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London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011

London, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Pop Experimental




"The 405 / Singles of The Week: Kid Flicks' "La Voix Surréaliste""

All I really want is for you to hit play and give this song time to breath, because I played this loud through my headphones and the world felt much nicer, and I want you to have that too. - William Caston Cook, The 405

"Impose Magazine / Stream Kid Flicks’ Self-titled Album"

"Kid Flicks has made something immense. ... studied and perfected" - Blake Gillespie, Impose Magazine

"Bandcamp Daily / Exploring Greece’s Lock on the Pop and Electronic Worlds"

"Kid Flicks (a.k.a. Nickos Dervisis) repurposes recordings, layering them and chopping them up to create brand new compositions. (Impress your friends: the term is Plunderphonics, and it was coined in 1985 by composer John Oswald.) Of course, clever technique is nothing without actual songs to back it up. Dervisis favors a cinematic sweep, his pop touching on several corners of the globe and served with a side of live drums. Playful and more than a bit sweet, this is an argument for recycling at its finest." - Laura Studarus, Bandcamp Daily

"GoldFlakePaint / Hear Kid Flicks' sumptuous return"

A textural delight, a wash of colours presented in various and varying forms.. - Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

"HighClouds / Video Interview + Exclusive Mixtape"

Back in September, between twilight and dawn, we had the chance to meet the Athens-based producer, songwriter, and graphic designer Nikos Dervisis and his sweet drums girl Danae Palaka. He was playing a gig at the Bonnefooi in Brussels with his experimental pop sonic alter-ego: Kid Flicks. The artist accepted to answer a few questions and to offer us an exclusive mix inspired by music from all over the world. - Arnaud Marty, Highclouds Magazine

"Mishka NYC / Strange Ocean Tides: Getting to know Kid Flicks"

his SoundCloud is a gold mine of enjoyable and positive music. Vibes are heavy on this one, and the outside world is void of dark clouds. - Neonpajamas, Mishka NYC

"Kaltblut Magazine / Exclusive Mixtape + Interview: Kid Flicks"

Sounds especially curated for your weekend! This week we have Kid Flicks’ amazing 78′ mix featuring only Dan Snaith’s (Caribou, Daphni) music, including personal favourites, tracks spanning his whole career, original tracks from samples Dan has chopped, edited, remixed and then re-edited by Kid Flicks himself. - Nicola Philips, Kaltblut Magazine

"Son of Marketing / "La Voix Surréaliste" Song Review"

shows the ability to guide the melodic side of the sound with psychedelic and World music connections, rhythms explorations and an excellent control and mixture of the different textures. Listen below. - Nicola Orlandino, Son of Marketing

"CBC Arts / A tour of the coolest music venues in Athens, by Kid Flicks"

"forward-thinking pop music — super catchy songs with adventurous sonics" - CBC Arts

"DIY Magazine / DIY Magazine's Neu Bulletin"

Nickos Dervisis’ Kid Flicks project is another of those not strictly fitting in with the Neu definition - he’s two albums in, releasing his second record last week through Inner Ear - but you sense his career remains in the early stages. Some admiring international label could pick him up, re-release some old tracks or expose new stuff on a bigger scale. Sort of like Grimes & Sinkane from this year, we’d love to see Kid Flicks taking that step up. ‘Dirty Utopians’ premiered on Decoder last night. It combines Animal Collective-style songwriting, in debt to the Beach Boys, and a Doldrums-like eccentricity. - Jamie Milton, DIY

"No Fear of Pop / "The Dirty Utopians" Video Premiere"

The ablaze lo-fi pop of Athens-based craftsman Kid Flicks receives some vivid and playful visuals in "The Dirty Utopians", the first single off his new LP By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk, that can be streamed in entirety via Soundcloud.

According to his Bandcamp, the limited edition 12" LP will be available later this month. - Tonje Thilesen, No Fear of Pop

"Impose Magazine / Kid Flicks, The Grecian Beat Technician"

The Hearts of Gold LP from Grecian producer Nickos Dervisis, a.k.a. Kid Flicks, opens in a aggitated state of perpetual motion with "Anhkein". It bares kinship to Panda Bear's Person Pitch, particularly the lengthier jams like "Bros" that settle into pleasing vingettes. The songs to follow adhere to pop structure, creating bridges and refrains, which suggests that Kid Flicks just had a lot to get off his chest before he could settle into Hearts Of Gold.

Released in September on Inner Ear, the album's frenetic movement possibly stems from Dervisis himself. The album and the story of its creation should be a Macbook commercial. Dervisis took his Macbook to fields outside Preveza, recording songs in his car, while admiring the pastoral terrain. He spent evenings on beaches, recorded at sea and in the forest near his house in Lefkada. He mixed it in cafes, student dormitories in Munich and at the homes of his friends. Recorded in the span of 2008-2010, Hearts Of Gold is a vacationer's record running low on space for passport stamps. - Blake Gillespie, Impose Magazine

"Decoder Magazine "The Dirty Utopians" Song Premiere"

The entire concept behind Kid Flicks is easily one of the most captivating and relatable concepts in an underground music scene that is obsessed with nostalgia. The brain-child of Nickos Dervisis, Kid Flicks explores the nature of memory and how we often remember entertainment from our childhood in a way that we would not actually appreciate now. As someone who recently tried to go back and watch some early episodes of Power Rangers, I can promise you it's a lot better stored away in my brain as a vague, but enjoyable memory. Last month he released By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk, his second record with Inner Ear. Today we've got the hook up on the newest single from the album, a wonderfully bouncy and tropical number named "Dirty Utopians". You can grab the CD version now, and word on the street is that a limited vinyl LP will also be available soon. Now grab those spoons and dig in! - Jheri Evans, Decoder Magazine

"Humo / By Typing "I Talk" You Don't Talk LP Review"

Over zijn beeldend werk laten we ons niet uit – geen idéé wat een fascinatie voor ruw geamputeerde fallussen tegenwoordig schuift – maar met zijn muziek moet een doorbraak te forceren zijn.

Kid Flicks is Dervisis' podiumnaam, 'By Typing 'I Talk' You Don’t Talk' zijn nieuwe plaat, en die bevat slordig opgepoetst goud. Tien nummers die ondanks de lofi-opnamekwaliteit plus de lagen noise en aangekoekte reverb aldoor tot meezingen nopen, en dus 'pop' genoemd mogen worden – 'prachtpop' zelfs. Luister eerst naar 'Eraser' (te vergelijken met DIIV) en 'The Dirty Utopians' (jaren 80-exotica): ijle droomsongs met storing in de ether en schuim onder de neus. Denk bij 'The Sentence' tegelijk aan een jonge Aphex Twin én aan Grizzly Bear. Of, zoals iemand schreef, aan 'een minder agressieve Animal Collective'. Allemaal goed. 'Italian Girl' is het pièce de resistance: het beste bewijs dat er in de bakermat van onze beschaving nog goed nieuws te rapen valt.

Dervisis is nu al een held in een select aantal Griekse huiskamers: gooi wat willekeurig porselein in een hoek en sluit u bij hen aan. Tijd om komaf te maken met de kater van 2012: het nieuwe jaar is beloftevol begonnen. -

"Vice (GR) / Interview + Exclusive Mixtape"

Πριν διαβάσετε τη συνέντευξη θα σας πω εγώ πέντε πράγματα που έμαθα για τον Kid Flicks. Ξεκίνησε να γράφει μουσική στα 20, πίνει τον καφέ του σκέτο, θέλει να ακούει τα αρνητικά σχόλια γιατί τον κάνουν καλύτερο, είχε μία περίεργη εμπειρία με μία αλεπού στον δρόμο της Πολιτείας και έχει σαμπλάρει από γαλοπούλες μέχρι βήματα σε χιόνι. Α, και μας έμαθε τον Sergei Parajanov. Την ώρα που θα βγει αυτό το κέιμενο, ο Kid Flicks θα βρίσκεται ήδη στον δρόμο προς τη συμπρωτεύουσα για να παίξει live στο «ΨΧ: Φεστιβάλ Νέας Ψυχεδελικής Μουσικής» που θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις 27 και 28 ΣΕπτεμβρίου στo πλαίσιo των 49ων Δημητρίων. Την ίδια ώρα εμείς εδώ στο γραφείο του VICE, θα ακούμε στο repeat το mixtape που έφτιαξε για εμάς ο Kid Flicks και το οποίο περιέχει και ένα νέο κομμάτι. - Daphne Polkadot, Vice

" / 'La Voix Surréaliste' Review"

Ευφορία, in English euphoria, is the accurate and perfect word to describe my feelings while listening to Kid Flicks’ new album. A pleasant trip to a vivid, colorful landscape full of Beach Boys-esque harmonies, sunshine pop hooks and Brazilian psychedelic jams. - Ares Buras,

"Paranoise Radio / Exclusive Guest Mix"

To Α Mixtape θα παίξει στον αέρα στα πλαίσια του Guest DJ Section και μία μέρα μετά την ακρόασή του θα ανέβει στο mixcloud account του Paranoise, αναλυτικά με την tracklist του αλλά κι εδώ φυσικά, όπως και σχετικό link για δωρεάν κατέβασμα.

To A Mixtape αποτελείται από 20 κομμάτια και διαρκεί 59 λεπτά.

Kid Flicks είναι ένα μουσικό project που ξεκίνησε από τον Νίκο Δερβίση το 2009.

Μετά από πολλούς πειραματισμούς και μπάντες, ο Νίκος ξεκίνησε να δημιουργεί lo-fi ψυχεδελικά ποπ τραγούδια με εξωτικές μελωδίες και πολύπλοκες ενορχηστρώσεις.

Στα live ο ήχος του Kid Flicks μετατρέπεται μέσω τετραμελούς μπάντας σε ένα πολυρυθμικό σύμπαν με ευφορική διάθεση και εκτονωτικά σημεία.

Από τα μέσα του 2011 έχει κυκλοφορήσει τον δίσκο Hearts of Gold από την εταιρία Inner Ear, ένα digital EP για την Bad Panda Records και ένα δεύτερο LP με τίτλο By Typing ‘I Talk’, You Don’t Talk πάλι μέσω της Inner Ear τον Οκτώβριο του 2012 με ενθουσιώδεις κριτικές από τον ελληνικό και διεθνή τύπο. - Paranoise Radio

"Songs By Toad / By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk LP Review"

I seem to have come across a lot of good music from outside the traditional anglophone countries recently – even from outside their close musical cousins in places like Scandinavia. From China to Argentina, Turkey to Pakistan and now Greece.

Released on Inner Ear – a label of whom I am sure I have heard, but I cannot for the life of me remember when or why – this is available on CD or digital right now, and on vinyl at some point later in the year.

Tagged on Bandcamp as electronic, psychedelic folk-pop this hasn’t got all that much folk to it most of the time, and spends a lot of time chugging along on a repetitive electronic beat, wafted over with heavily-reverbed vocals and lightened by its generally jaunty rhythms and carefree air.

Even tunes like the excellent Sunken Palace, 90% of which seems to be an extended, meandering ending, never end up feeling dense or stodgy. Like a less aggressive Animal Collective or a livelier Grizzly Bear with a harsher edge, it’s neither willfully obscure nor tediously pleasant – pitching that perfect middle ground where it neither panders to the pop fan nor deliberately alienates them.

Nikos Dervisis is a self-taught musician, apparently, and according to his press release “mixes and records his songs in various places like his car, student dormitories in Munich, a beach in Spain, a hotel room in Venice”. That sense of freedom, lightness of touch and spirit of playfulness are probably the defining characteristics of this rather excellent release. - Matthew Young, Songs By Toad

"Kaltblut Magazine / "La Voix Surréaliste" Video Premiere"

Written and directed by Dimitris Kotselis, we’re excited to premiere the latest video from Greek producer and songwriter Kid Flicks. ‘La Voix Surréaliste’ is the opening track of his new self titled LP. The track’s lyrics describe the pains of agoraphobia and reference Greek poet Andreas Empirikos among others, through a surrealistic progression which unfolds the song. Shot in Bournemouth, UK, the video expands the track’s universe by paying a homage to the third standalone installment of the Halloween series. Spooky stuff. - Nicola Philips, Kaltblut Magazine

"Impose Magazine "By Typing 'I Talk', You Dont Talk" LP Review"

Kid Flicks, born Nickos Dervisis, debuted with Hearts of Gold, and we have learned that his most recent album By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk is available for stream on his Bandcamp with a CD/LP coming soon from Inner Ear Records.

The multi-talented and tasking Dervisis works in the mediums of graphic design, paints and musical crafts on canvases made by scratch from the conventions of guitars,bass, drums, mandolins, steeldrums, etc synthesized into new constructs of controlled oblivions.

You can hear the traditional strings strum away on the foot of You Don't Talk's mountainous precipice with "Eraser" that trades expectation for the analague-electro ziggurat. "The Sentence" is composed from the seas of processed keys sent to these fuzzed out audio syntax that exudes the catchy pop that you wish to be bombarded with from the lonely underwater record shops, the boarded up suburban strip malls to the overcrowded coporate shopping center plazas. The language mechanics lesson continues with the chime beat scuzz of "Semicolon", hazed out "The Dirty Utopias", the experimental "Sunken Palace" electro-Atlantis, and the indie Mediterranean disco of "Italian Girl". Things get deep into the gradual, gravitational deep electro muck from "Xχτ" through the non stop pulse and "aahh" sustains of "Maria De Naglowska" to the towering all guns-at-once assualt from "Bombus".

The closing high note of "You Never Know" takes the accumulation of everything we have loved from the global independent movements that have commited themselves to the cause of carving new sounds from minimal and traditional instrumental means.The stark simplicity of the album's finale of acoustic guitar, toy piano and khomus will remind you of the humble foundations that Nickos constructs new oppurtunities of potential and possibilities from adhering to the basic infinities from music's most rudimentary tenets. - Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

"Gold Soundz / Song Post"

Kid Flicks is the Athens, Greece-based electro-delic project of a dude named Nickos Dervisis – it’s cool. - Gold Soundz


2016 Kid Flicks (wordandsound Records / Klik Records) LP/DIGITAL

2013 INN POP VA compilation (Inner Ear Records) LP/CD/DIGITAL

2013 By Typing 'I Talk', You Dont Talk (Inner Ear Records/V2 Records) LP/CD/DIGITAL

2012 XXT + Remixes by Giganta, Melt Mountain, Spaced Cowboy (self-released) DIGITAL

2012 The Great Cape EP (Bad Panda Records) DIGITAL

2011 Hearts of Gold (Inner Ear Records) LP/CD/DIGITAL



  Nikolaos Dervisis, aka Kid Flicks, is a musical chameleon – a restless producer and songwriter who goes from sunshine pop to eastern rhythms and from heavily manipulated samples to ethereal harmonies. He changes location almost as often as he changes styles, splitting his time between Athens and London, but that’s OK because the information-hungry sound collagist always carries his work with him on his laptop.

  Kid Flicks' live performances have gone through many fluctuations, from solo shows to a dual-drummer 4-piece line up. Currently, Dervisis performs live with drummer Danae Palaka. Their performances include Eurosonic Noorderslag, Focus Wales, Glimps Festival. His music has been well received by media such as CBC Arts, The 405, Impose Magazine, DIY, GoldFlakePaint and more.

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