Kid Amiga

Kid Amiga


Whilst other deejays take to championing one genre or sound, my focus has always been using everything and anything that I love in mixing. It's the thrill of making someone's night or day by using music of all kinds, electronic and not to connect with crowds of almost any taste or background.


Born to a folk singer/songwriter, I was raised on blues, soul, and rock. Whether it was the 80s saturation of synth drums or hours of video game playing, I found myself entranced by electronic music. By sixth grade, i'd started producing amiga MODs (the precursor to MIDI). I took to playing any places that would let me bring my computer and jam out. This pre-dates the now common occurrence of laptop producers and musicians by a good nine years.

In a move that is the opposite the career choices of other electronic artists, I moved from producing to deejaying, but not vinyl, digital. I used CDs at a time when it wasn't considered "real" deejaying, I was mocked by folks who used turntables. Now those same people who poked fun at my pursuits, use digital formats themselves. The head start in the field meant a lot things in terms of my mixing, mostly that i'd developed confidence in methods that some still haven't grasped.

Okay, still with me? I know this is rambling but its getting somewhere. I won't fill this space with fluffy dj bio text, i've already stated how i'm different from most deejays, and this copy is no exception.

"Well Andrew, what do you sound like?". I pride myself on being able to play almost any crowd. During the span of my deejaying career, i've played trance, jungle, hard house, techno and most recently house. It's become even broader then that, incorporating rock, motown, and even tv themes, in an effort to surprise the crowd.

In terms of experience, i've personally organized as well as played at events of varying sizes. I've gained the ability to capture a crowd's attention pretty well on different levels.

I guess I should probably explain the photos of me wearing a dress, heh. Rather than wear the stereotypical halftone shades/button-down-shirt/feathered hair combo that is popular with any deejay that considers themselves "big", i've worn outfits that are quite outlandish. I believe it to be an extension of my personality. While, I don't do it all the time, I can
sense when a moment calls for something special
like that : ).

Set List

My regular sets tend to be house-y with a lot of surprises thrown in to keep the crowd on their toes.