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The best kept secret in music


"'Demented Toyronica Genius Overcomes Limits'"

It's all too easy to become the victim of your own gimmickry, something Kid Carpet ruefully acknowledges on the track 'One Trick pony' - a response to a messageboard post which implied the Kid's means of production (all Casio keyboards and toy instruments) was the only thing worth a second glance. But there's much more to 'Ideas And Oh Dears' than a rummage in the Poundland music department; Mr Carpet's songwriting is as sharp as his instruments are smooth. Drawing on a celebration of British quirkiness that suggests a Blur who never met Graham Coxon, Kid finds space for a wonderful Tricky pastiche and 'Your Love' a damn-near perfect love song. Add in a track for scaring away strange cats and the most perfect use of sheep noises in pop and the end result proves that the keyboards might be tiny, but there's no limit to the ambition.
2nd July 2005 - NME

"Who The Hell Is Kid Carpet"

You'd struggle to find a more eccentric artist than studio loon , Kid Carpet. his self-described mix of "A-Ha, hair metal and hip hop beats" draws samples from radio ads by local upholstery firms (single B-side Bristol Carpet Factory) while recent shows have taken place at M32 car boot sales and a string of Bristol charity shops. "There's a carpet scene out there" he says. "We always attract a mixed bunch of young folks, old folks, big ones and small ones". A Brilliant maniac. - Q

"Super Lo-Fi Electronico"

Super Lo-fi electronico from a new breed of one man band who uses kids toys. "Carrier Bag" is a retarded ballad about leaving the house without a coat then having to carry it around all day in a carrier bag. "Jump!" is the most genius song we've heard ever this month: 67% Pointer Sisters, 24% Rave, 18% Speak & Spell. Do the maths. - Vice

"A very strange place indeed"

Some try to make it look cool. Others make the creation of music simply seem like quite a laugh, and such is Kid Carpet. With feet in two camps, one the burgeoning phenomenon of the one man band, the other those like Cassetteboy and V/VM, whose material is part prank call, part Residents-style experimentation, Ed Patrick is writing songs and mucking about, in roughly equal measure. His new single 'Your Love' is a case in point: with pretty much every line containing the title, his method creates a tragicomic love song with as much in common with more conventional singer-songwriters as with the Hip-Hop producers that his music draws from. He's toured with both the Go! Team and Willy Mason, but a Radio 1 mix session put hs music in arguably a more informative context: sandwiched between AC/DC and Mel and Kim, a very strange place indeed. - Guardian


Shit Dope EP - Slow Grafitti
Your Love - Tired And Lonesome
Shiny Shiny New - Tired And Lonesome
Ideas And Oh Dears - Tired And Lonesome

Your Love and Shiny Shiny New continue to receive airplay on BBC Radio 1, XFM, 6Music and Virgin Radio


Feeling a bit camera shy



I’m Kid Carpet and I make Kiddy Disco Punk and Shit-Hop music out of plastic instruments and toys and a sampler. It’s all stuck together with sellotape and sometimes I shout over the top. I do guitar solos which are ACE and I fuckin love it.

I’ve done so many pop shows in the last year it’s crazy. About four million and six. After getting back from Norway I did a little tour of Scotland, I played in a toy shop in Leicester and I did a one day tour of London which was great fun (5 shows, mostly busking, ended up in a nightclub and my friends got it on a video). I did a one-day-tour of Cardiff too and another time played on the roof of the NCP car park for twelve people in the rain.

I was really chuffed to be asked to be the support act for Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. We did shows all over the country and met lots of nice people.
It was really really cool.
My Shit Dope EP came out on 7” blue vinyl on Andy from Cardiff’s Slow Graffiti record label. It looked just like one of those Fisher Price records from back in the day, y’know, that had ‘How Much Is The Doggy In The Window?’ on one side and ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ on the other.
Except it had my songs on.
They played it on the radio.
I turned on the radio and it was on the radio!
It put me off my dinner.

I played at lots of pop festivals last summer. Had a bit of a miserable time at Glastonbury. I did a show that isn’t in my memory anymore. I got told it went ok but I looked a bit funny.
I got asked to go on Welsh telly and do some instrumentals cos it was a Welsh language only telly programme. So I said ‘Hey, why don’t I do Jump in Welsh?’ so we got it all sorted out. It’s called Neidiwch or something like that. Anyway, the telly people bottled it at the last minute. So there’s a copy of Jump in Welsh on video knocking about in an office in Cardiff. I wish I could get my hands on it as it’s a megapops. Red Guitar keeps getting poorly. I’ve found out that if I take it apart and bend a bit of the insides it’ll work for an evening.
So the axe is back
If a bit temperamental.
I’ve got a back up. A flame coloured axe with the same sounds in but its much harder to play and has SHOCK !! NO FLASHING LIGHTS. So obviously it’s rubbish in comparison.

Some people from Bridgewater asked me and my friend Scott to make some ‘Art’ about Rockwell Green (a village in Somerset where nothing happens). So I made the Rockwell Rocks mini-album all about the place. It was good fun and I played one of the track out on Radio 1 when they told me I had to be a DJ for 20-25 minutes I did a Mel + Kim Remix for that too but we’d best keep quiet about that (for I am no DJ).

Things got weirder and more megapops for me recently when Andy at Skint records asked me to do a remix of Fatboy Slim. I was like ‘you’ve got me mixed up with some other bloke’. Anyway, I said OK and they said you got plenty of time and 3 nights later I was getting somewhere and they phoned up and said send it now so I said NO WAY and they said GO ON and so I did. I got another day to get my mate to do a posh mix on it and Tiggadiboo. It’s on the record! I’m gonna go out to the shops to check it’s not a lie.

I might get to go to Japan to do 8 shows on a volcano

I did a pop video for ‘Your Love’, my first single for Tired And Lonesome. It went in the charts and everything. The debut album’s called ‘Ideas And Oh Dears’ and it’s coming out on July 4th. I am VERY excited.

Poundstretcher in Bristol has closed down so I’m a bit stumped for new equipment. Where do I gte my guitars now? Ya Bastards. Hey I’m not signing on anymore! They put me on work-based-learning-for-adults-learn-how-to-be-a-businessman-extra-ten-quid-on-yer-dole-scheme. I passed !! So now I am a proper business man and I haven’t had to borrow too much money yet.

I am very versatile, I’ve got experience of cash handling and I make the best tea but I’m not a very good listener. I can do pop shows, trendy remixing, top dj-ing and washing up.

So gizz a job

And stay cool

Kid Carpet