Ingersoll, Ontario, CAN

songs in the key of satan.


KIDD//ZERO is a band from London, Ontario.
Former members of the Stiff Wires (MuchMusic’s disband) and current members of All the Trendy Kids (Brightside Records). This is something new we’ve been working on.
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Forever 666,




Written By: KIDD//ZERO

"If they're coming let them come," he said.
I traded any fear for a bottle at the bar
and now I'm standing behind it.

I started Digging.

Mother fucker I want your teeth.

I thought I was damn good with a shovel so I started digging and digging.

A man walked into a bar, a man walked into her I could've put him under.
He didn't love, I might have been drunker but I meant it,
Yeah I meant it.
Sick of me being sick of men or a strange affection bubbling. Walking into bars, walking into me, walking into her.
Walking into me, walking into her.
Standing on them, on all of us.

I want your teeth.

Black Widow: Satan Rides Sidecart

Written By: KIDD//ZERO

Every morning I wake up spinning,
Mama gotta help me.
Every morning I wake up spinning,
Daddy gotta help me.
Kicking up pavement, dodging hands, they're onto me.
They're not burying me, not yet.
I'm not dying.


When the first drop of blood touched my lips,
I must've been 13, but could've been 11.
We were all standing around.
I thought we were dancing, I fucked up.

While we rot


Black Widow: Satan Rides Sidecart (Single)

Half Truths: Hearts and Spades (Single)