Kidd Sweeney

Kidd Sweeney

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

classic rock mixed with a new wave


When asked who are you, the simplified, but magnetic artisan replies “I am Kidd Sweeney.” Operating off of emotional vibes and musical connections, Kid Sweeney has a distinctive, but alluring sound, which has adapted a somewhat cinematic feel. Fixated primarily on the core elements of music and not the genre, Kidd Sweeney embraces and works towards the concept of difference. Kidd Sweeney attended various schools throughout the city, but attended one that culturally influenced his perception of himself. At Marcus Garvey Shule, a private school located in north Philadelphia, Kidd Sweeny became enlightened at a young age on subjects like African History, Art and “truth. There he began to understand the importance of his heritage, ethnicity, and culture. Later on attending William Penn High School where he was expelled, Kidd Sweeney began to fall into the wrong crowd forcing him to reconsider his life. Deciding to finish school, he enrolled in West Philadelphia Auto Academy. There he excelled and became a member of the Electric Vehicle Team being the first high school students to build the world’s first hybrid car. Continuing his education at Automotive Training Center, Kidd Sweeny was offered a job at Nascar, but turned it down to peruse his career in music.In 2006 Kidd Sweeny along with Lyve and Jamil Hankins, formed a group called 787. Leaving his dream at Nascar to follow the next, Kidd Sweeney did just that. But, on January 23, 2007, Kidd Sweeny along with a few of his friends were heading home when the unthinkable happened. Ejected from the back seat of a car, Kid Sweeney awoke on the ground with a trail of blood leaking from his head. He was rushed to the hospital and treated for a cracked shoulder, a bruised lung and a five-inch gash on his head, which is still visible to this day. “The accident made me look at things in a whole new perspective. Like the old me is dead and it’s time to begin a new one.lot more optimistic. Now the glass is half full instead of half empty.” In 2009 787 joined forces with a few other Philly artists forming the super group BlondeGang. In 2011 the group split causing all seven members to branch off and begin their careers individually. Kidd Sweeney took this as an opportunity to creatively embark on a new journey that was personally his. Releasing Echoes shortly after, this was the first solo project he ever completed, which he declares is a moving roller coaster revealing his emotional, yet mental being. “Echoes was made to make people zone out and just be taken away by the music and if you want to get up and dance you can.”A year later, Kidd Sweeny is more anxious and determined than ever. Ready to release Well Traveled, a musical quantum that delivers an array of his personal reflections and experiences, Kid Sweeney proves that he is starting to find his way. As the release date is yet to de determined, Well Traveled is cinematically enticing with its big sounds, groovy rap additions and rock influence. It made me slow down while also making me a “Music has changed my life. It has taught me that you can’t rush things. Sometimes you have to accelerate the pace and have everything together for when your time comes.” Though Well Traveled is still being creatively executed, Kidd Sweeny is discovering that his life is beginning to make sense. With the motion in his pen and the beats rumbling so fondly in his head, the man of many has only just begun.


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