mike Stehr, Commissioner Conrad St. Clair
City Council: Beaker, Chris Huntington, Lou Caldarola, Tone Deaf, Aya Peard, Georgina McKee
Poet Laureate: John Beecher
Citizens: Denise St. Clair, Tani Diakite, Jay Corey, Kraig Greff, Anna Purnell, Geoff Burrell, Mookie Siegel, Priest Da Nomad, Shady Bastard, Tim Steele, Cheryl Nystrom, Andy Ewen, Tim Gruber, Mark Thorp, John Ware, Anatol Lieven, Dan Leonard, Randall Harrison, Geoff Brady, Denise Henderson, Gary R, Aaron Konkol, Hilel, Anatole Malukoff, Paul Schaefer, Mario Benavidez, Nafeesa Nichols, Djam Vivie, Edi Gbordzi, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Scott Spelbring, Kristie Parpovich, Ras Kickit, Burton Grey, Ben Surman, Curt Sorenson, Sky Cleven, Greg Silver, Wes Cash, Ethan Eichrodt, Dave Park, Nancie Martin, John Gorelski, Bill Yarrington, Amir Alam, Paka, Skinny Gaviar, Dreamjo, Nora Nutter, Perry Serpa, Matt Rockwell, Jay Frigoletto, Brent Davies, Jason Fassl, Kitty Zombie, Rebel Rouzer, Timmy Schmidt, Sihle Ngema, Vusi Mhlongo, Johnny Sarris

Fun Facts!
>> Mayor Mike Stehr almost electrocuted Alex Van Halen (by accident, of course). Earlier on the same tour, the Mayor almost set the drum riser on fire.
>> Poet Laureate John Beecher was blacklisted in the 1950s during the McCarthy witch-hunts.
>> City Council Member Aya Peard discovered the meaning of the secret code in the classic story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight historians had been trying to crack the code for centuries.
>> City Council Member Beaker runs one of the top haunted house attractions in the country, Terror on the Fox.


Save the Baby

Written By: Kicksville

If you see me
with a smile on my face
like I finally solved
the mystery of the world
or perpetrated its greatest crime
blood on my hands
up to my waist in the devil's seed
Then wake me
put my feet upon the floor
wash my face and hands
drain the blood and put a mark on your door
so things don't get
to be like they were before

If you see me
with my face to the sky
shiny metal tubes
connect the stars to my eyes
Tiny silver firemen sliding down the poles
busting down the door to my skull
Save the baby
and put the fire out

Birmingham Blues

Written By: Kicksville

Like Florence from your mountain
Both cast your poets out
For speaking plain

You bowl your bombs down aisles
Where black folk kneel to pray
For your blacker souls

Dog-torn children bled
A, B, O, as you
Christ's blood not more red

Burning my house to keep them out
You sowed wind: hear it blow!
Soon, you reap....

One day we will sleep
Braver and beloved
In our souls to keep
Angry angels reaping
One day we will sleep

--adapted from "If I Forget Thee, O Birmingham" by John Beecher, 1963


Written By: Kicksville

I. Piggy Comes a-Courtin'
Piggy Bizz comes calling on Lunatic Fringe, but unlike all the wolves that have come before trying to leaf through Miss Fringe's pages, this little Piggy came with a promise of marriage and light chocolates. Luna, unable to refuse a good "choky" or deny the new burning in her loins, steps out with Mr. Bizz for what she dreams is her future - heart filled with love and hope, head swimming with all the possibilities a good bizz can bring. As time passes, it becomes clear it is not to be: An all too brief honeymoon, a few more choice lies, and then Luna is stuck in the washroom or cooking dinner for a pig who hardly comes home (too "bizzie" chasing after the ever newer talent), leaving Luna alone to sing her songs of anguish and dismay.

II. Piggy Bizz Worms His Way Back In
Luna is still stinging from the last time Piggy came around with promises of care and attention. Piggy, using velvet tongue and well-rehearsed lies, convinces her that this time he means it and things will be different. Luna wants to believe - loneliness and abandonment had made her vulnerable. So, off to the kitchen to fix Piggy dinner and put his sneakers in the dryer. On her return, she finds her Piggy, her purse, and her self respect all gone.

III. Inspiration (Luna Takes a Walk)
Luna, kicking herself over Piggy ("Fool me twice......cunt!" she repeats through clenched teeth), finds herself standing in front of the Mayor's Mansion in the old neighborhood, where foreclosure signs hang like gallows. Memories start to flood back. Before Luna knew where she was, she had crossed Mid-Stage River, following the trail between Hobo Village and Bob's Pile. "No Bob? How odd!" she thought. Luna stands in front of, then inside the Crackytown Mission, where she is told of a bathroom, a beer truck, and a suicide. Back into the outside, tears leading the way....composure not come! Gentrification Heights has grown beyond all recognition, blocking off the short cut to Luna's past. Her youth pouring from her eyes, "The promise and the lies of old friends!" Luna runs home to write this song....

IV. Luna's Facetubespacepage
Luna Fringe
Five foot eight
Present occupation: having fun
Looking for: validation
Modest ink and a passion for pink
Street-smart performance artist
Self-educated commentator
Dedicated life-long musician

Lately has learned the death of her childhood, but is inspired to press on with the terminally damned thing that has been lovingly squeezed out for the past thirteen years, entitled: "Probing For a Happy Ending As Seen Through the Poked Blind Eye"

Hot Alien Orgy

Written By: Kicksville

I have already traveled to the end of Earth
with you
And I will travel again to the end of Earth
with you
And we when we finally get to the end of Earth
we will
Take a rocket of E to the Moon and see what's left

makes time
And mine
is a little far-out today
makes time
And mine
is a little far-out today

When we have fondled each other enough
all 'round the Moon
You will spank me for being so bad
on Mars' red sands
When we have had enough of being mean
and serious
We'll have an orgy with hot aliens on sweet Venus

Mind [let's have an orgy]
makes time
And mine [let's have an orgy with hot aliens]
is a little far-out today
Mind [let's have an orgy]
makes time
And mine [let's have an orgy with hot aliens]
is a little fucked-up today


Written By: Kicksville

***This is not a complete transcription: the lyrics were all improvised on the spot...and catching improvised Zulu after the fact isn't that easy ;-)

[Sikubonile - hey wena]

Sikubonile, hey sikubonile
Hawu sikbonile
Sewuphelele mazwi, awucabang’ingane khya
sewa'ingane usizo
Awusacabang’ingane khya
Sikubonile, oh
[Sitathe endleleni ezulweni...woza la]
Sikubonile, hey sikubonile

[Sidinga usizo lwakho
Izingane zethu zidinga - zidinga wena
Woza la - woza lampha]

Sewushiyile, ubuya nsizwa
Aya khala omama, sebe khala omama
Hey sikubonile

[Woza...Hey bantu
Sibona izingane, izingane zethu
Zidinga abazali bazo]
Khuluma sisi
[Woza la]
Kutshela sisi

Sibona - sibona lapha
Sishaya yini indaba
Uzishaya yini indaba
Woza lapha

Radiation Emanates From the Box

Written By: Kicksville

In days of young the box was fun
we laughed we cried we shat
We saws new things in black and white
we saws the queen's new hat
Now we sits alone
this box it's just like crack
Yes you have no unread messages
but we dares not turn our back

We writes a message
we wills it to reply
We writes another and then another
and then another day goes by
The humming buzz the ticking sound
the only noise we hear
The mind is numb the clock has rung
awoken all our fears

I wrote a note and sent it out on
the ether
and now I wait for your reply
I sit and watch the screen for hours
and then
another day has slipped away
The radiation emanating
feeds me
keeping me safe in its embrace
The glowing eye is always open
it's all I think of when I sleep

I Dreamt the Train

Written By: Kicksville

I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
And then I ran out of black paint

And the name of the train was Maneater

I went around to the other side
I could see the train was a shelf
Full of poster paint and portraits
Of a woman I had known in a former self

I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
And then I ran out of black paint

And the name of the train was Maneater

[...take me take me to the station pack it up canine sliced medium ways canine sliced medium ways forms a cut full of teeth full of clear liquid full of protection clear liquid full of protection power protection power protection power protection power protection I dreamt the train I dreamt the train I dreamt the train and then I ran out of black paint the name of the train was not leviathan...]


The Singles - Season 3, Dept. of Records (2010)
The Singles - Season 2, Ropeadope Digital/Dept. of Records (2009)
The Singles - Season 1, Ropeadope Digital (2009)
The Results of a Higher Mission, Ropeadope Digital (July 2008)
Enter the Flavor Hut, Ropeadope Digital (July 2007)
Whose America? Volume 3 (2003)
Whose America? Volume 2 (2001)
Whose America? Volume 1 (2000)

Set List

Kicksville's typical live performances are two 60-minute sets. Because of the complex nature of the show and its tech requirements, advance notice of 90 days will need to be given for any set changes or modifications.

Set 1:
Evil Demon Weed
Altogether Singing
[tone deaf: This Has Not Been a Recording]
Rubber Teevee
[tone deaf: Cocaine Corporate Cowboys]
Is That You, Miles?
[tone deaf: Bob, Candy, and Johnny]
Their Blood Cries Out

Set 2:
[tone deaf: Talking Bob Down]
Monkey Man
I'm Going Back to Bed
Zombie Corazones
[tone deaf: The Brick]
Whose America?
Think Like a Monkey
[tone deaf: Luna Sallies Forth]
Save the Baby
[tone deaf: pork chop]
Mondo Diddley
Bestride the Narrow World
[tone deaf: Diddling With the Insignificant]
Touch the Ground
Once in a Lifetime