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Lake Bluff, Illinois, United States | SELF

Lake Bluff, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"Urb Magazine Review"

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Kid Russell isn’t your average white boy. Sure, he’s the “outspoken white token from the burbs,” but his clever wordplay alone would prove otherwise. He straddles a fine line between suburban satirist and street griot—with catchy one-liners (“This is 40 ouncing, this is booty bouncing”) and emotionally meditative tracks like “Dear Shooter,” which pays homage to families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. The success of his debut album, 2006’s United, featuring songs like “After Work Drinks” and “Paradise” allowed him to open for elder statesmen like Common, The Roots, Mickey Avalon, Mr. Lif and GLC, among others. His sophomore effort, slated for 2009—titled The Dash, looks to be even more promising. Kidd Russell says The Dash, symbolic for the space between life and death on a tombstone, is a metaphor for how we choose to live our lives. “What are you going to do with your dash,” Kidd Russell wonders. Well?
by Jason Parham - Urb Magazine

"Allhiphop Dear Shooter"


I am so pissed and upset about the tragedy that has struck the family of Jennifer Hudson that I can’t put it into words. I hope the person doesn’t get the death penalty. Let them live with what they’ve done and deal with all that prison has to offer in a lifetime bid.

Here is a song called “Dear Shooter” from my homey Kidd Russell. It is a very pertainent song with a great message against gun violence. A lot of people are pro-guns, but what happens when they lose somebody?

"Chicago Tribune (Short Version)"

KIDD RUSSELL: Dear Shooter
Listen to KIDD RUSSELL's "Dear Shooter"
By Michael Schmitt
For RedEye
Published May 1 2008

Listen to Kidd Russell's "Dear Shooter"

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For Kidd Russell, there is inspiration to be found in tragedy.

After watching the horror of the Virginia Tech shooting in April 2007, Russell reacted in the way he knew best: through music.

The hip-hop artist penned his latest single, "Dear Shooter," in reaction to the tragedy and the rising issue of gun violence.

"This is something people need to hear," Russell said, "in terms of making people more aware of what's going on."

Russell finished recording "Dear Shooter" on this past Valentine's Day—the day of the shooting at Northern Illinois University.

"I literally got in the car [after recording for the day], and the radio was talking about NIU. I thought, 'Thank God I recorded this,' " Russell said.

Together, Virginia Tech and NIU provide chilling bookends for Russell's message for change.

Despite the evil nature of the shootings, Russell does not give in to animosity. "Dear Shooter" reaches out to the shooters, offering understanding if not forgiveness.

"I didn't want to attack, accuse or victimize the shooters," he explained. "That would just bring more hate [into the situation].

"I don't want to blame the shooters in the song. ... I want to make sure I told both sides—but at the same time, still show that this is wrong."

Featuring vocalist Jaswel Race, "Dear Shooter" opens Russell's sophomore album, "The Dash."
- Chicago Tribune

"Gateway Music Festival Featured Band Series: Kidd Russell"

Kidd Russell is the answer to every cubicle dweller that saw Office Space and was encouraged to quit their day jobs, but still need someone to continue to motivate them. It is almost as if Scott Adams wrote the music himself and I am sure a few Dilbert cartoons would illustrate the same frustrations of Kidd. The music is still far from a novelty or comedy genre, the raps and beats are tight as expected from anything that Chicago would allow to grow to fame. With about a year off from his office job and beginning the rap game, Kid Russell already has an impressive career, opening for acts such as GLC, Common, Nappy Roots, and The Roots.
The music sounds a lot like Common meets Kanye with the anger and vengeance of Eminem. The beats are mixed expertly behind each story told by Kidd Russell and frequent mic partners, Jimmy Con and Jaswell Race. The music has its hard rap moments but also slows down for some truly spectacular moments. The beats are of a high quality and remind one of a Rocafella produced record, with high quality and a smooth studio sound.
Kidd Russell’s live performance is fresh and well led, if not at times a bit shaky. Yet, if it is shaky it is from the honesty of the artist. He does not bring a set of gimmicks to the stage, but instead lays down his music and tells you what he is trying to say despite the music clearly speaking for itself. His crew is obviously just having a blast fresh off of boring day jobs as they begin their lives as rap stars. Kidd Russell is storming the Chicago scene with rap that relates to the white collar worker who is frustrated with the bureaucracy that he or she has to face everyday.

Kidd’s fresh studio production is Untied and he offers up one message throughout the entire album and that is “go and live your dream”, because it is obvious that is what he is doing. Quit your job and pursue your dream and the money will follow. The album is smooth and non abrasive despite the obvious frustrations of Kidd and crew. The music is tight and never relents from the edge which gives them the strength to keep constant spin on the CD player.
Kidd Russell is an amazing rapper; able to fill his album with every emotion from comedy to anger, and when he wants to smooth out and make an R&B track he brings in the right artist to accent his own sound. Kidd Russell is ready to break out of Chicago and play the world and armed with a well produced studio album, all he’s got to do his sit and wait for the right ears to hear his sound and spread it across the world. - t

"Who Is Kidd Russell?"

Are you originally from Chicago?

Kidd Russell: Yes born and raised in chicago the greatest city in the midwest lol. Although, I've lived in philly, LA, and spokane, WA. I love to travel that's part of why I love music. This country has so many interesting cities and towns. I'm actually in Jackson Hole, Wyoming right now looking out at 10 inches of new powder. I'll hopefully ski a half day come back and write a song. Perfect day!

I love the song "Dear Shooter" will it be featured on your upcoming CD "The DASH"?

Kidd Russell: The Dash is an amazing album and it will feature "Dear Shooter" as well as a bonus track that is a live acoustic version of it.

What has inspired you as an artist to write lyrics that are meaningful and give messages to the people that listen to your music?

Kidd Russell: My favorite artist growing up didn't write booty songs or club songs. Sure they had a couple of those but you fall in love with an artist that moves you, inspires you, and make you appreciate life. So I try to always have some sort of a message in my song even a club record like "ill do one' or "Holiday" to me still have a message.

In hip hop if you listen to the great ones Eminem, Tupac, Nas even their party records they still talk about what is important to them while having a goodtime!

What can fans look forward to in the future from Kidd Russell?

Kidd Russell: Well honestly its gonna be crazy. I am working on two albums at once. One is called "E. NORTH AVE" with a Ross Golan of Glacier Hiking the other "THE DASH". It has more of a sing song acoustic feel to it. I actually have a nice voice and the song "The Dash" I completely sing on it no rapping. I'm in talks with a couple smaller digital labels as well. 5 youth programs are now using "Dear Shooter" in their classroom to help communicate with their kids about violence. I am featured on several major websites and magazines this year. I started my own blog (LYD) stands for live your dream. I'm changing how an artist works completely using fans to help me write songs, distribute music, book shows, and push my material.

If someone is wanting to purchase your CD where can they purchase it?

Kidd Russell: Mostly Itunes or directly from my website via paypal. You can also purchase my album at any of my shows. I have been in talks with a few digital labels as well for distribution so look out for that in the future.

Will you be going on tour anytime in the near future?

This summer, I will be in 10 cities more info will be available this spring on my website

This talented hip hop star will be coming to a city near you check out his new video "Dear Shooter" and do not forget to purchase the New Album "The Dash" available to the public February 3, 2009.



"And They Say Hip Hop can't be Positive" -

"Kidd Russell on Chicago #1 Hip hop blog"

We’re leadin’ off with a real nice video/song from another one of Chicago’s fastest rising stars, Kidd Russell. Kidd Russell has opened for the likes of Common, The Roots, Nappy Roots, and GLC and with “Dear Shooter” is well on his way to making his mark in Chicago hip hop. The song is a deep one that was inspired by the Virginia Tech school shootings and was ironically recorded on the same day of the Northern Illinois school shootings in the winter of this year. The lyrics touch on gun violence and the video has been featured across the web, even on a Barack Obama site. Finally, Kidd says the song is like a cross between 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” & Eminem’s “Stan”, which I feel is an accurate description after analyzing the verses. Peep for yourself with the video above! -

"Come Widdit...Chicago MCs, Rockers, & Singers" -, chicago redeye, chicago tribune

"Kidd Russell - Dear Shooter"

Every tombstone has a birth date and death date that is separated by a dash. THE DASH is the title of Kidd Russell's sophomore album. Working a 9 to 5 job that left him un-satisfied, he turned his hobby and passion for hip hop into a new career. The success of his first album, featuring songs such as "After Work Drinks," "Suburban Anthropology" as well as "Paradise" has allowed him to open for established acts. Kidd's motto "all heart no hustle" allows him to be an honest voice amongst corporate hip hop. This motto has helped him build a solid fan base that cares about the message of music as much as Russell. Working hard to secure his own spot, Kidd Russell has opened for the most respected artist in the music industry such as Common, The Roots, Mickey Avalon.

Fusing acoustic guitars, sampled drums and creating a laid back vibe that is easy on the ears. Kidd Russell is living his dream inspiring others to untie themselves and live life to the fullest.

So you know it was only a matter of time before we 16 Q'ed this talented rapper!
I know you will love it!


Name: Kip “kidd” Russell
Age/ Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Neighborhood: We call it The Field it’s a neighborhood in Chicago

Best spot to eat in your neighborhood: Mr. Greeks, AL’s Beef for fries, Pete’s pizza!!!!

What do you like for breakfast? Sausage Egg and Cheese from Mc’ds or breakfast burrito when I’m in Cali. Can’t forget a solid cup of coffee! But when I’m being healthy just yogurt!

Totally Addicted to: Hip-Hop blogs, watching live performances on YouTube, movies, studio time, and T Pain!!!!

What’s your favorite drink? Beer and Water!!!!!

Last song you listened to: Lake Release by Eligh and The Grouch from Living Legends. Eligh happens to be one of my favorite MC’s!!!

Last movie you saw: TAKEN if you haven’t go check it out! Great revenge movie!

Who do you look up to? My friend Scotty Goldman of the WWE!!! My father and Mother! In hip hop I look up to Lupe Fiasco!

Friends always make fun of me for:Being late or Being Underdressed

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you? That I’m not a nice guy I’ve been told certain looks I make give people the wrong impression, I think it’s the bald head!

Where do you go to have complete peace of mind? The Shower!

Best relationship advice: Know yourself and don’t be scared to get hurt!!!!!!

Fantasy partner? Rosario Dawson! Did I say Rosario Dawson!!!

How has 2009 treated you so far? Any upcoming projects? Pretty good signed to UEE a European management/booking company! Opening for NASA in Chicago and booked 2 festivals for the summer! The Dash my sophomore album should be out end of Spring!!!!!! And Much Much more! Check out Next Single “E North Ave” With Ross Golan of Glacier Hiking!


"Recording artists worldwide take a stand for the importance of literacy through exciting new project"

Recording artists worldwide take a stand for the importance of literacy through exciting new project
At a time when some in the music industry are busy working against each other, a dedicated band of artists are using their influence, talent and fan base to promote reading through America's first literary reality show The Write Stuff ( Coming to cities across the country beginning June 2009, the show will chronicle the lives of aspiring writers as they compete to show that they have what it takes to make it in the industry. At stake for the winner is a one book deal by AG Press along with a full marketing and promotion campaign geared at ensuring their success as a published author.
Created by Cyrus A. Webb of Shadow Play Entertainment, this reality show will air for 14 weeks on Saturday mornings. As with any show, the music is just as important to some as the program and the producers of the The Write Stuff is pleased to announce that recording artists Mark Curry (formerly of Bad Boy Records), Jon Boy(Mr. Virginia, VH1's The White Rapper Show), Kidd Russell, K. Lipsey, Dj Down South, Jack Squad, Omega Red and others will all have music featured on the project.
Why did these artists whose genres range from Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, R&B and Soft Rock decide to work with The Write Stuff? Mark Curry answered this way: "No matter what career you choose, even in show business, reading is fundamental to your success. I don't know where we would be without writers and the written word, but shows like The Write Stuff definitely prove that these two literary components are something we can't live without." He will also be a guest judge on the project as well.
Dj Down South, a native of Raleigh, Mississippi, is not only having music featured on the show but is acting as one of the musical directors on the project as well. "Mississippi doesn't get the credit for all of the great things going on in the state," he says. "When I heard about the concept of the show and what it would accomplish, I knew I had to get involved."
Production of The Write Stuff begins in Mississippi on Saturday, March 21, 2009, however, it will tape segments in Houston (TX), Chicago (IL), New Orleans (LA) and Atlanta (GA). The official website for the project is For more information on the show, those involved or to schedule interviews, contact Herschel Dixon using the information above or Cyrus A. Webb at
Contact: Herschel Dixon, Production
- Herschel Dixon, Production


Untied (2006)
The Dash Ep (2009)
Backyard Heroes (2010)
Rudy Ruettiger Music (Dec 2011)
Pulaski Day (2011)



We make Alternative music influenced by hip hop simliar to Shwayze, eminem and kid rock!

Currently in the studio with Cisco Adler of Shwayze, Andy Rok of the Flobots & Matt Jenkins working on new project Pulaski Day.

***Friends with many pro wrestlers such as Colt Cabana, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Rhett Titus and more....***

Kidd Russell turned his college radio production class into music business 101! After 5 years in the business he teamed up with producer Matt Jenkins in 2008 and started Junkyard Productions. Together they have had their songs featured on MTV JAMS, MTV2, Foxports, CW, HDnet MMA Fights and created the Theme song to Ring of Honor Wrestling which debuts Monday nights on HDnet! For more Bio on Kidd Russell go to

Songs TV/Liscensing:

Rush Rock Remix : (official) Theme song of ROH Wrestling on
Bruce : Willis HDnet
RUSH : ON MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew"
Dear Shooter: CW/ ABC family Network "The Writes Stuff"
Boom Boom : ROH Wrestling on HDnet
Thrust is a Must: ROH Wrestling on HDnet

The Roots (twice)
The FLOBOTS (twice)
Uncle Cracker
Tech 9
Mr. Lif (twice)
G Love and the special sauce
Mickey Avalon
Nappy Roots
Animate Objects
Glacier Hiking
Chris Webby

MidPoint Music Festival (cinci, oh)
Gateway Music Festival
Hoodilidoo Music & Arts Festival
University of Madison (Mad Ave)
Northern Illinois University (Otto's)
Bradley University (Sully's)
Marquette University(The Rave Mainstage)
University of Colorado Boulder (K's bar)
Columbia College (chicago)
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Illinois (Foxsporst football video)
Xavier University (Chicago)

Reggies Rock Club (Chicago, Il)
Lincoln Hall (chicago, Il)
Highland Ballroom (ny, ny)
THE ROXY (Hollywood, CA)
The Middle East (Boston, MA)
South Gate House (newport, ky)
Republic (chicago, Il)
Subterranean (CHICAGO, IL)
Abbey Pub (Chicago, IL)
Mad Ave (Madison, Wi)
Club Pi (greenbay, Wi)
Betty's Blue Star (Chicago, IL)
madison theatre (ky)
K's in Boulder (Boulder, Co)
Peabody’s (Cleveland, Oh)
Mad Hatter (covington, ky)
SULLY's (Peoria, Il)
U.S. Beer Co. (Chicago, Il)
The Ashland (Chicago, Il)
Stage 83 (Lemont, Il)
The Rave Mainstage (Milwaukee, Wisc)
Top Cats (Cinci, Oh)
Cloud 9 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Vuedville Mews (Des Moines, Iowa)
TO NAME A FEW.........

Hillel "Frankie" Frankel