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"Kid Deposit Triumph, Our Peace Will Destroy Many"

On October 31, Kid Deposit Triumph (or KDT as they are affectionally known by their fans) released their long awaited album “Our Peace Will Destroy Many.” Just by listening to the CD, you can tell that the guys waited to release the CD to ensure that it was perfect. The quality of the tracks is superb and the mixing is well balanced so that the listener gets the whole range of the music and not just one instrument drowning out the others as you will sometimes find on local music albums. As an added surprise, there is a semi-secret bonus track (I say “semi-secret” because it’s listed on the back of the album) which is attached to the 7th and final track of the album. Overall, I believe that “Our Peace Will Destroy Many” portrays the band quite well and it channels the energy from the music to the listener almost flawlessly to create an awesome listening experience.

The album starts off with a quick introduction before heading quickly into “Return of the ten syllable love song.” ROTTSLS is extremely high energy and is an excellent choice to start off the disc as it captures your attention with intricate guitar riffs and chest-bumping drum beats.

Keeping the energy pumping is one of the band’s more famous songs: “Contrary to Popular Belief.” I almost can’t express how much I love this song because it has it all: a really quick and steady tempo to keep you interested, skilled guitar work, and it shows off Mike Otto’s vocal range quite well as Mike goes from screaming to singing and back to singing in no time flat. If there is one song that you need to listen to on this disc, “Contrary to Popular Belief” is it!

Slowing things down a little bit is “Long story short: Earthquake.” Even though the overall tempo of the song is slower than most of the disc, I believe that it’s a perfect addition to the album. In my opinion, almost anyone can make a fast, hard-hitting rock song. But few can make a ballad such as this. I can only describe this song as a “rollercoaster of emotion” because as soon as it brings you up with heavier guitar work and vocals, you’re brought back down into a softer more sentimental beat which helps deliver the whole message of the song.

Helping to bring things back into an upswing is “…in the dream, it’s always the same person.” I can’t help but to feel an 80’s kind of feeling from the guitar work on this one as the song starts, but that feeling is soon thrown to the wayside as the double-kick picks up and I’m brought back into the hardcore sound of today. Overall the song is a great mix of some old school axe-work with some new school thinking. I especially like the breakdown at the end of the song which… ah hell, I rock the fuck out to it!!! That’s all you can do to it, just jam out!

Another one of my favorites on the disc is “Stay Gold Pony Boy.” I found myself rocking out through the whole song when I typing this review and I also found myself pulling a total “Bill & Ted” and jamming out in my car when I was listening on the way to work. (Note: Not a wise thing to do when driving on the I-215 during rush hour). The song has a great beat and its position on the album is a perfect selection for overall “flow”.

If there was a better way to end an already damn good album, you would be hard pressed to find it… “The dart board at the Arizona hotel” helps to end the album well by taking bits and pieces of what makes all the other songs on the album good and channeling that into this song. I couldn’t find something to complain about at all with this song, like I said it has almost everything and you need to listen to believe.

As an added surprise to the album, the band has remixed one of their older songs, “The Annexation of Puerto Rico,” with a techno beat and they have sneaked it into the tail-end of the 7th and final track of the album. It’s really cool to see a band to try something new and this is no exception. It’s the song that everyone knows, but it’s now something more as the new mixing adds a whole new dimension to the song. I would have liked the song to not be positioned at almost 6 minutes, 30 seconds into the 7th track, but then again, I’m impatient. The new version is definitely worth the wait and anyone who checks it out will not be disappointed.

In conclusion, I am extremely impressed with the album overall and if you don’t have the album as of yet, then you need to pick up a copy as it is worth having in any local music fan’s collection.

- Las Vegas Local Music

"Our Peace Will Destroy Many"

The debut ep from Vegas’s Iron Maiden cover band. Seriously, its that good. If the open and close to this record were all you heard, you might think it were a Santana record. Just one track into the release and fair handed melodies collide with guttural screams leading the listener into sweet choruses you’ll be begging to leave your head. Solid production and packaging give yet another local band a chance to be taken seriously as this record cant be judged by anything other than pure musical capability and the songs delivered therein. Maybe you skip the remix at the end of the record just to save yourself from becoming what presumably is the butt of an inside joke but if you dismiss the 6 songs on account of “too much screaming” or maybe the opposite for you long-hairs “too much emo-whine” you might be sniffing too much of whatever you’re shoveling. This one’s another benchmark for unsigned musicians - Smash Magazine


2004- 3 song demo
2005- EP "Our Peace Will Destroy Many"

We have 2 tracks that are on local radio stations.
Return Of The 10 Syllable Love Song and Annexation Of Puerto Rico



Formed in late 2003 from the wreckage of two upcoming local bands, Kid Deposit Triumph found hope when all was lost. This genre-splitting quintet intergrates the unique sounds of metal, hardcore, punk, and video game music into their own innovative style. With their powerful melodies and explosively energetic stage shows, KDT pours everything they have emotionally, musically and physically into every show. Without compromising the integrity of their music, KDT is able to write material to please the masses. Heart stopping drum beats, rythmic bass lines, intricate guitar work and vocals that range from a solemn whimper to a primal scream all to formulate music that registers on a visceral level. Las Vegas radio station "Xtreme rock radio" named KDT local band of 2005 as voted by the listeners, beating out such bands as: Curl Up And Die and Panic At The Disco. In 2004 KDT was also chosen to play a stop at the Vans Warped Tour. With the release of thier blistering Debut e.p "Our Peace Will Destroy Many" which has gotten rave reviews, and with a steadily growing fanbase, It seems that things are looking up for this promissing group of talented musicians. Only time will tell what the future holds for Kid Deposit Triumph.