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Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy | INDIE

Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"How This Word Resounds"

[...] The Christmas present of an international artist and the group Kiddycar, from Arezzo, that once again distinguish themselves for their sensitivity and musical choices after their fine first album Forget About, for that measured alchemy of suffused passions that blossoms in every track of How This Word Resounds.
An important indie-pop record? I would say better than that: it will become important for whoever listens to it, because the sustaining piano, the warm rough voice of Rainer and the sweet, little girl’s voice of Valentina Cidda pass by osmosis from the record to the listener like the scent on a pillow of the lover who no longer sleeps with you, but who always seems to still be there. [...]
- Rockit

"Forget About"

[…] Kiddycar is a child’s gaze that has settled on music. It is the innocent, easy-going approach of four Italian musicians who take varied, heterogeneous and versatile backgrounds and synthesize them into a new sound that is simultaneously inviting and delicate, electronic and acoustic. It is an approach focused on experimentation, on avant-garde and classical music, on the subtle balance of the experiences of four educated and curious minds. […] - MTV

"Forget About"

[…] The acoustic parts elegantly partner the electronics, creating a sound that if on the one hand is characterized by the angular tones of electronic music, on the other is softened by the delicate acoustic that gives the disc an atmosphere of whispered sweetness, but always dramatically charged and loaded with an emotional intensity that rarely fades while listening. […]

"Forget About"

[…] The well-orchestrated romanticism of Time would be enough to convince even sceptics about the quality of Kiddycar’s music. A personal sound that knows how to take in equal measure from the Arctic melancholy of Mum, Maximilian Hecker’s self-written, heart-rending work, and the timeless pop of Serge Gainsbourg. […] - Rockerilla

"How This Word Resounds"

[…] The voices of Christian Rainer and Valentina Cidda are intriguingly complementary, as is the combination of guitar and keyboards, brass and piano, fleeting electronics and frugal percussion. Chirps and squeaks between guitars that roar a rusty solitude, as if issuing from the last romantic on the face of the earth. A small, great disc. […] - Sentireascoltare

"Forget About"

[…] Flowers that carpet tunnels. Journeys in a pedal-car, colouring with lightnes and small details in order to give meaning to an otherwise absurd existence. Acoustic and electronic together and in a whisper. With the microfilm-like suggestion of rarefied lunar bases. It is as subtle if listened to absent-mindedly as it is intimate and osmotic if the barriers are lowered and you lengthen your gaze. […] - Rockit

"Forget About"

[…] The music that issues from Forget About is the intimate sound track of a metropolitan dream buried in dew-drenched petals; it’s your gaze out of the window as you try to convince yourself that the world resembles you in some small way, before accepting that it hardly ever does. Valentina’s voice is always soft, magically subdued and monochord, a last breath that blurs the window separating us from the world. […] - Losthigways


(EP): Small Things - Minuta Records (Switzerland)

(AAVV): "Minuta: Online classics 2001" - Minuta Records (Switzerland)

(CD): Forget about - Seahorse Recordings (Italy)

(AAVV): "Silber sounds of Halloween" - Silber Records (U.S.A.)

(CD): "Forget About" - Japanese version) Xtal Records (Japan)

(LP): "How this word resounds" - Fridge Records (Italy)



“Kiddycar is a place where sound assumes silence without being depleted by it...”
Suspended in the fine web of an electro-acoustic pop with an intimate and intense stamp, Kiddycar’s sound world oscillates between the warm colours of pop and the enigmatic shadows of an astral rock – dramatic, yet always tending to slide into the soft and curiously light; poised between airy, swaying melodies and darker veins – between existential lyrics, at times nihilistic, at times childishly wide open to images of dawn where life reawakens.
Suggestions, nuances, passages, landscapes, the voices of existence brought into being by a single female voice that lightly traces the confines, and then with the same delicacy invades them, crossing frontiers from one dimension into another...

After their first, official emergence with the EP, Small Things, released by Minuta Records, Switzerland, and the presentation of the videoclips for the tracks Your Desert and Girogirotondo (with special guest Andrea Chimenti in the video and on the track Girogirotondo), the first album Forget About (Seahorse Recordings/Goodfellas) is released in Italy to the warm praise of the critics. Kiddycar are featured on MTV’s Home Page column, Let’s Bet On... for the extraordinary period of two weeks. In October, Kiddycar record the song You Save Me From Understanding More in collaboration with Paolo Messere, released in the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween by Silber Records, U.S.A.
In November 2007 Forget About is pressed and distributed in Japan by Xtal Records, Tokyo.
The Forget About Live Tour begins, and over the following months Kiddycar perform live in various Italian cities. The tour includes live performances and interviews on various radio stations.
Radio Rai 1 includes Kiddycar in its rotating play list.
In December 2007 Kiddycar are guests on Village, Radio Rai 1, with a live performance and interview.
On the 13th of the same month, the band officially present their videoclip Human Logic (already a finalist at the P.I.V.I.), at the Teatro S. Giovanni Valdarno, as part of the Performing Media Lab, a festival of multimedia arts directed by Carlo Infante. The clip was made in Berlin by Almasen Associated Artists in September 2007 with the support of the Berlinische Galerie.
24th December marks the official release of the LP How This Word Resounds (vinyl, 33 rpm in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies) created by Kiddycar and the artist Christian Rainer, released by Fridge Records, distributed by Goodfellas. (Digital distribution: Seahorse Recordings).
From January 2008, Forget About is also distributed in French-speaking Switzerland by Phenix Records.
In the same month Kiddycar + Christian Rainer appear on the Home Page of MTV, and the LP How This Word Resounds can be heard exclusively for a week on their portal.
In February 2008 Radio 1 Music propose Kiddycar among the artists they consider the best among their selection of Italian music in the categories pop, rock, soul and jazz, on the online website player of
Eurosonic is an entity forming part of the EBU, the Union of European Public Radio Stations, of which Radio 1 is an active member.
Kiddycar are also between the finalists of Video Contest "Scalo 76", Contest which has received a special recognition from Myspace International since it has been the Video Contest more watched in Europe.
62.000 visitors on the Scalo 76 myspace profile, 4000 registrations at the Contest 76, 19 selected - after a first selection - and three finalists, one winner and two co-winner in the second place.
Sara Rados, with “La ricetta”, The Actions, with “The Real Thing”, and Kiddycar, with “Human Logic”.