K.I.D and .US.

K.I.D and .US.

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

We are the music that moves peoples souls. We produce Soul music with a Hip-Hop baseline, original melodies. Story lines that affect all generations, young to old. We've created our genre of music... "Feel it". Creative sounds, raw singing, and hungry rap create .US.


Jason Culberson (K.I.D) grew up in Austin, TX and later moved to the town Smithville, TX where he became influenced by Blues and Gospel music. Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B were genres that had already been accepted amongst his peers, but the blues tutored K.I.D to speak out about his experiences differently. Hard times and how to cope, good times, and how he celebrates life. K.I.D embraced Hip-Hop's 2Pac, Houston's ScarFace and Dj Screw. Freestyling, writing songs, and singing music that related to the public is what motivates him and his band .US.(Underground Soldiers local artists).
Recently K.I.D and Us have been promoting a new album "The Culberson": Recording, and performing live. Shopping deals
Short Description:
New Music that will reach young to old


13 Track E.P"Another Lyric" 2005-06 88.7 Radio airplay, distributed throughout the state of Texas.

16 Track Mixtape 8/8: "Feed Me/First Supper 2006-2007.
16 Track Mixtape : "They Sleep/Wake Up" 2006-2007.
16 Track Mixtape :" Crack Music" 2007-2008.
12 Track Mixtape : "The Tickect".2008-2009.
Upcoming new releases 13 Track E.P: "The Culberson" 2010-2011
New Album Coming soon U.S- Underground Soliders

Set List

5 song set, 15 to 20min