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"The Kidcrash New Ruins Review"

The Kidcrash -- New Ruins
Lujo Records
Like the Braids, Parks and Mock Oranges before them, The Kidcrash are far more academic and musical than most of the bands who are categorized as emo these days. So while I’ve tired considerably of bands that normally fall under that three-letter qualifier, The Kidcrash have studied “the classics,” and by borrowing from the best, have set themselves apart from most of what you’ll see this afternoon on TRL. If you’re a sucker for Blinding Stars-era Cursive, Diary-era Sunny Day Real Estate, and Jimmy Eat World’s Static Prevails, I expect you’ll be fast-friends with The Kidcrash -- I know they’re getting an invitation to my next makeout party.
-Tim Anderl -

"in a crash.. .. the kidcrash"

in a crash.. .. the kidcrash
New Ruins
( Lujo ) 2004

"I recall swearing on every mother's grave, I wouldn't write this song"

For starters - elelctric heat, the designers for most of the newest stuff we have been seeing come in from Lujo Records (the Christmas Sampler, verana, this release), is doing a stellar job of getting the visual part across. Kudos to you guys - we envy you. There is nothing as appealing to a writer discovering a (in this case, great) new band than good art.

Audibly - Lujo has never let us down - and the kidcrash aren't spoiling the streak. New Ruins has Ed Rose credited as the recording man, a fella whose name is attached to some of my favorite releases of the past 5 - 6 years (namely the Casket Lottery, where Rose has been quoted as the "fourth member"). And while the kidcrash could share a bill with the (late) Casket Lottery, the sound the are driving on New Ruins is an equal hybrid of early Engine Down, think the angst of Demure, (see: "Your Valley is Our Volcano") and, don't be fooled by other "imposters", At The Drive-In (see: "Scapel Cuts Concrete"). Yeah, ATDI get as many namechecks in the indie sector as Radiohead in the majors - but I'm not going to sign my name to it unless I hear it - so .. .done.

Be it the blend of melodic vocals, the energy that rises from the drums (check out the title track) or the pinpoint accuracy of the strings - the kidcrash hold a strong, bright flame in the sad jungle of pre-fab radio duplicates.

'Impressive' only begins the conversation I want to begin about this band.. go sell 2.5 million.

+ k 12.31.04 [the end's not near, it's here -


The Kidcrash - New Ruins.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


We formed 5 years ago and are current 18/19/20 years old. We recorded our new album "New Ruins" with producer Ed Rose(The Get Up Kids) and then decided to release on the indie label Lujo Records. A song from the recording session is available Deep Elm Records' compilation This Is Indie Rock:The Best Bands You've Never Heard Vol. 1.