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Kidd The Warrior

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A perfect blend of production, talent, and LIFE! This is how many people have described Kidd The Warrior. Kidd is a gospel hip-hop artist that will make you want to let loose and be yourself in Christ. Kidd has become the voice of the next generation of believers, using the WORD to speak life into hip-hop!


Who is Kidd The Warrior?

Kidd The Warrior is “THE” inspirational/gospel hip-hop artist that the music industry is hungry for. He is a young man of God that has been performing, winning talent shows, and shocking audiences since the tender age of nine. Kidd has been featured on many regional hits such as H.G. Filled’s “Graceside” (Revelatory Epistle To The churches), and Lady J’s “Tight” (Tell Me Some More). The radio stations have also found a love for Kidd’s unique style. The song “Graceside” became a fan favorite and received heavy rotation in the gospel community. Kidd has also performed across the country, winning over fans and souls in places such as: Houston, TX; Kansas City, MO; Omaha, NE; Wichita, KS; Hackensack, NJ; and New York City, NY; just to name a few. Kidd also ministered through music at the national gospel hip-hop event; Rap Fest, which aired nationally on B.E.T.'s "Lift Every Voice." Everywhere he goes the question remains the same…“Who is Kidd the Warrior and Where Can I Buy his CD?”

Kidd the Warrior, born Jason Devon Gentry, is a loving husband and father who believes that his music can inspire young and old alike to take the positive road in life. When asked what was his biggest inspiration to write his music, Kidd responded by saying, “My mother, who passed away at 40.” Kidd’s mother was a single parent who also raised a daughter and 2 of his cousins. Kidd said that his mother was disabled (could not walk) and had troubling medical conditions. He also says that he has never seen a day when his mother did not have to face severe pain, but watching her overcome that pain and smile through the tears taught him that life “IS” adversity….but that, too, can be conquered.

Kidd’s vision is that his music will help bridge the gap between gospel and secular music, making it possible to turn on the TV or radio and hear gospel hip-hop played back to back with mainstream music. He also wants to be a consistent face seen around the world, so that people can see that when you come to God, “It’s not your personality that changes…It’s your lifestyle.” Kidd continues to perform and reach out at every opportunity possible trying to win over souls, fans and supporters. Praying that one person will be touched by his music and that one person’s life will touch another and that one another, creating a world where our children once again will believe that, “Life is a gift, but living is an art form!”


Kidd has an independent CD that he will be releasing soon. His songs, "Blessed" and "T.H.U.G" have already recieved radio play in select markets, etc. New York and Nebraska, to name a few.

Set List

All songs performed are written by Kidd The Warrior, and performances are flexible.