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Kidd Pryde

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Chicago, IL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop




"Face The Evolution"

Kidd Pryde

December 16, 2015

What song/album/artist got you into music? What was it that made you want to pursue a career in music?

- I used to know all the words to every DMX song & after hearing G-Unit's group titled album & seeing how people reacted to it, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I always wrote how I felt on paper, it made me feel better because I had no one to relate to .

Who are some of your influences when it comes to producing music?

- Some of my influences are Jay-Z , T.I , Drake , Kanye West , Twista, Biggie Smalls to name a few.

As an artist, as a performer, what is it that excites you when you perform in front of a crowd? Is it their energy or their response?

- To me its both because if they like it they respond with energy .

When you are producing music what is it you have in mind? Are you trying to create music for your fans or critics? Or are you doing it for yourself?

- I have life in mind. I do it because it's therapeutic & for that reason I make fans because my art is a reflection of life. Music is my religion.

What has been a performance of yours that has stood out to you? What made that performance so memorable?

- My first performance actually on Jan 17th of this year . It was like 300 people there & other artist where performing but nobody was really feeling them. Then I got on stage & I had everyone's attention. What made it memorable was when they starting rapping the hook with me that was crazy because It was my first time performing the song.

As a spectator, what has been one of your favorite shows that you have attended?

- I haven't attended any shows really. I rather be on the performance list.

What advice would you give to anyone who is starting out as they pursue their dream?

- If it's what you want, go get it! No one can stop you & no one will believe in you more than you do. Stay humble.

And finally, as the elections start to heat up common core and the cut of arts in public schools is being discussed, what is your view? Do you think the arts should be encouraged in schools and to students at a young age, or if a student is talented and passionate enough they will pursue them on their own?

- Arts should certainly be encouraged in school . I was upset when they cut it. What do you want us to be robots or something? Kids are the future of this world so why wouldn't you want them to be creative ? That's insane. Only thing I condone that they cut was nap time because sleep is for the rich .

Check out Kidd Pryde onSoundCloud and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @kiddpryde. - Stefanie Webb


Still working on that hot first release.



Devon M. Idelburg AKA Kidd Pryde , the Emcee and song writer from Chicago, IL, started rapping when he was only six years old. Devon’s stage name (Kid Pryde) was inspired by his father who continues to remind him to take pride in everything he does. Kidd meaning "young G.O.A.T"  also known as “greatest of all time”. With a rooftop performance for the ages in Atlanta, GA., a 1st place win in the Rock the Mic showcase in NY presented by DJ Absolut, and a crowd pleasing coast to coast showcase under his belt, Kidd Pryde feels as if he is on his way to becoming one of the greatest of all time. 

Kidd Pryde grew up painting pictues with his own rhymes after being motivated by his favorite emcees who triggered his desire to continuously create art with his words to reach the hearts of the people. Subsequently recognized by fans, he earned his name Mr.Gimmie16 for invariably having a fresh new verse every time he was asked to spit. He was always prepared to relinquish something hot off the press.

As a huge fan of DMX, and his song titled “ What these B****Want”, Kidd Pryde would proudly recite every word, line for line at a very young age. Later he would grasp on to his own ability to create rhymes ready to try them out to anyone who'd listen. Genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Blues are just a few of the different styles of music that impassion him. 

 Kidd Pryde credits his best friend Malcolm Willie for being one of the first to believe in him and his talent. He was such a fan of his early work that he would push Kidd Pryde into cyphers and rap battles early on in his career.  Amidst a lot of real life situations, Kidd Pryde tackles many relevant subjects of personal experiences, generational and beyond. His lyricism forces you to pay close attention while strapping your seat belt to come along for the ride.

Kidd Pryde is currently taking his career to new heights, creating momentum by releasing the first single titled, “Like Me”, from his highly anticipated upcoming mixtape “Hot off the Press".

Kidd Pryde second release titled “Pulling Up”, is creating even more momentum that telegraphs his entrance to the big leagues of hip hop. Kidd Pryde has plenty more in store.  Everyday has bought forward a new challenge to ultimately pursuing his dream. After loosing his best friend Malcolm Willie to senseless gun violence, he has dug in and has been totally entrenched into making his career a success.  People can see the passion and desire in his eyes every time he performs. Kidd Pryde stands poised to be one of the top freshman MC’s in the game. The sky is the limit for Kidd Pryde and simply put, he is ready.

Rolling off the momentum of "Hot Off The Press" ,  Kidd Pryde's song "Just Do It" debuted on the  #1 radio station in Chicago, Power 92.3 ! Shortly after that  he does an interview on ZackTV1 in which he produced the hottest freestyle of 2017 reaching over 100,000 views! Fans even state that he's the best rapper out of Chicago right now.  Soon after his song "Vampin" debuted on Shade 45/Sway In The Morning!  Hungry to capitalize , the RexGod flies to Miami & records what could be the video of the summer in "Come On Wid It" which reached over 7,000 views in just 6 days!   His star is definitely rising and it won't be long before the world takes notice. 

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