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"Meet The Monstors Music Video"

June 4: THE DISTURBED meet “Monstors” Down Under

THE DISTURBED, the Aussie zombie movie we last reported on here, has spun off a genre-centric music video for Adelaide-based horrorcore metal rapper KidCrusher, titled “Meet the Monstors,” that lensed a few Saturday nights ago (see more pics below). The location was the former Aradale Mental Hospital in Ararat, Victoria. A sprawling set of grand Victorian buildings, Aradale had been left to decay for some 20 years until recently being spied by DISTURBED filmmaker Daniel Armstrong. It’s allegedly one of the most haunted places in Australia, and several of the crew agree. Standing on a cold dark night in a morgue littered with body parts supplied by makeup FX maestro Justin Dix, it was hard to deny the atmosphere.

Armstrong’s fascination for the location led him to make it THE DISTURBED’s setting. After he completed several drafts of the script, the filmmaker and his Strongman Pictures constructed a trailer (visible at the project’s official website) that caught the attention of horror fan KidCrusher, who in turn based “Meet The Monstors” on the film’s character Snake. The artist is not averse to including music and dialogue samples from his favorite fright films, nor is he shy about his Insane Clown Posse-meets-Dario Argento influences. His latest disc TORMENTED MUTATION will have many listeners racking their brains regarding the sources of many of his samples. The “Monstors” clip stars the rapper as Snake, and also prominently features filmmaker Efisia Fele as his ghoulish nemesis.

While the Kid endured his own makeup session to apply the appropriate bruising and bleeding (and ran around shirtless for most of the night), it was nothing compared to Fele, who initially spent five hours in the chair as Dix and crew turned her into a full-blown ghoul. With half a bodysuit on and staples firmly embedded in her head, she became an alluring yet revolting nightmare vision, moving like a twisted freak from a J-horror epic. Fele, a South African out of Italy who has spent several years living in Melbourne, has been making noise with her own Outback horror project LOST NOT FOUND (which we broke the news about here), and recently joined the cast of the soon-to-be-lensed U.S. indie feature DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (see its MySpace page here).

In between shots conducted at a very fast pace, Armstrong related his theory that forms the basis for THE DISTURBED: “Procedures like the lobotomy effectively turn a mental patient into a zombie. A mental patient has problems with emotional control, so you lobotomize them and it takes away those problems. This makes it perfect for setting a zombie film in that environment.” For updates on the production status of THE DISTURBED and interrelated projects, go to the site linked above and its MySpace page. For more on KidCrusher’s fear-friendly work and news about the “Meet The Monstors” video, check out his own MySpace page. —Michael Helms

Links: - Fangoria - Michael Helms

"Cannibal Clown Album Review"

"Cannibal Clown"
Foctam Records
Reviewed by Stephen Coney

CNN reported on mass recalls, bridges collapsing, and dogs that can predict death. The ultrasound tech said the due date is December 14th and there is no penis in sight. All the while my advance copy of "Cannibal Clown" spewed visions of the most vile acts of violence and horror. <B>This Aussie monster makes Insane Clown Posse look and sound like Ronald McDonald</B>. Horrorcore (death metal rap) is not everyone's cup of tea and is not really mine. However, I have a good ear for the real thing and Kidcrusher is that.

Black-humored gruesome imagery predominate his raps while blood-slick beats lay down a bed of entrails. Creative,vivid, well written lyrics are a delightfully grim surprise from a former backyard wrestler. Frankly, I figured those kind of dolts were all monosyllabic simians. Kidcrusher rises above the fray by creating stories of horror and grue which are actually fairly original (or at least new in the genre). This sort of hard-grinding metal rap usually makes my punk rock nervous system recoil in disgust, but I found myself becoming absorbed into dark visions and not minding the beats and samples that pulled me there. <B>If Eminem dropped acid and wrote raps while watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" he might come up with something like "Cannibal Clown"</b>.

This brutal brew has played well during my last week of madness and thank the great flubber for that. It takes a special kind of freak to enjoy tales of spilled entrails, cannibalism and other gruesome nightmares. This sort of malicious musical mayhem is not for those weak stomachs or a lack of black humor. <B>If you are a fan of torture films like "Wolf Creek" and "Hostel" as well as enjoying the brain-battering beats of hardcore hip-hop, then Kidcrusher could be your new messiah.</b> If not, perhaps the bloody circus of this "Cannibal Clown" is not for you
- Burning Angel - Stephen Coney


2006 - KidCrusher - Tormented Mutation
Debut Studio Release, Sold the Limited 100 Copies
World Wide and hit several Australian Charts
with his single "Sweet DreamZ"

2006 - KidCrusher - Light to Dark and Life to Death
Mixtape of the old, remastered bassment cuts
from early 2001 and bonus new tracks

2006 - KidCrusher - Black Circle Magick
Free Internet EP

2007 - KidCrusher - Cannibal Clown
The Most Controversial Horrorcore Album Released
hyped about for over a year, before it hit the racks,
featuring the hit single to the music video shot
on the set of the upcoming horror movie The Disturbed



KidCrusher, otherly known as backyard wrestling maniac Shawn Montague from the
XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

Started in 1996 with a mile long discography with several different acts,
ten years later he rented a recording studio in 2006 to record KidCrushers
first pressed release Tormented Mutation.

The album was under pressure reaching a deadline to be born like the devil
on June the 6th, 2006 ripped up both metal and rap charts and quoted as
Australia's Deadliest Horrorcore Album Ever.

The album was released on an online cd store,
known by as "Foctam Records"
recording with several unsigned artists.

He has recorded tracks with: $tash, Dyad Souls, Trips, Nascent,
The Dead Creeps Orchestra, ill e. gal, The Good Buddies, Lo Key,
Teddy.DKC (from Bawdy Festival), Lewn (from Lawst), Chico,
BlindSide, Razakel, Sick Tanick, Riff Glitchard, Syniister,
Sling Stealth, Subterra, LepriKon, EP, kCaveMen & Rotten Mouth

and he has done opening shows for: K-Rino & Monstah Ganja

KidCrusher recently had an Article in FANGORIA about his upcoming music video
that is in production with Strongman Pictures filmed in high definition
on the set of the upcoming horror epic The Disturbed Movie.

With his desire to lyrically rap about many twisted horror storys,
makes it sound like your listening to a horror movie soundtrack.

KidCrusher's Influences come alot from Death Metal from when he attempted
to put together several bands but could never find serious committed talent.

After several bands fell apart, KidCrusher was Born solo,
putting together his skill of rap influenced by the Insane Clown Posse
and his Metal Screams like Slipknot & System of a Down
Over Limp Bizkit style Metal Rap traped inside a Horror Movie.