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"The Sunday Times 14/06/09"

The newcomer Anni T delivers one of the year's great electro-pop singles. - The Culture Magazine

"Music Week"

An incessant GarageBand loop turns and splutters out percussive beats like an arcade machine hitting the jackpot and spitting out neon coloured coppers. "Your lips/your lips are on fire" trills KiD A aka 20-year-old Anni T on this irresistibly catchy and deliciously lo-fi debut single. - The Panel

"IDJ (June)"

Watch out Ladies Hawk and Boots, this KiD's in your wake.

3.5 out of 5 - Preview for July feature

"Music Dash (Manchester)"

“KiD A is 20 year old Anni T, resident of Chesapeake Virginia in the good old US of A. Dan Le Sac helped out with her debut EP which is out soon, but for now there’s just a tantalising glimpse of someone new, who’s capable of serving up some pop and soul in a far more inventive way than even the industry’s hottest Music PR propositions can muster – step aside Little Boots as Kid A may well just kick your musical ass with a simple drum loop and just one finger hovering over the keyboard.”

3.5 out of 5 - online

"Ones To Watch"

MTV-U, Humble Voice, Fistral PR, Outline magazine. - online

"Shout For Music"

“Naming your musical project after a Radiohead album was inevitably going to draw comparisons, and whilst KID A’s personal brand of electronic, glitchy pop may offer distant links with some of the digital noise that Thom Yorke & co have dabbled in, the 21 year old female is, at best, an isolated, far removed cousin on the Radiohead family tree. One more splash in the current wave of electro pop that is emanating from the minds of vivid young females, KID A wields the genre with considerable control and talent. ‘Wasnotwas’ kicks off with a subtle but stunning opening repetitive beat then drops in the surprisingly seductive vocals, recalling the relaxed soul voices at the heart of trip-hop. From then on, ‘Wasnotwas’ pulses and vibrates to an electronic riff capable of slicing through any half-decent indie disco dancefloor. A pause halfway through the track marks the start of a gorgeous vocal verse full of heart that sums up the passion and pop perfection at the core of this future classic from KID A. The recurring vocal refrain of “your lips look like they’re on fire” is a line worthy of electro legend and, with a bit of luck, a future possibility for a flawless dancefloor chat-up line. With a debut EP produced by Dan Le Sac, we will hopefully be hearing a lot more from this electro songstress, whose tracks could easily become the new sound of summer for any indie, pop or electro fan with the desire to dance.” - online

"IM//UR 22/05/09"

“Reading an article in the Guardian today, they re-visited their proclamation from the end of 2008 about the slew of female synth popsters on the up and up for 2009. Now six months later, it seems that they deem the 'electro girl-pop revolution has come to pass'. True enough, as on this very website we are constantly bearing news of all the Ladies (Hawke and Gaga), La's (Roux/Rude, however you've come to know her), the Littles (Boots and on a different note, Dragon), the Lykkes and the Ellies. Gosh that's a lot of L (come to think of it - weirdly so).

Whether you're loving it or hating on it, hold your horsies on the cries of la revolutione for the girlies. Here's a tidbit for you: I had a conversation with a producer late last year, who claimed that apparently, solo female artists do better in general if they use a pseudonym rather than their real name, especially on the indie/altpop scene.

Nom de plumes or not aside, here's another solo female artist for you. Anni T. is KiD A, a twenty year old singer/producer from Virginia - though from listening to her vocals; she betrays no hint of an American accent whatsoever. Perhaps it's because she was in the UK late last year working with the Daniel Stephens half of Brit-hop duo dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip on completing the recording of her debut EP.” - online

"Stereo Cupcake"

“I’ve been a fan of KiD A for nearly 2 years now and still haven’t figured out how to describe her music. Her Myspace describes it as “blending everything you ever loved about music into a proverbial buffet of awesome.” Well I’m a fat kid at heart, so you know I’m digging it.” - Lizelle Jackson

"Indecent Xposure 02/06/09"

“Meet KiD A. I fell in love with her right away. She’s the definition of good music. I think I’ve wanted to post about her since early 2009 but never got my hands on a track, or video, or anything that I could share, so I’m so glad to say that today I can properly introduce you guys to this better-than-regular gal from Virginia. Check out the video for her debut single “WasNotWas”, which is out on June 15th” - online


In A Dream House, We All Ride Carousels
(2009 release TBC)

1. wasnotwas
2. can't tell you
3. in a dream house
4. a girl like me
5. so choose
6. trampled youth

***Bonus Track***

7. it could be us (ft CED Hughes)



Anni T is the 21 year old singer/composer/producer behind KiD A. This Virginia (US) based artist brings us a masterful mash-up of club, electro, glam and alt dance. With her debut single (‘wasnotwas’) already receiving recognition from the likes of The Sunday Times and Music Week, KiD A is already on the lips of the people who do the talking.

Raised on Jazz as a child, by her teenage years she was blaring out anything from Bowie to The Cure. When it came to her picking up the mic herself, that’s a slightly different story: “I was in a band, and we needed a singer. We all chose straws. Mine was the shortest.”

After being chosen as MTV’s artist of the week and Humble Voice’s artist of the month, it is no wonder that in the past year alone KiD A has performed with the likes of: The Cool Kids, Girltalk, CED Hughes and Danger.

She recently stepped into the studio with Dan Le Sac to finish her debut EP “In A Dream House, We All Ride Carousels” which features the single ‘wasnotwas’, as well as 6 brand new tracks.

With a sound that can’t really be defined- nor should it, KiD A is about blending everything you ever loved about music into a proverbial buffet of awesome. KiD A is about having fun…in a tortured, sultry sort of way.


Symon Garner