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"Country's most promising talent"

After releasing their critically acclaimed self titled debut in 2005, Sydney’s own Kid Confucius are back with their blend of funk, soul and hip hop. Known for being a premier live outfit, Rob Hezkial, MC PreFab (aka Andrew Guirguis), Bart Denaro, James Branson, Ray Wassef, Nathan Murray, Dan Cilia, Mike Lion and James Mackenzie Blaxland return with their sophomore album ‘Stripes’, and show that they can just as easily lay down their sounds in the studio.
On first listening to this album, you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped into old school Detroit motown. Harking back to the sounds of the 70s, Kid Confucius attempt to buck the trend of Australian hip hop by adding elements of funk and soul to their repertoire. The opening track ‘1977 [Part 1]’ is a throwback to the beats and vocal stylings of that bygone era. ‘Let Another Day Go By’ has a sunny, summer sort of feel, like you’re lazing by the pool. Rob Hezkial even sounds like he’s channelling Seal from his ‘Crazy’ days. ‘Moment’ sees the group go for a grittier, heavier beat, which showcases more of their guitars and percussion, in an almost Maroon 5-esque number. ‘Sky is the Limit’ shows MC PreFab can hold his own, with Hezkial taking the vocal supporting role. On ‘Last Straw’, they employ the clap beat heard mainly in gospel style music, while ‘Closer’ sounds eerily like the Snoop Dogg/Justin Timberlake track ‘Signs’.
By the time we hit ‘Closer’, something is apparent. I guess you could describe Kid Confucius as musical chameleons. Able to rework their sound so effortlessly that in the space of five songs, you’re reminded of that many different artists. One could argue that they lack consistency, and I agree to an extent. But the thing that makes them different is that despite experimenting with all these different styles, they still bring an undeniable energy and love of the music they are doing. Hezkial’s vocals flow smoothly over the funk laden beats, and he is to be commended that he is able to stand out against the cacophony of instruments their sound relies on. Other standout tracks include the slower ‘August’, the funky ‘All The Way Down’, ‘Back to You’, and ‘Better Be On Soon’. Rounding out the disc is ‘1977 [Part 2]’, concluding the funky sojourn into the 70’s.
All in all, a very rewarding listen. I had my doubts they would be able to do it again, but Kid Confucius have shown that they are one of the country’s most promising talents, both in and out of the studio.

"Rocked-up pop-hop"

A mature, musically accomplished record, Stripes traverses Marvin Gaye-esque soul, Prince-like funk and rocked-up pop-hop seamlessly, all delivered via Tony ‘Buchman’ Buchen’s crystalline production nous - MAG


The Let Go is an awesome album that sees this uber-talented act effortlessly bridge the gap between raw bluesy rock and balmy soul. Rock 'n' rollers will get a kick out of the energy, soul fans will love the smooth mood oozing from the seams and just about everyone else will be hooked before the albums close. There's a great 70s sensibility captured in the recording process, adding to the cool of the whole production. Kid Confucius are certainly a hard working band, and The Let Go is a fantastic piece of fruit borne from their labour. - Rip It Up

"For the lovers not the haters"

Kid C are a ‘bringers of good times’ kind of band, and what made their set so much fun is their genuine love and respect for the audience (sadly a rarity in music these days). On several occasions they thanked the crowd, and repaid the fans by giving all they had into their act. They were determined for the crowd to lose their shit, and they succeeded without question. If you’re coming to see a band like this, you can leave your pretentions at the door. These guys are a band for the lovers, not the haters; and this reflects in the fantastic crowd they attract. They totally rocked the show, and they loved every minute of it - so did we! - Speaker Leaker

"Soulful Influences"

The self-titled album artfully combines the soulful influence of past masters such as Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway with the spirit of intelligent, modern hip-hop artists such as The Roots and Mos Def. - The Age

"**** 4 Stars"

Swinging effortlessly through butt-crunching soul, minimal hip-hop and sweet harmonies, this stands out as one of the best local releases of the year...Kid Confucius' debut album is all class from the first soul-drenched note to the last. - Rolling Stone

"Confucius Reigns"

Their music is of the staggering sonic hugeness of the grand masters who turned professional 40 years ago and have access to endless funds and musicians. - Scene Magazine

"Last Straw Review"

Kid Confucius’ Last Straw could almost single-handedly represent the evolution and maturation of Aussie hip-hop, a stirring, gospel-infused soul number that sounds like it originated in Atlanta rather than the streets of Sydney. It’s a swinging, hand-clapping anthem, skittering keys dancing above a swelling bass-line, all propelled by the infectiously smooth vocals of Rob Hezkial. 2006, it would seem, may be the year Aussie hip-hop finally and fully discovers its own, bling-free voice. - Beat Magazine


Kid Confucius - The Let Go LP
Brighton Boulevard Records/Inertia 2008
*This album saw a radical shift in the bands sound and a new line-up attracting new fans in the public and music media, garnering strong reviews and national radio and television play.

Kid Confucius - Stripes LP
Brighton Boulevard Records/Inertia 2007
(Produced by Buchman)
*The highly acclaimed sophomore album has been receiving rave reviews as well as great rotation on radio and exposure on TV. Features tracks mixed by Russell "The Dragon" Elevado (The Roots, D'Angelo, Dandy Warhols) at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.

Kid Confucius - Closer EP
Brighton Boulevard Records/Inertia 2006
(Produced by Buchman)

* This single/EP includes the first two singles for the sophomore album for Kid Confucius 'Stripes' released in Australia in early 2007.
* Both singles and video clips have already received high rotation airplay.

Kid Confucius - Kid Confucius LP
Brighton Boulevard Records/Inertia 2005
(Produced by Buchman)

* Kid Confucius debut album was critically acclaimed and garnered high rotation radio play nationally for the singles 'Words' and 'Skintight'. Both singles music videos also received regular play on Channel V and MTV.



Forming in 2001 the many members of Kid C came together from all over Australia’s east coast. The band’s immediate dancefloor-friendly sound and natural stage presence earned them a good local fan base and reputation within only a couple of years on the local live scene. Having performed hundreds of shows by 2004, many to sell-out crowds, the band finally recorded its first album, Kid Confucius, which was released in 2005, receiving critical acclaim and solid play on TV and radio. The band also scored a spot on the hallowed Splendour In The Grass festival.

Throughout 2005 and 2006 Kid C toured relentlessly, stopping only to record an epic second album, Stripes, which received no less than 4-star reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone and many major Australian publications. Released in early 2007, the album still serves as Australia’s first and only original soul record, channeling Marvin Gaye, Kanye West and The Beatles. The band took its unique brand of soul music around the country a few more times in 2007, including appearances at several big festivals in the 07/08 summer, including Homebake and Summerdayze.

In 2008 the boys took their first break in 6 years, only to return to the studio within months with new songs, a new lead guitarist and a whole new sound. They were, essentially, a whole new band. The latest album, The Let Go, announced Kid C’s new, rock-fuelled intentions while also re-affirming the band’s ability to create a soul sound all of its own. The album launched with a MySpace Australia exclusive listening session as well as the iTunes Single Of The Week for "Darling, I Need Ya", and it also helped earn the band an invitation to SxSW in March 2009.

Kid Confucius are releasing a Special Edition of The Let Go which includes a bonus material – remixes, previously unreleased studio tracks and videos. This special edition celebrates the release of the new single ‘Big Black Cloud’ – a relentless rock-fuelled gospel spiritual. The track embodies the new Kid Confucius: guitars up front, drums roomy and dirty, horns distorted, vocals unbridled and overdriven. Overall the band hopes The Let Go will be to Garage Soul, what Stripes was to classic 70s Soul – a successful reinvention that entices a whole new group of fans to join the band’s already strong fan base.

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